Area of interest

The long-term goal of this project is to catalog all stocks and bonds ever issued on behalf of railroads that operated in, or intended to operate in, North America. For the purposes of this project, "North America" is defined as:

  • any land mass north of Colombia
  • all islands north of the coast of South America
  • the islands of Hawaii
  • all islands officially deemed to be part of North America

See State and provinces for abbreviations, capitals, and dates of organization of territories, provinces, and states.

See more about the purpose of this project.

Countries included in this project

Countries considered part of North America
Anguilla (UK) Honduras
Antigua and Barbuda Jamaica
Aruba (NLD) Martinque (FRA)
Bahamas, The Mexico
Barbados Montserrat (UK)
Belize Nicaragua
Bonaire (NLD) Panama
Canada Puerto Rico
Cayman Islands (UK) Saint-Barthélemy (FRA)
Costa Rica Saint Martin (FRA)
Cuba Saint Pierre and Miquelon (FRA)
Curaçao (NLD) Sint Maarten (NLD)
Dominica St Kitts and Nevis
Dominican Republic St Lucia
El Salvador St Vincent and The Grenadines
Greenland (DNK) Trinidad and Tobago
Grenada Turks and Caicos Islands (UK)
Guadeloupe (FRA) United States of America
Guatemala Virgin Islands, British (UK)
Haiti Virgin Islands, United States (US)

Countries known to have been involved in financing North American railroads

European countries involved in financing North American railroads
Belgium Netherlands, The
France United Kingdom