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Search the Coxrail database for descriptions of 23,700+ certificates from over 7,400 North American railroad companies.

Hints for finding company names

If you cannot find company names quickly, then please read the search hints on this page. (Please read these hints BEFORE writing)

Meet the code writer: Terry Cox. My goal is to write a code for a "sloppy search." I designed the code so that the sloppier you are, the more results you'll get. I don't want to require you to know exact spellings. I know that people "fat finger " the keyboard constantly. I assume you will make mistakes. And I assume the more letters you type, the greater the likelihood of error! So, my search is designed to help you find company names better by typing less, not more.

The reality.

There are over 26,000 companies listed in this database. I want you to avoid being overly specific in trying to find companies. Type in what you know and hit the Search button. If you get too many results, narrow your search then. Not in the beginniing. Search for approximate company names. You will discover that companies were often very inexact in their spellings.

A few Quick Hints


Enter part of the first word of a company name. You may search for whole words if you want, but four or five letters is better.

Do not use "The" or "And"

Do not use apostrophes

Names that begin with initials can be confusing. Experiment. To find "S D Warren Co", for example, try these word fragments:

s d warr

Try to avoid spelling errors. Enter parts of words. Word fragments are always, always, always, always, always better than whole words. (Remember, I wrote the code.)

The fewer characters you enter, the more results you will get.

Avoid being overly specific. Company names were tremendously variable.

Avoid using words and abbreviations such as railway, rail-way, rail way, Ry, Rwy, railroad, rail road, rail-road, RR. You won't find anything.

Experienced users

Enter exact company codes if you already know them. (eg: MIS-716)

You may experiment with parts of catalog numbers. The trick is to enter the hyphen. For example, STL- or NEW-5. The hyphen tells the search program that you are searching for catalog numbers instead of words. (See also, Catalog Numbering Explained.)

Spelling rules:

Hyphens within names are considered critical. Hyphens were often used to differentiate between successive incorporations.

Apostrophes and commas are NOT considered critical. They are NOT used anywhere in the database.

Spelling on certificates prevails. Spellings of town names often changed over time. Just because you know a company had "Pittsburgh" in its names does not mean it was spelled that way on its certificates.

It is not uncommon to find company names spelled two different ways on the same certificate.

Spelling exception 1

If company names begin with "St." or "Saint", all catalog numbers in this database begin with ST.

Spelling exception 2

If company names begin with "Mt." or "Mount", all catalog numbers begin with MOU.

The easiest way to start a search is to enter parts of company names.
If you enter word fragments in the search box like this:

you will be presented with several choices, including these company names:

Hints to get better results even faster.

The less precise you are, the more company names you will find.

But...if you have a slow internet a little more precise. You will get fewer names, but your search speed will increase.

Speed up your searches by entering the distinctive parts of words. For instance, enter "polis" to find "Indianapolis." Or try "xark" to quickly find "Texarkana."

Avoid typing mistakes by entering only three to five letters of words. You will make fewer typing errors if you enter "Mass Conn" instead of "Massachusetts Connecticut".

Still hungry for more speed? See MORE HINTS for still more suggestions for quickening your searches.


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