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How to contribute images

If sending scans to me:

  • scan at 300 dpi
  • do NOT reduce images
  • scan against white backgrounds
  • save as medium to medium-high quality JPGs
  • no need to 'zip' images (zipping does not save space with JPGs)
  • send one at a time by email or send all at once using (free)
  • please do not embed images in emails
  • please do not send in PDF format
  • if certificates are too large for your scanner, scan in several pieces and send the pieces (with AT LEAST 2" overlap)
  • no need to scan backs
  • no need to scan stubs
  • no need for measurements
  • scan valuable autographs at 400-600 dpi

Can you contribute images of stocks and bonds?

I always appreciate scans or copies of certificates. Collectors from Italy, Germany, France, England, Canada and the U.S. have helped by sending scans. Some certificates are available only in Europe and some only in the U.S. You may send copies either in electronic form (scans) or in physical form (xeroxes).

Electronic images

If you own a scanner, you may send images of your certificates as e-mail attachments. Spread throughout this website is a large amount of information and tips about scanning certificates.

Here is a synopsis of tips:

  • Scan certificates at 300 dpi.
  • Save in JPG or TIF format. (Avoid GIFs, BMPs, PDFs, PNGs.)
  • Zip TIFs to make small enough to email (zipping saves no space with JPGs)
  • Use a white background.
  • Scan large certificates in pieces.
  • Scan full scale (NO reduction.)
  • Scan valuable autographs at higher resolutions (400-600 dpi.)

If you choose to scan certificates, I suggest:

  • If scanning in pieces, scan with at least two inches of overlap.
  • I advise against using autoexposure
  • Save as MEDIUM to medium-high quality JPGs. (There is no need to save at higher quality!)
  • Scan in the middle of your scanner, not jammed up against an edge.

Keep things simple:

  • You do NOT need to scan backs
  • You do NOT need to scan coupons
  • You do NOT need to scan stubs
  • You do NOT need to send measurements
  • You do NOT need to straighten images
  • You do NOT need to patch pieces together
  • You do NOT need to correct brightness
  • You do NOT need to correct contrast
  • You do NOT need to zip JPGs

The easiest way to send images is to attach them as attachments to e-mail, one or two at a time. I beg you, PLEASE do not embed images in emails. (They take too much time to extract.) If sending several images, I suggest using (It's free.) You may also send Flash drives, CDs, DVDs if you prefer.

Send e-mail to Terry Cox

Physical copies

Today's photocopiers are so good that I can discern most important features from paper copies. Just try to use a good photocopier. To speed things up, I suggest:

  • Reduce to fit paper.
  • Use color if you want, but black and white is normally adequate
  • Use 8-1/2" x 11" or A4 white paper.
  • Leave lots of margin.
  • Copy the fronts only.
  • Record colors or notes in the bottom margin.
  • PLEASE do not write over images.

Keep things simple.

  • You do not need to tell me the sizes.
  • You do not need to trim to size.
  • You do not need to copy full size.
  • You do not need to copy backs.
  • You do not need to copy coupons.
  • You do not need to copy stubs.

And finally,


You may mail me directly at:

Terry Cox
4891 Independence St, Suite 130
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033


There is no information about private collectors on this website unless they specifically ask for credit. I personally suggest that you do NOT include personal information. However, if you still have concerns about privacy, please read about anonymity.

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