Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads     by Terry Cox

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Please note: Thousands of "receipts" are known with handwritten railroad company names. Most were pre-printed generic forms created by thousands of ordinary print shops and stationers. Some documents like this may be very scarce and historic. However, they are too highly variable in content, purpose, and format to track in this database. I generally do not list ordinary receipts unless they have pre-printed company names.

In general, receipts related to collectible stocks and bonds

Receipts from railroads are usually simple pieces of paper testifying to the purchase or sale of items or services.

I list receipts in this catalog only if they:

  • carry pre-printed company names,
  • mention or imply stock or bond ownership,

This subscription receipt from the Illinois Central railroad allowed European bearers to buy 6% $1000 bonds in London in the early 1850s. The pink cancellations were probably applied to stacks of these receipts with an ink-soaked rag.

This early receipt is an installment receipt for the Columbus & Xenia Rail Road Co. This item appeared in an internet auction in 2000.


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