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People naturally think I will use every bit of information they send. I apologize for any disappointment, but I cannot possibly process all the information I receive. Here is my personal rule for handling information:

Or, to re-state the rule a bit differently, some kinds of information are more valuable than others.

The chart below shows my priorities for handling information.

Highest priority

  • Correspondence concerning corrections to the database.
  • Correspondence concerning corrections to this website.
  • New certificate listings from correspondents.
  • Price updates from correspondents.
  • Serial numbers from correspondents that include scans, photos or copies.


High priority

  • Inquiries about railroad certificates.
  • Inquiries seeking permission.
  • Listings from closed auction house sales.
  • Listings from closed sales on eBay.


Medium priority

  • Inquiries about railroad companies and history.
  • Serial numbers from online images captured by correspondents (when accompanied by images.)
  • Serial numbers from books, magazines and other sources (when accompanied by images.)
  • Images of autographs from celebrities listed in this project.


Low priority

  • Inquiries about off-topic subjects.
  • Inquiries about non-railroad certificates.
  • Inquiries about celebrities and autographs not included in this project.


Lowest priority

  • Non-illustrated reports or listings of certificates.
  • Links to online sources of information about certificates (maybe.)
  • Lists and spreadsheets of serial numbers without images. (I usually ignore.)


No priority

  • Requests for price estimates of certificates listed in auctions. (No.)
  • Appraisals (I do not do appraisals.)
  • Links to online sources of certificate listings. (I do not follow links.)
  • Links to eBay sales. (I do not follow links to active or closed eBay sales.)
  • Links to online sources of serial numbers. (I do not acquire information in that manner.)
  • Requests to add non-railroad companies to the database. (No.)
  • Requests to add other collectibles to the project. (No.)
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(Last updated July 16, 2021)


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