International Bond & Share Society

Scripophily Magazine

The International Bond and & Society was founded in the United Kingdom in 1978, shortly after the hobby of collecting old stock certificates and bonds came to the attention of the general public. Considering that several thousand people collect defunct securities, IBSS membership is relatively small, probably because of the restricted number of ways to reach collectors. Nonetheless, members are located in about thirty-five countries. Slightly over half of the membership lives in Europe, although the United States has the largest number of members by country, twice the number of the next two largest membership countries (Germany and the United Kingdom) combined. 

The IBSS issues a high-quality, full-color magazine three times a year containing articles about scripophily from around the world. Terry Cox, the author of this website, writes a regular column  for Scripophily titled, Cox's Corner

I BEG my readers, in the strongest possible way to support the IBSS with their membership. Benefits of membership include:

  • Dedication exclusively to the collecting of stocks and bonds.
  • Publishes Scripophily, a triannual (three per year) full-color magazine.
  • A membership directory to promote collect-to-collector interaction.
  • Advertisements by dealers of all sizes.
  • Calendar of upcoming events.
  • Reviews of recent scripophily auctions
  • Reviews of all scripophily-related auction results.
  • Access to the members-only area of its website
  • Access to ALL past issues of the Scripophily and its predecessors


American Numismatic Association

The Numismatist Magazine

Although I don't remember ever seeing an article in The Numismatist dedicated to the collecting of stocks and bonds, I have seen one or more dedicated to vignette, security, and currency engraving. Nonetheless, I am a supporter and heartily advocate becoming (or staying) a member of the ANA. Besides, it gives you free entry into its large sponsored shows. Benefits of membership include:

  • Dedicated to the collecting of coins, tokens and paper money.
  • Publishes The Numismatist, a full color monthly magazine.
  • Sponsors large meetings twice per year packed with dealers of all specialties.
  • Advertisements by dealers of all sizes.
  • Access to the ANA library and other perks.
  • Access to specialized collectibles insurance.