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Original publish date: June 20, 2008

Inadequate packaging

My correspondents and I are really getting tired of inadequate packaging - and not just with eBay sellers. I do not have time to word this with great delicacy and politeness. Personally, I don't think receiving damaged goods deserves politeness!

Sellers, PLEASE GET WITH THE PROGRAM. If you are selling certificates, ship them in rigid mailers. NEVER use padded envelopes or bubble envelopes.

Rigid mailers are readily available from the sellers listed below plus many more . They generally sell under the name of "Stay-Flat Mailers", "No-Bend Mailers", or "Rigid Photo Mailers."

Yes, they will cost between $0.60 and $1.50 each, depending on the size. But let me ask you which you would rather do - spend $0.75 on a mailer? Or replace a damaged certificate AND lose future business in the bargain? Besides, you can pass on the cost of the mailer to your buyer.

Here is a quick rundown of suppliers:

  • Uline - look for "Stay Flat Mailers"
  • Calumet Carton - look for "Stay Flat Mailers"
  • Packaging Supplies Co - look for "Stay Flat Mailers"
  • - look for "No-Bend Mailers"
  • Associated Bag Co. - look for "No-Bend Mailers"
  • Argrov Box - look for "Stay Flat Mailers"
  • - look for "Rigid Photo Mailers"