Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads
by Terry Cox


Became state: June 1, 1792

With the important Cumberland Gap and several immigrant routes, Kentucky saw the earliest and heaviest settlement west of the Appalachians. And with its wealth of coal in both the east and west, it is not surprising that Kentucky boasts a large number of railroad company incorporations. The number is likely to swell when better knowledge of timber railroads develops. The state seal, however, is known from only two companies: Louisville & Nasville and Cincinnati Newport & Covington Railway.

Two friends embrace with the state motto. While the official design has remained more or less unchanged for over 200 years, the representation of the two men takes on a huge number of variations in unofficial use.

Number of Varieties of collectible certificates
(counting all companies that operated within the state)

Moderate number (500 to 1000 varieties)

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