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Publicly-held companies

There are several hundred operating railroads

There are several hundred operating railroads in North America. But only a tiny handful are publicly traded. Today's opportunities for investing in railroads are extremely limited.

Currently, the industry is divided into two extremes: giant companies and small shortline companies. And the gulf between them continues to grow. At the top end of the scale are the huge companies with tens of thousands of miles of track including the Burlington Northern Santa Fe, the Union Pacific, KCS, and the CSX.

Together, the top 20 companies control a staggering  213,000 rail miles, broken down roughly like this:

Burlington Northern Santa Fe 33,500
Union Pacific 33,337
Kansas City Southern 25,000
CSX 24,495
Norfolk Southern 21,600
Candian National 17,200
Canadian Pacific 14,400
Conrail 11,000
RailAmerica 7,700
Ferrocarril Mexicano 6,486
Genesee & Wyoming 3,750
Wisconsin Central 2,855
OmniTrax 2,800
Transportacion Ferroviaria Mexicano 2,655
StatesRail 1,647
BC Rail 1,399
Ferrosur 1,181
Iron Road Railways 1045
Rail Development Corp 887
Providence & Worcester 545

Unlike the old days, there are few publicly traded railroad companies left. The majority of today's railroad companies are closely held by private individuals, investment companies, LLCs, partnerships, and a few government entities. This means that unless you are interested in buying an entire company, you may not be able to buy any shares whatsoever of most of the companies out there.

Here are all of the publicly held companies that I know of, that have operations in North America and that trade on North American exchanges. Please tell me if you know of more.

Name Symbol Exchange Mileage
Bombardier, Inc BBDa.TO
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corp. BNI NYSE 33,500
Canadian National Railway CNI NYSE 17,200
Canadian Pacific Ltd. CP NYSE 14,400
CSX Corporation CSX NYSE 24,495
Emons Transportation Group, Inc. EMON NASDAQ 300
Florida East Coast Industries FLA NYSE 351
Genesee & Wyoming, Inc. GNWR NASDAQ 3,750
Global Railway Industries, Ltd. GBI.TO Toronto  
The Greenbrier Companies GBX NYSE  
Kansas City Southern Industries KSU NYSE 25,000
New York Regional Rail Corp NYRR-BB NASDAQ  
Norfolk Southern Corp. NSC NYSE 21,600
Pioneer Railcorp PRRR NASDAQ 440
Pittsburgh & West Virginia  PW AMEX 132
Providence & Worcester Railroad Co PWX AMEX 545
RailAmerica, Inc. RAIL NASDAQ 7,700
Union Pacific Corp. UNP NYSE 33,337
Wabtec Corp. WAB NYSE  
Wisconsin Central Transportation Corp. WCLX NASDAQ 2,855


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