Cover of Railroad Magazine

RAILROAD MAGAZINESRailroad Magazine and Trains Magazine, and their predecessors and successors, are highly collectible. - UNFINISHED - TO COME

Railroad Man's Magazine Oct,, 1906 To Jun., 1913
Railroad & Current Mechanics Jul., 1913 To Dec., 1913
Railroad Man's Magazine Jan., 1914 To Jan., 1919
Argosy And Railroad Man's Magazine Jan. 25, 1919 To May 24, 1919
Railroad Man's Magazine Dec., 1929 To Jan., 1932
Railroad Stories Feb., 1932 To Aug, 1937
Railroad Magazine Sep., 1937 To Mar., 1979
Railfan & Railroad Magazine Apr., 1979 To present
Trains Magazine Nov., 1940 To Oct., 1950
Trains & Travel Magazine Nov., 1951 To Jan., 1954
Trains Magazine Feb., 1954 To present

PUCK MAGAZINE — Puck was a weekly satirical magazine, published between 1876 and 1918. Even from its earliest days, it featured colored covers and larger colored centerfolds. Its heavily satirical cartoons focused on public officials, government policies, and robber barons. Millionaires were often the targets, most particularly, William Henry Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, and Cyrus Field. Lower echelon manipulators included Russell Sage, Daniel Drew and Chauncey Depew. After the deaths of Vanderbilt, Gould and Field, the magazine turned its sights on E. H. Harriman, John D. Rockefeller, and J. P. Morgan. This collection includes illustrations of over 150 cover and centerfold cartoons featuring those particular characters. With 52 issues per year, there are lots of biting social commentary to choose from. However, one frequently needs to consult Wikipedia and other sources to get a sense of what and whom are being portrayed. Even when complete magazines are in hand, commentary often takes research to more fully appreciate. A few additional covers portraying robber barons are known, but yet to be located. To learn more, see Satire on Stone: The Political Cartoons of Joseph Keppler, by University of Illinois Press, 1988. The hands-down best source of Puck cartoons is the Library of Congress, but its search and filtering capabilities are sadly limited. Try searching for "Puck Cartoons" in the "Prints and Photographs Online Catalog." 

Judge Magazine was a fierce competitor of Puck and also featured satirical cartoons with the same general targets and purposes. It even cannibalized one of Puck's better cartoonists and ultimately outlasted the earlier magazine. I have not yet researched Judge at the LOC, but will as I get time.

Timeline of rail- and finance-related events
TIMELINE — I compiled a chronology of events related directly and obliquely to railroading and the financial markets. Within the gross color-coded categories of "rail-related" and "finance-related" are technological developments and global events that all interact with each other.
Typical township with California land grant area
LAND GRANTS — A discussion about land grants awarded to railroad companies by both the Federal government and individual states, ostensibly to promote development (and increase taxes) in unpopulated or under-populated areas. 
Complimentary pass on the Ninth Street Bee Line Railroad
NINTH STREET BEE LINE — A somewhat mysterious railroad "pass," seemingly issued to promote the business of a tavern on West Ninth Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Please help If you can discover more than me.
Guidebook to Geology along the Santa Fe Route
RAILROAD GEOLOGY GUIDES — A series of guide by the U. S. Geological Survey to explain the land features seen along the major western railroads while passenger rail travel was in its prime. These books are hard to find with intact covers, but their contents are fully viewable online through the USGS website.