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Original publish date: June 24, 2009

The Great West Exposition Train Co

Certificates from this "mystery" company began appearing in March of 2008. While the purpose of the company had been a mystery, the more perplexing mystery was how little evidence of its existence it had left.

Certificates are currently known only in unissued form. The company was incorporated in Colorado and its certificates were printed by A.S. Carter Stamps, Seals and Printing of Denver.

Thanks to Ed Lewis for an image of this certificate.

David Adams, one of my biggest contributors of obscure information, finally discovered this company in a magazine that had recently been scanned and indexed by Google Books.

An article about the company appeared in the November 1903 issue of Business Woman's Magazine. It appears the company intended to carry exhibits that promoted the western states and western immigration. Seemingly, the promoters of the project considered the Chicago and San Francisco World's Fairs had suffered moral lapses.