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Following is a full list of articles, with links, written on various subjects of collecting stocks and bonds. Included are all the articles that have appeared in my regular "Cox's Corner" column in Scripophily since 2007. Scripophily is the magazine of the International Bond and Share Society. A large number appeared in my Update newsletter that I sent to contributors to my project from 1999 to 2009. The remainder appeared, in a highly intermittent basis, in my Coxrail Blog from 2004 to 2023. Following each listing is a code that tells where each article appeared: (S) = Scripophily; (U) = Update; (B) = Coxrail Blog.

Valuing autographs (S)
Who was Henry Oppenheimer? (U)
Buying and selling
Fully-loaded costs of selling (on eBay), The (U)
German theme (auctions, catalogs), The (U)
Mail order-these days (S)
Photos and descriptions don't agree (U)
Selling (U)
Taking advantage of market inefficiency (S)
Buying and selling, rarity
Are "rare" eBay items really rare? (U)
Rarity as a sales tool (U)
Buying and selling, shipping
Bubble wrap warning (U)
How to ship certificates to buyers (U)
Inadequate certificate packaging (B)
Fisk, Assassination of Colonel James Fisk, Jr (B)
Harriman, Excellent Harriman book (U)
Minor celebrities (U)
Puck Magazine cartoon with railroad celebrities (U)
Vanderbilt, William Henry - article in The Daily Graphic (B)
Certificate features
Are numbers of shares important? (U)
Attack of the specimens (U)
Certificate colors (U)
Faked issuance (B)
Features that deserve separate listings (B)
Fifty. No twenty. No, Fifty (curious handwriting) (B)
Railroad system maps on certificates (B)
Round lot shares (B)
State seals on stocks and bonds (U)
What can we learn from serial numbers? (B)
Certificate features, cancellations
Cancellations (S)
How do you know if certificates were cancelled? (B)
How much do cancellations matter? (B)
Never-discussed cancellation type (U)
Certificate features, facsimile signatures
Facsimile vs hand signatures (U)
How to identify facsimile signatures (U)
When did companies first use facsimile signatures? (U)
Certificate types
Classifying certificates by the rules (S)
Dutch certificates (U)
Generic certificates (U)
Specimens and proofs (U)
Certificate types, bonds
Digging deeper in bearer and registered bonds (B)
Flexibility of bearer and registered bonds, The (B)
New York state revenues on bonds (B)
Terminology - coupon bonds vs bearer bonds (B)
Understanding bonds (U)
Certificate types, equipment trusts
Equipment trust certificates (ETCs) needed (U)
Equipment trusts (U)
Equipment trusts - I beg for help! (U)
List of known equipment trusts (U)
Certificate types, stocks
Assessable shares (S)
Assessable stock (U)
Fully paid and non-assessable (B)
United Traction Co & Electric Railway of North America (fantasy stock) (U)
Adirondack Company bond payout (B)
Great West Exposition Train (B)
More than you want to know about the Western Maryland (U)
Questionable companies (mysteries) (U)
Railroad company members of Dow Jones averages (U)
Researching company end dates (S)
State corporation listings (U)
"Tap" railroads (B)
Famous vignettes
The Crossing (B)
Express Train, The (U)
View at North Bend, Ohio (B)
Gold bond scams
Gold bonds as investments (part 2) (U)
Uncancelled gold bonds as investments? (part 1) (U)
Hobby, general
Arguing against jargon (B)
Collecting software (U)
Collectors and dealers (U)
Communication between collectors, dealers, and the world (S)
Confessions of certificate collectors (S)
Cooperation (S)
Cycles in the hobby (U)
Do buyers have the advantage now? (S)
Finding new certificates (S)
Flyspeck Scripophily (S)
Fun! Good for the body, soul and hobby (S)
Hucksterism in our hobby (B)
International Bond and Share Society back in biz (U)
Join the International Bond & Share Society (B)
Keep your hobby exciting (S)
Leverage your hobby (S)
Loving the hobby (S)
More catalogs please (S)
Necessity of cultivating beginners, The (U)
New IBSS booklet (U)
Opportunities for rarities (U)
Origin of the word 'Scripophily' (B)
Play fair with your heirs (liquidation of collection) (U)
Pondering the big hoard (S)
Pros and cons of donating collections (S)
Rarity, the sacred cow (U)
Replies about the role of rarity (U)
Sharing information and knowledge (S)
Sharing your approach to this hobby (S)
Simple measurement for rare, scarce and common (U)
Solving problems in the hobby (S)
Solving problems with collectibles (S)
Specialization in Our Hobby (S)
Standing on the shoulders of giants (S)
Supply, demand and rarity, part 1 (U)
Supply, demand and rarity, part 2 (U)
The more things change (S)
Twisted path, A (S)
Understanding the "collecting gene" (B)
We're not getting any younger (S)
What's with Canadian certificates? (U)
What does the word "rare" mean? (B)
What drives our hobby? (S)
What is your opinion on selling coupons? (U)
When will certificate prices turn around? (U)
Why my focus on beginners in this issue? (U)
Why specialize? (U)
Why specialize? (S)
Back of printing plate (U)
Oppenheimer, Henry autograph (U)
Repetitive underprints to foil counterfeting (U)
Illustrations, bond coupons
Blue Ridge Rail Road coupon (U)
Duluth Huron & Denver Railroad coupon (U)
Missouri Kansas & Texas Railway coupon (U)
Seaboard Air Line Railway coupon (U)
Illustrations, celebrities
Billings, Frederick Billings (U)
Clews, Henry (U)
Drew, Daniel (U)
Fisk, James murder (U)
Gould, Jay (U)
Huntington, Collis Potter (U)
Sage, Russell (U)
Stanford, Leland (U)
Vanderbilt, Cornelius Commodore (at age 57) (U)
Vanderbilt, William Henry (U)
Illustrations, certificates, bonds
Baltimore Transit Co (U)
Blue Ridge Railroad (U)
Blue Ridge Railroad (U)
Chicago Saginaw & Canada Railroad (U)
Chicago & Northwestern Railway (U)
Cincinnati New Orleans & Texas Pacific Railway ETC (U)
Cleveland Cincinnati Chicago & St Louis Railway (U)
Cleveland & Wheeling Railroad cognovit (U)
Dawson Railway handwritten (U)
Duluth Huron & Denver Railroad (U)
Erie & Union Railroad (U)
Illinois Central (U)
Lehigh Valley Railroad (U)
Prescott & Arizona Central Railway (U)
Selma Marion & Memphis Rail Road (U)
Southern Railway (U)
Southern Railway Equipment Trust (U)
Western Maryland Railway ETC (U)
Illustrations, certificates, other certificates
Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Dutch certificate (U)
Dutch Union Pacific Corp certificate (U)
Gary & Interurban Railway Co certificate of deposit (U)
Missouri Kansas & Texas Railway proof (U)
Pacific Railway Improvement subscription receipt (U)
San Lorenzo Rail Road assessment receipt (U)
Illustrations, certificates, stocks
Arkansas Southern Railroad Co (U)
Automatic Flagman Co (U)
Baltimore & Southwestern Railroad (U)
Barnwell & Searchlight Railway Co (U)
Bergen & Dundee Railroad Co (U)
Broad Street Subway Railway Co (U)
Chicago River & Indiana Railroad (U)
Colorado Railway Lith & Power Co (U)
Credit Mobilier (U)
Ferrocarril Michoacano del Sur (U)
Little Miami Railroad Co (U)
Monongahela Power & Railway (U)
Northern Pacific Railroad (U)
Panama Rail Road Co (U)
Panama Railroad (U)
Pennsylvania Railroad sub variety (U)
Pullman Company (U)
Pullman Inc (U)
Pullman Palace Car Co (U)
Rock Island Memphis Terminal Railway Co (U)
Searcy & Des Arc Rail Road Co (U)
Transitional Penn Central Corp (U)
Western Jamaica Connecting Railway (U)
Western Maryland Railroad (U)
Woodruff Sleeping & Parlor Coach Co (U)
Yreka Railroad Co (U)
Illustrations, corporate seals
Embossed Western Maryland Railway corporate seals (U)
Engraved Western Maryland Railway corporate seal (U)
Illustrations, drawings
Drawing of Rio Grande Southern caboose (U)
Engraver's hammer drawing (U)
Engraving tools drawing (U)
Judge magazine cartoon w/ Gould, Vanderbilt, Drew (U)
Illustrations, logos
ABNCo monogram (U)
ABNCo script-style (U)
Goes Lithographing Co (U)
Miller Train Control Co (U)
Illustrations, shipping-related
Bubble wrap warning (U)
Stay-flat mailer (U)
Illustrations, state seals
Colorado state seals (U)
Pennsylvania state seal and coat of arms (U)
Illustrations, vignettes, famous vignettes
'The Crossing' (B)
Baltimore & Ohio's famous Novelty train (U)
Classic Standing Liberty (U)
Express Train by Nathaniel Currier (U)
Express Train lithograph (U)
Reapers, The (U)
Train of Cars (U)
Illustrations, vignettes, locomotive stacks
Diamond and Congden locomotive stacks (U)
Funnel and balloon locomotive stacks (U)
Mushroom locomotive stacks (U)
Straight locomotive stacks (U)
Illustrations, vignettes, locomotives
New York New Haven & Hartford locomotive (U)
New York New Haven & Hartford Railroad locomotive (U)
Open cab loco(B) (U)
Porter & Co 4-wheel locomotive (U)
Reading Co locomotive (U)
Union Pacific M-10000 locomotive vignette detail (U)
Western Pacific Railroad locomotive (U)
Illustrations, vignettes, miscellaneous
Cupid (U)
Griffin (U)
Popular owl (U)
Share medallion vignettes (U)
Sphinx (U)
Unusual serpent (U)
Illustrations, vignettes, rail-related
Flagman beside locomotive (U)
Hasten the Vigilantly Watched Railroad (U)
Large locomotive passes track workers (U)
Lithographed allegorical figures (U)
Lithographed depot at junction of two lines (U)
Lithographed open cab loco (U)
Monongahela Power & Railway streetcar (U)
Monongahela Power & Railway streetcar (U)
Niagara River Gorge (U)
Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway vignette and detail (U)
Popular survey crew on hilltop (U)
Surveying track alignment vignette detail (U)
Trackworkers and head-on locomotive (U)
Trackworkers ballasting vignette detail (U)
Trackworkers carrying rail vignette detail (U)
Trackworkers gauging rails vignette detail (U)
Trackworkers placing rails vignette detail (U)
Train on Miller Train Control Co stock (U)
Western Maryland Railway train (U)
Western Maryland vignette and detail (U)
Wooding Railway Warning Device Co (U)
Illustrations, vignettes, structures
Delaware Car Works engraving (U)
Grand Central Terminal (U)
New York Stock Exchange (U)
Penn Station (U)
Reading Terminal Headhouse (U)
Wason Car Manufacturing Co engraving (U)
How to patch (stitch) images of large bonds (U)
Imaging Certificates (S)
Problems scanning bonds? (U)
Scanning and sharpening (U)
Scanning and sharpening examples (U)
Scanning certificates (S)
Scanning certificates remains popular topic (U)
Scanning large certificates in pieces (U)
Peripheral documents
Marion Savages' plea for more money (B)
Preserving certificates; acidity in paper (U)
Restoration and repair (S)
A catalogers' paradox (U)
Abandon the race to the bottom (S)
Do I adjust prices when items go unsold? (U)
Funny thing about valuing collectibles, The (S)
How important are price estimates? (S)
I do not change price estimates with every auction (U)
Let's discuss price trends (U)
Let's really compare sales prices (U)
Online auction prices (U)
Price disparities (U)
Price trends (U)
Race for the bottom (S)
Rarity is a bad way of estimating prices (S)
Reality returns to gold bond prices (U)
Recording eBay prices - my process (U)
Taking the pulse of our hobby (S)
Upside down is the new normal (S)
What's it worth? (B)
What are collectibles worth when they don't sell? (B)
What is something worth when it doesn't sell (S)
Printing and engraving
American Bank Note Co security printing (B)
Engraver of Baltimore & Ohio certificates (B)
Major printing companies (U)
Project, early catalog numbers
Lehigh Valley Railroad catalog numbers (U)
Little Miami Rail Road catalog numbers (U)
Pennsylvania Railroad catalog numbers (U)
Penobscot & Kennebec bond catalog numbers (U)
Pullman Co catalog numbers (U)
Union Pacific stock catalog numbers (U)
Project, general
Abbreviating Cox catalog numbers (U)
Assigning certificates to correct companies (S)
Case for serial numbers, The (U)
Certificate varieties (U)
Certificates from North American coal companies (S)
Collecting serial numbers (U)
Discovering new varieties (U)
Do you collect certificates from south of the U.S.? (U)
Example of how sub-varieties are discovered (U)
How many more certificates are left to find? (U)
How to send info (U)
How to send information (U)
I find it amazing (adding more certificates than ever) (U)
If I can do it - you can too (S)
Information from eBay (U)
Information need for Union Pacific Corp stocks (U)
Issue of privacy (U)
Lack of time forcing changes (U)
Many new specimens appeared in 2004 (U)
Miscellaneous messages from contributors (U)
Myth of 100% reliable email (U)
Needing "common" certificates (U)
New certificates (U)
New certificates keep appearing (U)
Next big endeavor: complete railroad names (U)
Process of cataloging (U)
Railroad names (U)
Reporting unlisted certificates (U)
Serial numbers adding up (U)
Small collections (crucial to project) (U)
Speaking of errors (U)
State names for the next edition and online (U)
Status of the Coxrail Coal Database (S)
Suggestions from readers (U)
Tell me what I'm missing! (U)
Thank you (to contributors) (U)
Want to help solve some mysteries? (U)
What kinds of serial numbers do I want? (U)
Where do new varieties come from? (B)
Where does new information come from? (B)
Reuben Wells purpose-built locomotive (B)