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GRE-754, The Greenville & Columbia Rail Road Co

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    • bond - eagle on shield, horizontal format, bearer coupon, 1860, by American Bank Note Co
            color unreported, $500, red '500' underprint  [F7]     #  

    • bond - oval view of passenger train r-l above wavy title, horizontal format, for purchase of the Laurens Railroad, 7%, 1874
    • bond - 4-4-0 loco with diamond stack l-r, vertical format, bearer coupon, 1st mortgage, 7%, 20-yr, 1875, due 1895, by Continental Bank Note Co
            BLACK, $500  [F1]     #  

    • bond - passengers near train r-l above title, horizontal format, guaranteed, 1879
            BLACK, $100  [F7]     #  


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