Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads     by Terry Cox

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Other certificates and documents related to stock and bond collecting

In collecting, you will encounter a HUGE range of documents that fills the gap between stocks and bonds. Additionally, you will find many receipts and temporary documents that functioned as stocks and bonds prior to delivery of the real certificates.

The initial goal in the first edition was to catalog ordinary securities (stocks and bonds) and other miscellaneous items only if they closely resembled stocks and bonds that collectors might confuse them with stocks and bonds.

In the second edition, I broadened the scope to certificates related to the sale or transfer of stocks and bonds with these rules:

Peripheral documents and certificates will be included in this project ONLY when they

have PRINTED company names and
either served as stand-ins for securities or
had the potential for doing so at some unstated or unknown point in time.

You WILL encounter countless peripheral documents that were related to the ownership or sale of stocks and bonds. Sooner or later, you will encounter documents that involve powers of attorney, voting rights, proxy forms and other communications with companies. While related to stocks and bonds, those kinds of receipts and documents were never considered securities. Therefore, I will not catalog them in this project.

Add to that number documents that were related to the internal workings of banks, brokerages, clearing houses and trading floors. You will find still more documents that involve the production of certificates and include things like order forms, sales receipts and communications with bank note companies. Of course, there are thousands upon thousands of proof impressions of vignettes available, not to mention steel plates and lithograph stones involved in stock and bond printing. Don't forget countless numbers of letters and advertising documents that might have promoted or involved the sale of stocks and bonds.

And what about documents related to railroads and have nothing to do with stocks and bonds? Those kinds of documents include checks, warrants, freight bills, tickets, passes, train orders, timetables, travel brochures, maps, and receipts of every imaginable description. And then, of course, there are photographs, stereo views, and photo albums.

There are easily hundreds of different types of documents that are related to railroads. The possible variations of those documents could easily reach into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

There are collectors who think I should catalog everything remotely related to stocks, bonds and railroads. I must decline because I do not have the time. I MUST limit my cataloging to stocks, bonds, and other VERY CLOSELY-RELATED documents. Nothing else.

If thinking of asking me to include additional off-topic documents, please consider that I already lack the time to catalog all the certificates sold in auctions each year. Which would you consider more important to catalog? Certificates or off-topic documents?

And for those who ask, no, I absolutely will NEVER catalog bond coupons. I understand that some of those coupons might have come from rare or non-extant bonds. And I understand some collectors have been tricked into buying them from eBay sellers in recent years.

So, why do I refuse to catalog coupons?

My stance is simple. I refuse to encourage people to destroy perfectly good and intact collectibles in their hopes of making a few dollars selling coupons to unsuspecting beginners. I will say it again. Coupons will not find room in this catalog. I simply refuse to imply that individual coupons have value.

Now, on a brighter subject, here are links to the types of certificates closely related to stocks and bonds and thus included in this catalog:




Temporary certificates

Certificates of deposit

Fractional stocks and bonds


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