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How to identify states from their state seals

Instructions - Start with 1. Click on appropriate answers and choose between succeeding choices. State abbreviations are linked to pages which show and discuss the seal for that state. Most states have statutes that forbid exact replication of state seals (aka coats of arms.) Therefore, state seal designs on certificates can be highly variable but they always retain central design elements. Some certificates display city or provincial seals; occasionally, some appear similar to the state seals listed below.

1 a - people are visible (not hidden in details)
b - no people are visible
2 a - George Washington WA
b - two people flank shield
c - farmer and miner flank boulder WV
d - other people or other positions
3 a - patterned designs on shield
b - cow on shield (kneeling or standing)
c - other elements on shield
4 a - eagle below shield HI
b - crown above shield MD
5 a - tree on shield ME
b - sailing ship above shield DE
6 a - deer above shield ID
b - three plows on shield NJ
c - eagle above shield NY
d - badger above shield WI
7 a - birds or animals visible
b - no birds or animals visible
8 a - eagle
b - bison (running)
c - horses with plow
d - bear in foreground
9 a - angel left, eagle behind shield AR
b - man with flag IA
c - three people visible WY
10 a - man chops tree IN
b - Indian chases bison ND
11 a - horses pull plow right to left KS
b - horses pull plow left to right SD
12 a - female warrior (usually at right) with bay beyond CA
b - prospector (usually at left) with dam beyond AZ
13 a - one person visible
b - two people visible
14 a - a train is visible NE
b - a tree is visible
c - other
15 a - person watches ship FL
b - female holds branch SC
16 a - militia man with sword GA
b - Indian with bow MA
17 a - two friends shake hands KY
b - Indian on horseback, man plowing MN
c - standing Liberty and Plenty with cornucopia NC
d - female warrior stands above conquered enemy VA
18 a - animals visible
b - no animals visible
19 a - animals flank a shield
b - animals do not flank shield
20 a - two standing deer MI
b - two standing bears MO
c - two standing horses PA
21 a - cow or oxen
b - pelican LA
c - eagle
22 a - cows pull covered wagon OR
b - scraggly pine tree and two sheaves of wheat VT
23 a - eagle with shield looks left, holds ribbon IL
b - eagle with arrows MS
c - two eagles (American and Mexican) NM
d - eagle above covered wagon OR
e - eagle above beehive UT
24 a - map is central element AL
b - large star is central element
c - mountain scene visible
d - other central element
25 a - plain star, possible with wreath around bottom TX
b - star with Indian paraphernalia and designs OK
26 a - mountain and crossed mining picks on shield CO
b - ship on bay AK
c - mill in foreground NV
d - standing sheaf of wheat and arrows OH
e - waterfall visible MT
27 a - three vines (often looks like trees) CT
b - ship with sails furled NH
c - anchor (usually with Hope) RI
d - plow above ship (usually with Agriculture and Commerce) TN


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