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CEN-186, (The) Central Railroad (Rail Road) Co of New Jersey

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    • bond - train l-r at harbor, buildings beyond, horizontal format, variable redemption date, bearer gold, 5%, 1883, by ABN
    • bond - NJ, PA, VA state seals, horizontal format, certificate of indebtedness, bearer gold coupon, 1876, by ABN
    • bond - loco l-r at roundhouse, vertical format, convertible debenture, bearer gold, 6%, 25-yr, 1883, due 1908, by ABN
    • bond - ferry top right, train crosses bridge r-l bottom, horizontal format, general mortgage, bearer gold coupon, 100-yr, 1887, due 1987, by ABN
    • bond - winged females flank loco exits roundhouse l-r, vertical format, convertible debenture, bearer coupon, 6%, 1883, by ABN
    • bond - female on throne with two seated males, vertical format, general mortgage, bearer coupon, 3.25%, 38-yr, 1949, due 1987, by ABN
    • bond - eagle looking right, vertical format, bearer coupon, 15-yr, by ABN
      • equipment trust of 1948, series A, 1948, due 1963
      • equipment trust of 1954, 3.125%, 1954, due 1969

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