Million dollar bill by American Bank Note Company

This is a special page prepared for users who ask how they can redeem their $1,000,000 bills printed by the American Bank Note Company. 

These are professionally engraved and printed notes. They were designed and printed by the American Bank Note Company, the preeminent printer of paper money since its founding in 1858.

These notes were printed for an organization called the "International Association of Millionaires "(IAM). When initially released in 1988, IAM sold these notes for around $25 each. At that time, the notes were accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and a full-color explanatory brochure shown at left.

The International Association of Millionaires still exists. As of October, 2022, IAM offered uncirculated examples of million dollar notes for about $110 apiece, with discounts for quantity purchases. 825,000 notes were printed and sold out to collectors, investors, and dealers. IAM is currently selling a limited supply from a single private source that procured quantities from that original offering.


There are notices on fronts and backs of the "Million Dollar Bills" that specifically state that these notes are not real money.

Another notice is found on the back and says:

Over 1,000 people come to this page each year, generally asking these questions.

  • Can I redeem this note for a million dollars?No. They have no value as currency. These notes were printed and sold as souvenirs.
  • How much can I sell this note for?You will find these notes offered for sale on eBay. Search for "million dollar bills." That will indicate possible resale value.
  • I have one of these notes; where can I sell? — Try eBay.
  • Are any other "million dollar notes" redeemable? — No. The United States never printed any such currency.
  • I want to learn more about American Bank Note Company. — I have a special page dedicated to ABNCo and all its predecessor companies.

I hope this informational page has answered all your questions about this $1,000,000 fantasy note. Please understand that I do NOT have time to answer inquiries about million dollar bills. Souvenirs are not my specialty.