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State/province locations needed

Ultimately, I want to give users the capability of finding companies by state or province. However, I have no time for company research. This is an area where rail fans of every degree of experience can help.

Here is a list of all companies in the database that currently lack locations. As always, railroad companies are my highest priority. Other types of companies are lower priority.

Before you send locations, please make sure you have definite proof of location from maps, books, timetables, etc. I cannot stress this enough. Please, do not guess. (I am a geographer and have access to hundreds of thousands of place and feature names in the U.S. alone; I can guess locations as well as the next guy.) We are building a long-term database. I desire correctness over completeness.

I record two types of "company locations":

  • states/provinces where companies incorporated, and
  • states/provinces where companies operated.

Those locations are not necessarily the same.

If contributing locations, a simple list of company names and states/provinces is entirely sufficient. I do not need anything fancy. I do not need supporting evidence. I do not need office locations.

A secondary goal is to upgrade the exact spellings of company names to include "Railway," "Railroad," and so forth. Spellings of company names fall into four categories of decreasing reliability:

  • Spellings on stock and bond certificates prevail over all other sources.
  • Spellings on official company documents (letterheads, passes, timetables, prospectuses) are second best, but are less reliable.
  • Spellings in investment books, including Poors Manuals, are only accurate about half the time; official filings with Secretaries of State are similarly inaccurate.
  • Spellings in derivative works (history books, newspapers, pamphlets, oral histories, museums, movies, websites) are notoriously unreliable.

If unfamiliar with antique stocks and bonds, be aware that many certificates show two, and ocassionally three! different spellings on the same document! If you understand that two spellings can appear on official stock certificates, then that should alert you that any spellings you find anywhere else are inherently less reliable. Also remember that company names were fluid. Some names lasted only days or weeks before alteration.

This list is current to Monday, August 1, 2022.

Company name
10T-50010th 11th Streets Passenger Railway
ABB-200Abbeville Grimes Railway
ABB-800Abbotsford Northeastern Railroad
ABI-400Abilene Northwestern
ADD-222Addison County Railroad
ADI-109Adirondack Railroad
ADL-500Adler Creek Railroad
ADL-501Adler Creek Railway
AGU-500Aguascal Railroad
AHN-498Ahnapee Western Railroad
AIK-500Aiken Branch
ALA-239Alabama Great Western
ALA-261Alabama Industrial Railroad
ALA-370Alabama New Orleans Texas Pacific
ALA-458bAlabama Tennessee River Railway LLC
ALA-530Alabama Coal Navigation
ALA-750Alameda Railroad
ALB-085Albany Gulf
ALB-271Albany Port
ALB-708Albertson Great Eastern
ALB-729Albertson Great Southern
ALB-875Albion River Railroad
ALB-896Albion Southeastern Railroad
ALB-917Albion Southern
ALD-250Alden Bridge Camden Railway
ALD-500Alden Coal Mining Inc
ALD-500Alder Creek Railroad
ALD-501Alder Creek Railway
ALE-200Alexander Dock Railway
ALE-333Alexander Extension Railroad
ALG-083Alger Hawley Railroad
ALG-625Algoma Consolidated Corporation Limited
ALL-340Allegheny Coke
ALL-650Allen Paper Car Wheel
ALM-137Alma Railway
ALM-333Alma Jonquieres Railway
ALM-500Alma Little Rock Railroad
ALO-875A Lowry
ALP-400Alpena Southwestern Railway
ALS-667Alsea Southern
ALS-750Alstom Société Anonyme
ALT-080Altamont Manchester Railroad
ALT-359Alton Southern Railroad
ALT-428Alton Suburban
ALT-520Altoona Beech Creek Railroad
ALT-640Altoona Juniata Northern Railway
ALT-700Altoona Manufacturing
ALV-500Alva Buffalo Colorado
AMA-650Amalgamated Rapid Transfer
AMA-685Amarilla Canadian River Railroad
AME-225American Construction
AME-355American High Speed Rail Corp
AME-362American International Railways Corporation
AME-375American Coal Products
AME-385American Development
AME-500American Midland Railway
AME-585.0American Rail Box
AME-589.5American Railway Corp
AME-660American Refrigerator Transfer
AME-785American Tank Line
AMF-500AMF Technotransport Incorporated
AMH-712Amherst Car Works
AMO-500Amoskeag Railroad
ANA-300Anacoco Valley
ANC-500Anclote Indian River Railroad
AND-235Anderson Bella Vista Railroad
ANG-857Angola Transfer
ANN-092Ann Arbor Railroad Equipment Trust
ANN-409Annapolis Bay Ridge Railroad
ANN-550Annapolis Elkridge
ANT-100Anthony City KS St Louis Kansas Southwestern
ANT-143Anthony Northern Railroad
ANT-286Anthracite Railway
ANT-300Anthracite Bituminous Coal
ANT-500Anthracite Coal Iron
AOE-300AOE Rail Expeditions Inc American Orient Express
APA-833aApalachicola Northern Railroad
ARC-221Arcade Genesee River Railroad
ARC-667Arcata Mad River Railroad
ARI-132Arizona California Railroad
ARI-200aArizona Central Railroad
ARI-933Arizona Utah Railway
ARK-130Arkansas City KS unreported railroad
ARK-305Arkansas Louisiana Gulf Railroad
ARK-333Arkansas Louisiana Midland Railway
ARK-361Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi Railway
ARK-444Arkansas Louisiana Southern
ARK-584Arkansas Oklahoma Western Railway
ARK-778Arkansas Southeastern Railroad
ARL-600Arlington Fairfax Auto Railway
ARL-750Arlington Horse Railroad
ARM-600Armour Car Lines
ARM-715Arms Palace Horse Car
ARM-716Arms Palace Horse Stock Car
ARO-667Aroostook River Railroad
ARR-500Arrowhead Kootenay Railway
ARS-500ARS Canada Rolling Stock Incorporated
ART-500Artesia Starkville Grenada Railroad
ASH-120Asheboro Montgomery
ASH-640Ashley River Railroad
ASH-680Ashly Inverness
ASH-720Ashly Willow Bayou
ASH-960Ashville Coosa Railway
ASH-970Ashville Western Railroad
ASP-100Aspen Ashcroft Railroad
ASS-500Association Working Mansfield Mines
AST-286Astoria Portland Railway
AST-571Astoria South Coast Railway
AST-714Astoria Southern Railroad
ATC-107Atchison Branch Railroad
ATC-571Atchison Republican Valley Pacific Railway
ATC-787.0Atchison Topeka Santa Fe Railway Equipment Trust
ATC-787.5Atchison Topeka Santa Fe Railway System
ATC-857Atchison Union Depot Railroad Transfer
ATC-929Atchison Western
ATH-210Athens Branch Railroad
ATH-417Athens Southeastern
ATH-583Athens Tennessee Railroad
ATH-667Athens Tennessee River Railroad
ATH-750Athens Terminal
ATH-833Athol Enfield Railroad
ATL-045Atlanta Belt Line
ATL-049Atlanta Birmingham Air Line Railway
ATL-097aAtlanta Florida Railroad
ATL-098Atlanta Florida Railway
ATL-110Atlanta Florida Gulf
ATL-122Atlanta Florida Southern
ATL-159Atlanta Knoxville Cincinnati
ATL-183Atlanta Knoxville Southern
ATL-354Atlantic Carolina Railroad
ATL-367Atlantic City Railway
ATL-439Atlantic Coast Line Association
ATL-476Atlantic Coast Railroad Virginia
ATL-499Atlantic Danville Railroad
ATL-524Atlantic East Coast Terminal
ATL-540Atlantic Great Western Railroad Navigation
ATL-549Atlantic Greenville Western Railway
ATL-598Atlantic Gulf West India Transit Railroad
ATL-625Atlantic States Coal Corporation
ATL-683Atlantic Northern Railway
ATL-769Atlantic-Pacific Railway Tunnel Mining
ATL-793Atlantic Port Railway Corp
ATL-812Atlantic Seaboard Despatch
ATL-854Atlantic Southeastern Railway
ATL-952aAtlantic Western Railway
ATL-952bAtlantic Western Railway LP
ATL-988Atlas Tie
ATT-895aAttleborough Railroad
AUB-190Auburn Eel River Valley Railroad
AUG-230Augusta Elberton Railroad
AUG-320Augusta Gibson Sandersville Railroad
AUG-440Augusta Knoxville Greenwood Railroad
AUG-560Augusta Savannah Railroad
AUG-700Augusta Street Railway
AUG-800Augusta Tramway Transfer
AUG-840Augusta Union Station
AUR-714Aurora Extension Railroad
AUS-125Ausable Horse Rail
AUT-525Automatic Electric Railway Signal
AUT-654Automatic Railway Mail Pouch Delivery
BAD-333Bad Water Line
BAI-290Baileys Landing Railroad
BAK-400Baker River Shuksan Railroad
BAL-283Baltimore Calverton Powhatan Railroad
BAL-414Baltimore Cumberland Valley Railway
BAL-495Baltimore Eastern Maryland Railroad
BAL-661.0Baltimore Ohio Equipment
BAL-706Baltimore Ohio Connecting Railroad
BAL-740Baltimore & Ohio System
BAL-968Baltimore Washington Railroad
BAN-175Bangor Calais Shore Line Railroad
BAR-278Bardstown Louisville Railroad
BAR-639Barre Branch Railroad
BAR-750Barre Western
BAR-760Barre Worcester Railroad
BAR-806Barry Railway
BAR-889Bartlett Florence Railway
BAR-944Barton County Santa Fe Railway
BAR-972Bartow Dublin Railroad
BAS-667Bastrop Lake Providence
BAT-325Batesville Jacksonport Railway
BAT-647Baton Rouge Ponchatoula Mobile Railroad
BAT-882Battle Mountain Lewis Railway
BAY-343Bay Noquet
BAY-385Bay Line Railroad LLC
BAY-459Bay Quinte Railway Navigation
BAY-543Bay Ridge Annapolis Railroad
BAY-565Bay Shore Connecting Railroad
BAY-657Bay Side Railway
BAY-672Bay Springs Southeastern
BAY-829Bayfield Transfer Railway
BCR-500BC Rail Ltd
BEA-161Bear Harbor Eel River Railroad
BEA-210Beardsley Park Street Railroad
BEA-317Beaufort County
BEA-390Beaufort Pamlico
BEA-415Beaufort Terminal Railway
BEA-659Beaver Creek Alternate Southwestern
BEA-683Beaver Creek Cumberland Railroad
BEA-686Beaver Creek Railroad
BEE-500Beech Creek Coal Coke
BEE-889Beersville Coal Railway
BEI-500Beirne Clear Lake
BEL-344Bellerica Bedford
BEL-375Belleville Cascade Railroad
BEL-453Belleville North Hastings Railway
BEL-559Bellingham Bay British Columbia Railroad
BEL-719Bells Run Railroad
BEL-734Belmont Buffalo Railroad
BEL-900Belview Coal
BEL-938Belva Elk River
BEN-227Bennett Eastern
BEN-364Bennettsville Osborne Railroad
BEN-818Benton Saline River
BER-138Bergen Hill Communipaw Railway
BER-276Berkeley Railroad
BER-483Berks Chester Railroad
BER-621bBerkshire Street Railway
BER-793Berlin Pomeroy
BER-880Bermuda Railways Investment Ltd
BER-897Bernice Northwestern Railroad
BER-931Berwick Bay Texas Railroad
BES-200Bessemer Berrys Bay Railway
BES-225Bessemer Harrison Railroad
BES-400Bessemer Southern Railroad
BES-500Bessemer Southwestern Railroad
BET-500Bethel Granite Railroad
BIG-037Big Bend Transfer
BIG-111Big Blackfoot Midland
BIG-222Big Creek Railroad
BIG-296Big Creek Telocaset Railroad
BIG-370Big Falls Railway
BIG-778Big Sandy Cumberland Railroad
BIR-058Birch Bluff Northern Railroad
BIR-091Bird Creek Railroad
BIR-273Birmingham Chattanooga Atlanta
BIR-409Birmingham Laney Piedmont
BIR-455Birmingham Lineville Railroad
BIR-636Birmingham Selma New Orleans Railway
BIR-682Birmingham Selma Pensacola Railway
BIR-818Birmingham Southern Railroad
BIR-864Birmingham Tennessee
BIS-333Bishopville Railroad
BLA-064Black Cache River Railroad
BLA-138Black Hills Central Railroad
BLA-170Black Hills Northwestern Railroad
BLA-213Black Lake Northeastern
BLA-234Black Lake Sherman Valley
BLA-305Black Mountain Eastern Railway
BLA-329Black River Junction Franklin
BLA-403Black River St Lawrence Railroad
BLA-489Black Rock
BLA-532Blackman Dorcheat
BLA-574Blackstone Southern
BLA-723Bladen Columbus
BLA-745Bladen Columbus Florida Railroad
BLA-872Blakely Southern Railroad
BLA-936Blanchard Extension
BLA-946Blanchard Railroad
BLO-100Bloom Run Railroad
BLO-600Bloomington Southern Railroad
BLO-683Bloomsburg Millville Northern Railway
BLO-750Bloss Railroad
BLO-950Blounts Creek Railroad
BLU-381Blue Mountain Mineral
BLU-429Blue Mountain Reading Railroad
BLU-520Blue Ridge Coal
BLU-667Blue Ridge Railway Navigation
BLU-714Blue Rock Transportation
BLU-739Blue Silver Spring Railroad
BOC-333Boca Loyalton Railroad
BOD-200Bodcaw Valley Railroad
BOE-500Boeing Vertol
BOG-667Bogue Chitto Southwestern
BOI-600Boise Street Car Co
BOM-212Bombardier Transportation US
BON-100Bon Air Coal Iron
BON-375Bonhomie Southwestern
BON-875Bonnie Claire Gold Mountain
BOO-615Boonville Constableville Railroad
BOR-600Bordentown Philadelphia Transportation
BOS-216Boston Concord Montreal White Mountains New Hampshire Railroad
BOS-217Boston Concord Montreal White Mountains Mount Washington Branch Railroad
BOS-378Boston Henderson Harbor
BOS-432Boston Little River
BOS-757Boston Rome Oswego Railroad
BOS-950Boston Worcester Western Railroad Corp
BOS-973Bostwick Railroad
BOU-220Boulder Railway Timber
BOU-500Boulder Valley
BOU-840Atchison Street Railroad
BOW-364Bowden Railroad Transportation
BOW-727Bowling Green Toledo Railroad
BOW-818Bowman Creek
BOY-375Boyle Sunflower River Railroad
BOY-780Boyne Falls Northeastern
BOY-885Boynton Railway Companies
BRA-211Bradford Richburg Cuba Railroad
BRA-237Bradford State Line Railroad
BRA-450Brady Warner Coal Corporation
BRA-500Brandon Devils Lake Southern Railway
BRA-526Brandon Saskatchewan Hudsons Bay Railway
BRA-658Branford Steam
BRA-737Brantford Harrisburg
BRA-789Brantford Norfolk Port Burwell Railway
BRA-960Brazil Devils Lake Minneapolis Electric
BRE-250Breckenridge Railroad
BRE-375Breckenridge Short Line
BRE-875Brewton Railroad Manufacturing
BRI-008Briarfield Blocton Birmingham
BRI-015Briarfield Blocton Tennessee River
BRI-023Brickfield Branch Railroad
BRI-038Bridge Railway
BRI-103Bridgeport Tramway
BRI-104Bridgeport Widemire Railway
BRI-177Bridgetown Branch Railroad
BRI-292Brigantine Transportation
BRI-320Briggs Carriage
BRI-340Brighthope Railway
BRI-500Brierhill Coal Coke
BRI-642Bristol Elizabethtown North Carolina Railroad
BRI-647Bristol Elizabethtown North Carolina Railway
BRI-653Bristol Elizabethtown Northeastern Railway
BRI-725British Americas Locomotive Works
BRO-021Broadway 7th Avenue Railway
BRO-111Brockville Westport North Western Railway northwestern
BRO-154James Brook
BRO-173Brookhaven Pearl River Railroad
BRO-235Brookline Milford Railroad
BRO-247Brookline Pepperell Railroad
BRO-386Brooklyn City Railroad Equipment Trust
BRO-642Brooksville Railroad
BRO-654Brooksville Hudson Railroad
BRO-667Brooksville Hudson Tampa Bay Railroad
BRO-679Brooksville Inverness Railway
BRO-691Brooksville Ohio River Railroad
BRO-827Brownell Wright Manufacturing
BRO-864Brownstone Middletown Railroad
BRO-931Brownsville Railway
BRO-949Brownsville TN City Brownsville RailRoad Bonds
BRO-988Broxton Hazelhurst Savannah
BRU-154Bruce Mines Algoma Railway
BRU-225Brunswick Albany Bahn
BRU-308Brunswick Birmingham Railroad
BRY-200Bryan Brazos Burleson Railway
BUC-300Buckeye Automatic Car Coupler
BUC-315Buckeye Malleable Iron and Coupler
BUC-500Buckingham Branch Railroad
BUC-500Buck Mountain Coal
BUC-778Bucksport Elk River Railroad
BUC-944Buctouche Moncton Railway
BUD-300Buda Foundry Manufacturing
BUD-500Edward G Budd Manufacturing
BUF-017Buffalo Allegheny Railroad
BUF-137Buffalo Brantford Goderich Railway
BUF-232Buffalo Corry Pittsburgh Railroad
BUF-283Buffalo Creek Transfer Railroad
BUF-285Buffalo Crosstown Railroad
BUF-333Buffalo Fort Erie Ferry Railway
BUF-400Buffalo Keokuk
BUF-500Buffalo Coal
BUF-519Buffalo Lockport Rochester Rolling Stock
BUF-603Buffalo New York Philadelphia Spoorweg Maatschappij
BUF-667Buffalo Pittsburg Western Railroad
BUF-700Buffalo Ridge
BUL-300Bullard Car Door Equipment
BUR-043Burke County Railroad
BUR-106Burlington Car Lock
BUR-261Burlington Junction Railway
BUR-283Burlington Keokuk
BUR-304Burlington Lamoille Valley Railroad
BUR-350Burlington Lines
BUR-430Burlington Mount Holly Branch Railroad
BUR-540Burlington Refrigerator Express
BUR-609Burlington Southwestern Railroad
BUR-625Burlington Transportation
BUR-652Burnham Branch Railroad
BUR-697Burnham Williams
BUR-783Burnside Cumberland Railroad
BUR-804Burnside Cumberland River Railway
BUR-848Burnt Creek
BUR-870Burro Mountain Railroad
BUR-892Burrows Train Control Inc
BUT-060Butler City Passenger Railway
BYR-500Byron Branch
C&S-500C&S Railroad Corp
CAC-500Cache Valley Railroad
CAD-100Caddo Choctaw Railroad
CAI-529Cairo Memphis Southern Railroad Transportation
CAL-091Caldwell County Railroad
CAL-159Caldwell Western Railroad
CAL-235Calico Railroad
CAL-335California Central Narrow Gauge Railroad
CAL-532California Oregon Eastern
CAL-536California Oregon Idaho Railroad
CAM-044Camargo Western
CAM-067Camas Prairie Railroad
CAM-157Cambria Indiana Railway
CAM-178Cambria Terminal Railroad
CAM-200Cambrian Railway
CAM-267Cambridge Extension Railroad
CAM-466Camden Gloucester Mount Ephraim Railroad
CAM-600Cameron Kansas City
CAM-800Campbell Connecting Railroad
CAM-911Campbell St Francis Valley
CAN-016Canada Air Line
CAN-097Canada Eastern Railway
CAN-145Canada Michigan Railway
CAN-188Canada North West Railway northwest
CAN-273Canadian Car Ltd
CAN-290Canadian Government Railways
CAN-300Canadian Agricultural Coal Colonization Ltd
CAN-306Canadian Locomotive Ltd
CAN-323cCanadian National Railways
CAN-372Canadian Northern Railway System
CAN-373Canadian Northern Railway Equipment Trust
CAN-386aCanadian Pacific Ltd Equipment Trust
CAN-403Canadian Pacific Car Passenger Transfer
CAN-416Canada Switch Spring
CAN-445Canal Railroad
CAN-454Canal Claiborne Streets Railroad
CAN-597Canby Railway
CAN-645Caney River Railroad
CAN-661Caney Valley Railway
CAN-672Canfield Tank Line
CAN-912Canton Jackson
CAN-968Cantonsville Short Line Railroad
CAP-050Cape Ann Granite Railroad
CAP-052Cape Ann Granite Railway
CAP-100Cape Breton Bus and Tram
CAP-105Cape Breton Central Nova Scotia Railway
CAP-318Cape Cod Scenic Railroad
CAP-344Cape La Madeleine Railway
CAP-406Cape Fear Atlantic
CAP-469Cape Fear Northern Railway
CAP-692Cape Girardeau Southwestern Railroad
CAP-781Cape Horn Railroad
CAP-808Cape May Delaware Bay Railroad
CAP-916Capital City Horse Railway capitol
CAR-084Carbon Otter Creek Valley Railroad
CAR-120Cardiff Railway
CAR-134Cardwell Big Lake
CAR-274Carlton Coast Railroad
CAR-292Carlton Trail Railway
CAR-298Carlton Washington
CAR-310Carman Jefferson Railroad
CAR-357Carolina Railroad
CAR-390Carbon Coal Coke
CAR-429Carolina Coastal Railway Inc
CAR-464Carolina Georgia
CAR-476Carolina Glenn Anna Pee Dee Railroad
CAR-512Carolina Northeastern Railroad
CAR-532Carolina North Western Railroad northwestern
CAR-534Carolina North Western Railway northwestern
CAR-548Carolina Piedmont Division of RailAmerica Inc
CAR-560Carolina Rail Services Inc
CAR-570Carolina Southern Railroad
CAR-600Carolina Valley Railway
CAR-635Carondelet Branch Railroad
CAR-655Carrabelle Tallahassee Georgia Railroad
CAR-661Carrizo Gorge Railway Inc
CAR-702Carrollton Branch
CAR-706Carrollton New Orleans Railroad
CAR-899Carthage Central Railroad
CAR-929Carthage Pinehurst Railroad
CAR-976Cary North South
CAR-988Caryville Geneva Railroad
CAS-025Cascade Columbia River Railroad
CAS-061Cascade Mill Railroad
CAS-152Cascade Transit
CAS-485Caspar Hare Creek Railroad
CAS-500Cascade Mountain Coal
CAS-545Caspar South Fork Eastern Railroad
CAS-576Casper Creek Railroad
CAS-848Castle Mountain
CAS-863Castle Rock Mountain Railway Park
CAT-143Catasauqua Bridge Terminal
CAT-714aCatskill Mountain Railroad
CAV-333Cavalier County Railway
CAY-571Cayuga Southern Railroad
CAZ-140Cazenovia DeRuyter Railroad
CEC-500Cecilian Branch Railroad
CED-588Cedar Rapids Iowa Falls Northern Railway
CED-818Cedar River Railroad
CEM-500Cement Tolenas Tidewater Railroad
CEN-029Centerville Branch
CEN-080Central Georgia Equipment Trust
CEN-213Central Railroad Oregon
CEN-250Central Arizona Railway
CEN-305Central Canada Railway
CEN-379Central Elgin
CEN-388Central Extension Railroad Long Island
CEN-466Central Kansas Railway
CEN-490Central Louisiana Gulf
CEN-503Central Manitoba Railway
CEN-536Central Military Tract Railroad
CEN-581Central New England Railroad
CEN-647Central Northwestern Railway
CEN-678Central Oregon Pacific Railroad
CEN-725Central Pacific Coal Coke Limited
CEN-773Central Southern Railroad
CEN-794Central Terminal Railway
CEN-818Central Transit Railroad
CEN-870Central Vermont Transportation
CEN-892Central Western Railway
CEN-975Centre Square Delaware Bridge Passenger Railway
CHA-018Chagrin Falls Branch
CHA-045Chagrin Falls Southern Railway
CHA-054Chehalis Western Railroad
CHA-119Chambersburg Gettysburg Railroad
CHA-185Champaign Southeastern
CHA-190Champaign Southwestern Railroad
CHA-228Champlain Transportation
CHA-255Chapel Hill Iron Mountain Railroad
CHA-270Chapparel Railroad
CHA-300Charles City
CHA-302Charles City North Eastern Railway northeastern
CHA-304Charles City Southern Railway
CHA-378Charleston Columbia Augusta Railroad
CHA-396Charleston Fargo Railroad
CHA-400Charleston Mining Manufacturing Improvement
CHA-450Charleston Northern
CHA-500Charter Oak Mutual Coal
CHA-508Charlestown Railroad
CHA-577Charlotte Valley Railroad
CHA-595Charlottesville Rapidan Railroad
CHA-631Chartiers Extension
CHA-694Chateaugay Ore Iron Railroad
CHA-703Chatfield Railroad
CHA-730Chatham Branch Railway
CHA-757Chatham Quebec Railway
CHA-766Chatham Terminal
CHA-784Chattahoochee East Pass Railroad
CHA-816Chattahoochee Terminal Railway
CHA-829Chattanooga Augusta
CHA-838Chattanooga Durham Railroad
CHA-900Chattanooga Southern Railroad
CHA-946Chattanooga Valley Railway
CHA-985Chautauqua Railroad
CHE-123Chehalis Western
CHE-183Chemical Helvetia
CHE-184.5Chemin Fer Central
CHE-189Des Chemins Fer Navires
CHE-244Cheraw Salisbury Railroad
CHE-305Cherry Grove Railroad
CHE-329Cherry Run
CHE-390Cherry Valley Sharon Albany Railroad
CHE-415Chesapeake Albemarle Railroad
CHE-439Chesapeake Curtis Bay
CHE-510Chesapeake Ohio Railway Car Contracts
CHE-561Chesapeake Shendun Western Railroad
CHE-616Cheshire Monadnock Railroad
CHE-634Chester Becket Railroad
CHE-695Chester Delaware River Railroad
CHE-732Chester Kaskaskia Railroad
CHE-755Chester Lenoir Railroad
CHE-878Chesterfield Kershaw
CHE-927Chestnut Ridge Railroad
CHE-928Chestnut Ridge Railway
CHE-930Chestnut Street Line
CHI-025Chicago Assiniboia Railroad
CHI-098Chicago Canada Southern Railroad
CHI-103Chicago Carbondale
CHI-136Chicago Clinton Dubuque Minnesota Railroad
CHI-144Chicago Dakota Railway
CHI-148cChicago Danville Vincennes Railroad Indiana Division
CHI-148dChicago Danville Vincennes Railroad Illinois Division
CHI-149Chicago Danville Vincennes Railway
CHI-158Chicago Dubuque Minneapolis Railroad
CHI-160Chicago Dubuque Minnesota Railroad
CHI-163Chicago Dubuque Pacific Railway
CHI-166.5Chicago Eastern Illinois Railroad Equipment Trust
CHI-181Chicago Evanston
CHI-185Chicago Evanston Lake Superior Railroad
CHI-206Chicago Grand Island
CHI-218Chicago Great Southern Railway
CHI-247Chicago Illinois
CHI-251Chicago Illinois Midland Railway
CHI-322Chicago Iowa Kansas City Railway
CHI-346Chicago Kalamazoo
CHI-356.0Chicago Kansas City Northeastern
CHI-370Chicago Kenosha
CHI-384Chicago Lake Huron Railroad
CHI-392Chicago Lake Shore South Bend Railway Syndicate Creditors Committee
CHI-426Chicago Milwaukee Cassville Montana
CHI-446Chicago Milwaukee St Paul Railway Equipment Trust
CHI-457Chicago Muscatine
CHI-461Chicago Nashville Railroad
CHI-469aChicago Newton South Western Railroad southwestern
CHI-469bChicago Newton Southwestern Railroad
CHI-492.3Chicago North Western System northwestern
CHI-496Chicago Northern
CHI-509Chicago Omaha St Joseph Railroad
CHI-512Chicago Ottumwa St Joseph Railroad
CHI-513Chicago Ottumwa Western Railway
CHI-523Chicago Paducah Memphis
CHI-527Chicago Palatine Wauconda
CHI-535.5Chicago Peoria St Louis Railroad Illinois
CHI-536Chicago Peoria St Louis Railway
CHI-543Chicago Plainfield Railroad
CHI-545Chicago Plainfield Pekin Railroad
CHI-556Chicago Rail Link
CHI-604Chicago Rock Island Pacific Railway Equipment Trust
CHI-671Chicago Southern Railroad
CHI-684Chicago Springfield St Louis Railway
CHI-694.8Chicago St Louis New Orleans Equipment Trust
CHI-695aChicago St Louis New Orleans Railroad Memphis Division
CHI-698Chicago St Louis Pacific Railroad
CHI-699Chicago St Louis Paducah Railroad
CHI-712Chicago St Paul
CHI-733Chicago State Line Railroad
CHI-737Chicago State Line Extension
CHI-749Chicago Superior
CHI-755Chicago Switch Bryant Zinc
CHI-756Chicago Terminal
CHI-798Chicago Union Transfer
CHI-807Chicago Warehouse Terminal
CHI-823Chicago Westerford Gulf
CHI-834Chicago Western Indiana Railway
CHI-837Chicago Western Railroad
CHI-842Chicago Wisconsin Canada Railroad
CHI-852Chicago Wisconsin Superior
CHI-857Chicago Yankton Southwestern Railway
CHI-860Chicago Zeigler Gulf Railroad
CHI-864Chickamauga Durham Railroad
CHI-875Chickawsaha Jackson
CHI-884Chicora Northwestern
CHI-890Chicksaw Shipbuilding Car
CHI-897Chihuahua Oriental
CHI-908Chillicothe Brunswick Railroad
CHI-915.5Chillicothe Leon Fort Ft Moines Railroad
CHI-918Chillicothe Southern
CHI-934Chino Valley Railway
CHI-951Chippewa Falls Western Railroad
CHI-975Chippewa Valley Lake Superior
CHI-984Chippewa Valley Northern
CHI-988Chippewa Valley Northwestern
CHO-466Choctaw Oklahoma Gulf Railroad Car Trust
CHO-733Chowan Aulander
CHO-933Chowchilla Pacific
CHR-667Christopher Herrin
CIM-333Cimarron Northwestern Railway
CIM-667Cimarron River Valley
CIM-750Cimmaron Valley Railroad
CIN-009Cincinnati Air Line
CIN-045Cincinnati Bluffton Chicago Railroad
CIN-120Cincinnati Connersville Indianapolis Junction Railroad
CIN-205Cincinnati Effingham Quincy Construction
CIN-218Cincinnati Fayetteville Hillsboro Huntington
CIN-273Cincinnati Georgia
CIN-291Cincinnati Green River Railway
CIN-300Cincinnati Green River Nashville
CIN-312Cincinnati Hamilton Dayton Railway Equipment Trust
CIN-345Cincinnati Huron Fort Wayne
CIN-364Cincinnati Indiana Western Railway
CIN-373Cincinnati Indianapolis Junction Railroad
CIN-379Cincinnati Indianapolis St Louis Railway
CIN-427Cincinnati Kentucky Southern Railroad
CIN-600aCincinnati Northern Railroad
CIN-601Cincinnati Northern Railroad Equipment Trust
CIN-635Cincinnati Peru Chicago Railroad
CIN-671Cincinnati Refrigerator Express
CIN-691Cincinnati Richmond Fort Wayne Railway
CIN-709Cincinnati Richmond Muncie
CIN-718Cincinnati Rockport Southwestern Railway
CIN-764Cincinnati Short Line
CIN-782Cincinnati Southeastern Railway
CIN-808Cincinnati Southern Ohio River Railroad
CIN-818Cincinnati Southwestern
CIN-873Cincinnati Union Depot Terminal
CIN-878Cincinnati Union Fort Wayne
CIN-909Cincinnati Van Wert State Line
CIN-955Cincinnati White River Valley Railroad
CIT-837City Railway Improvement
CIT-921City Suburban Railway
CLA-031Clackamas Eastern Railroad
CLA-094Clackamas Southern Railway
CLA-105Claiborne Polk Military Railroad
CLA-125Clallum Bay Southern
CLA-156Clallum County
CLA-344Clarinda Branch
CLA-406Clarinda Colorado Springs Southwestern Railroad
CLA-450Clarion Hampton Western Railroad
CLA-467Clarion Railroad
CLA-524Clark Car
CLA-594Clark Pike County
CLA-625Clarkdale Arizona Railroad
CLA-719Clarksburg Weston Midland Railroad
CLA-750Clarksville North Carolina Railroad
CLA-781Clarksville Princeton
CLA-875Clatskanie Nehalem
CLA-955Clayton Railroad
CLA-969Clayton Theresa Railroad
CLE-040Clear Fork Branch
CLE-080Clear Run
CLE-093Clear Run Juanita
CLE-216Clermont Marvin Creek Railroad
CLE-475Cleveland Commercial Railroad
CLE-530Clearfield Creek Coal
CLI-074Clifton Railroad
CLI-111Clifton Lordsburg Railway
CLI-148Clifton Southern Pacific Railway
CLI-200Climax Manufacturing
CLI-296Clinch Big Sandy
CLI-425Clinch Valley Coal Iron
CLI-481Clinton Bloomfield Southeastern
CLI-500Clinton Cedar Rapids Railroad
CLI-556Clinton Dubuque Railroad
CLI-560Clinton Dubuque Northwestern Railway
CLI-613Clinton Lyons Northwestern Railway
CLI-741Clinton Port Cornwell
CLI-782Clinton Railroad Bridge Ferry Iowa
CLI-788Clinton Southwestern Railroad
CLI-830Clinton Tipton Iowa City Railroad
CLI-840Clinton Union Railroad
CLI-852Clinton Vicksburg Railroad
CLI-889Clinton Warsaw Railroad
CLO-186Clove Branch Railroad
CLO-714Cloverdale Ukiah Railroad
COA-238Coal Coke Railway
COA-333Coal Creek New River Railroad
COA-429Coal Glen Railroad
COA-430Coal Glen Railway
COA-570Coal River Eastern Inc
COA-571Coal River Eastern Railroad
COA-572Coal River Eastern Railway
COA-708Coast Cypress Railroad
COB-500Cobourg Blairton Marmora
COE-778Coeur d'Alene dAlene Southern
COL-007Cold Blast Refrigerator Transfer
COL-012Cold Springs Hamburg
COL-046Coleman Sellers Son
COL-093Collins Reidsville
COL-097Collinsville Venice
COL-103Colonels Island
COL-137Colorado Columbus Mexican Railroad
COL-226cColorado Southern Railway
COL-232Colorado Southern New Orleans Pacific Railroad
COL-280Colorado St Louis
COL-315Colorado Utah Western
COL-351Colton County
COL-360Columbia Basin Railroad
COL-370Columbia City Nehalem
COL-372Columbia Cowlitz Railway
COL-399Columbia Kootenay
COL-405Columbia Lancaster Philadelphia
COL-452Columbia Nehalem River Railroad
COL-458Columbia Nehalem Valley Railroad
COL-470Columbia Northwestern
COL-503Columbia River
COL-505Columbia River Grays Harbor
COL-522Columbia River Nehalem
COL-533Columbia River Oregon
COL-550Columbia Silver Creek
COL-550Colorado Fuel Iron Corp
COL-556Columbia Southern
COL-572Colorado Utah Coal
COL-580Columbia Terminal
COL-585Columbia Traction
COL-590Columbia Union Station
COL-595Columbia Washington
COL-608Columbus Atlanta Air Line
COL-911Columbus Tiffin Toledo
COL-923Columbus Union Station
COL-935Columbus Washington Cincinnati Railroad
COL-945Columbus Western Railroad
COL-976Colville Eastern
COL-988Colvinne Eastern
COM-070Comanche City IA unreported railroad
COM-075Commercial Coal
COM-080Comax Logging Railway
COM-575Commonwealth Bolster
COM-654Commonwealth Railway Inc
COM-659Comox Logging Railway
COM-661.3La Compagnie Chemin Fer Cartier
COM-661.5Compagnie Chemins Fer Plaine Cul Sac
COM-662Compagnie Chemins Fer Port au Prince
COM-703Compania Ferrocarril Cuba
COM-704Compania Ferrocarril Nor Oeste Mexico
COM-731Compania Ferrocarril Cardenas Soledad Bemba
COM-735Compania ferroCarril Matanzas
COM-739.0Compania Ferrocarril Nacional Mexicana
COM-741Compañía Ferrocarriles Sud Orientales Yucatan Sociedad Anonima
COM-742.5Compañía Ferrocarril Urbano Puente Paso Norte
COM-790Compañía Limitada Tranvias Lerdo Torreon
COM-810.5Compania Tranvias Hipodromo San Jose
COM-819Compania los Tranvías Santa Ana La Laguna
CON-035Concord Claremont New Hampshire Railroad
CON-130Condon Kinzua Southern Railroad
CON-183Conesus Lake Railway
CON-195Conewango Valley Railroad
CON-216Coney Island East River Railway
CON-290Confluence Oakland Railroad
CON-357Connecticut Department Transportation
CON-384Connecticut River Railroad
CON-400Connecticut River Vermont Valley Sullivan Railroad
CON-406Connecticut Southern Railroad
CON-408Connecticut Tramway
CON-429Connecticut Valley Springfield Railroad
CON-481Connection Railroad
CON-506Connellsville Central
CON-532Connellsville State Line
CON-545Connellsville Uniontown Wheeling Railroad
CON-703Consolidated Cattle Car
CON-765Consolidated Street Railway
CON-812Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles
CON-814Constructora Nacional de Carros de Ferrocarril Sociedad Anonima
CON-948Conway Coast Western
CON-961Conway Seashore
CON-974Conway Seashore
COO-158Cook Grahams
COO-296Coon Valley Railroad
COO-579Coos Bay Coquille Valley
COR-281Corning Seneca Lake
COR-406Cornwall Mount Hope
COR-685Correctionville Southern Railroad
COR-730Corry State Line
COS-785Costa Rica Electric Light Traction
COS-790Costa Rica Markets Tramway
COT-125Cottage Grove Southern
COT-250Cotter Rush Mineral Belt Railroad
COT-500Cotton Belt Northern Railway
COT-630Cotton Plant Fargo
COT-700Cotton Transportation
COU-071Couders Wellsboro
COU-143Coudersport Pine Creek Railroad
COU-500Council Bluffs Boyer Valley Minnesota Railroad
COU-600Council Bluffs Railroad Missouri River Bridge Ferry
COU-715Council Bluffs St Louis Railway
COU-735Council Bluffs Sioux City Railroad
COU-750Council Bluffs Tabor Southern Railway
COU-755Council Bluffs Transfer
COU-929Council Grove Smoky Valley Western Railway
COV-167Covington Columbus Black Hills Railroad
COV-667Covington Maysville Big Sandy Railroad
COW-111Cow Creek Tram Railway
COW-556Cowessett Terminal Transportation
COW-779Cowley Sumner Fort Smith Railway
CRA-118Craig Mineral
CRA-285Cranberry Railroad
CRA-412Crandull Shady Valley
CRA-560Crane Railroad
CRA-650Crawford City
CRA-740Crawford Erie
CRA-824Crawfordsville Illinois
CRA-941Crawfordsville Wabash
CRE-050Cream City Railroad
CRE-308Crescent City Smith River Railroad
CRE-561Crescent Springs Logging Railway
CRE-850Creston Electric Railway Light Heat Power
CRE-910Creston Western Railway
CRO-199Crooked Creek Whiskey Island Railroad
CRO-462Cross Fork
CRO-500Crown Hill Colliery
CRO-500Crossett Railway
CRY-310Crystal Car Line
CRY-625Crystal Lake
CRY-875Crystal River San Juan Railway
CSX-498CSX Transportation Inc
CUB-334Cuba Railroad Equipment Trust
CUB-400Cuba Extension Railroad
CUB-500Cuban Coal Oil
CUL-800Culver Port Clinton
CUM-375Cumberland Northern Railroad
CUM-419Cumberland Ohio Railroad Northern Division
CUM-500Cumberland Piedmont
CUM-542Cumberland Plateau Railroad
CUM-930Cumming James Car Works
CUM-975Cumminsville Street Passenger Railroad
CUR-556Curtis Bay
CUR-889Curwensville Bower Railroad
CUY-400Cuyler Woodburn Railroad
CYB-333Cybur Gulf Northwestern
DAG-250Daggett Calico
DAH-500Dahonga Highland Railroad
DAK-214Dakota Great Southern
DAK-286Dakota Iowa
DAK-357Dakota Midland
DAK-465Dakota Missouri Valley Western Railroad
DAK-500Dakota Northwestern
DAK-643Dakota Rail
DAL-182Dallas Ellendale Railway
DAL-227Dallas Falls City
DAL-318Dallas Garland Northeastern Railroad
DAL-500Dale Coal
DAL-727Dallas Southern
DAL-864Dallas Town Branch
DAN-224Dan Patch Electric Lines
DAN-453Danville Electric
DAN-885Danville Tuscola Western
DAR-143D'Arbonne DArbonne Valley Railroad
DAS-500Dashler Wayback City
DAV-065Davenport Cedar Valley Railroad
DAV-090Davenport Council Bluffs Railroad
DAV-215Davenport Manchester Interurban Railway
DAV-344Davenport Railway Construction
DAV-346Davenport Railway Light
DAV-490Davenport Western Electric Railway
DAW-500Dawson Grand Forks Stewart River Railway Ltd
DAY-262Dayton Fort Wayne Chicago Railroad
DAY-368Dayton Lebanon Deerfield
DAY-390Dayton Michigan Cincinnati
DAY-658Dayton Sutro Carson Valley Railroad
DAY-974Dayton Xenia Western
DEA-167Dead River
DEA-667Dearborn Tram Transfer
DEC-083Decatur Belt Terminal
DEC-167Decatur Chesapeake New Orleans Railroad
DEC-180Decatur City Southwestern Railway
DEC-250Decatur East St Louis Railway
DEC-333Decatur Eastern
DEC-459Decatur Junction Railroad
DEC-750Decatur State Line Railroad
DEC-925Decorah Rochester Red River Valley Railroad
DEE-125Deep Lake
DEE-438Deer Park Central Railway
DEE-750Deerfield Valley Railroad
DEE-813Deerfield Valley Hoosac Tunnel Wilmington
DEF-667DeFuniak Springs Northern Railroad
DEK-167Dekalb Great Western
DEL-017.0Del Norte Southern
DEL-100aDelaware Railroad
DEL-100bDelaware Railroad
DEL-100cDelaware Railroad
DEL-100dDelaware Railroad
DEL-117Delaware Anthracite
DEL-200Delaware Chester
DEL-217Delaware Coast Line
DEL-238Delaware County Pacific Railroad
DEL-239Delaware County Railroad
DEL-383Delaware Northern Railroad
DEL-450Delaware Pennsylvania State Line
DEL-550Delaware River Terminal Extension
DEL-567Delaware River Union Railroad
DEL-619Delaware Valley Railway
DEL-633Delaware Valley Hudson Lehigh
DEL-667Delaware Western Railroad
DEL-683Delaware Western Railroad
DEL-717Delaware Western Extension
DEL-750Delhi Baskin Southwestern
DEL-783Delong Chamberlain
DEL-907Delta Northern
DEL-966Delta Southern Railroad
DEN-101Denison Suburban
DEN-400Denver Coal Limited
DEN-408Denver Kansas Gulf Railway
DEN-481Denver Longmont Noland Stone Railway
DEN-494Denver Longmont Northwestern Railroad
DEN-500Denver Market Produce Terminal Railroad
DEN-667cDenver Rio Grande Railroad System
DEN-681Denver Rio Grande Western Railroad System
DEN-978Denver Wichita Memphis
DEP-429Depew Lancaster Western Railroad
DEP-571Depew Southwestern
DEP-857Depue Northern Railroad
DEP-875DePue Ladd Eastern Railroad
DER-700DeRidder Eastern
DER-800Dermott Selma Northern
DER-850DeRuyter Branch
DES-063DeSoto Pleasant Hill
DES-177Des Moines Boone Northern Railway
DES-202Des Moines Council Bluffs Omaha Railroad
DES-206Des Moines Council Bluffs Western Railway
DES-210Des Moines Creston Kansas City Railway
DES-213Des Moines Dakota Railway
DES-215Des Moines Eldora Northern Railway
DES-218Des Moines Fort Dodge Minnesota Railroad
DES-305Des Moines Iowa City Eastern Railway Association
DES-385Des Moines Marshalltown Northeastern Railroad
DES-458Des Moines Mount Ayr Southern Electric Railway
DES-461Des Moines Nevada Eldora Railway
DES-464Des Moines Nodaway Valley St Louis Railroad
DES-466Des Moines Northeastern Railway
DES-475Des Moines Northern Iowa Railway
DES-530Des Moines North Western Railroad northwestern
DES-579Des Moines Railway Light
DES-583Des Moines River Line Street Railway
DES-585Des Moines Sac City Dakota Railway
DES-590Des Moines Sioux City Railroad
DES-594Des Moines South Western southwestern
DES-600Des Moines Southern Railroad
DES-630Des Moines St Paul Railway
DES-765Des Moines Waterloo North Eastern Railway northeastern
DES-810Des Moines Winterset Creston Electric Railway
DES-816Des Moines Winterset St Joseph Railway
DES-969Deshler Wayback City
DET-141Detroit Car Works
DET-287Detroit Grand Haven Milwaukee Railway
DET-488Detroit Mackinac Railroad
DET-532Detroit Milwaukee Sleeping Car
DET-866.5Detroit Toledo Ironton Railroad Equipment Trust
DEV-500Devils Lake Chautauqua Transfer
DEV-525Devils Lake Northern Railway
DEW-450Dewitt Maquoketa Northern Southern Railroad State Iowa
DIA-200Diagonal Railway
DIA-750Diamond Valley Railroad
DIS-750Dismal Swamp Railroad
DIX-125Dixie Route
DIX-500Dixonville Coal
DIX-875Dixon Rockford State Line
DOD-500Dodge City Montezuma Trinidad Railway
DOM-225Dominican Central Railway
DOM-495Dominion Car Works
DOM-500Dominion Car Foundry Ltd
DOM-850Dominion Traction Lighting Ltd
DON-400Donaldsville Napoleonville
DOO-500Dooly Southern
DOR-200Dorcheat Valley
DOT-333Dothan Hartford Florida
DOU-180Doud Stock Car
DOU-333Douglas Augusta Gulf
DOU-500Douglas Land Railroad
DOU-667Douglas McDonald
DOV-571Dover South Bound Railroad
DOV-714Dover Statesboro Railroad
DRE-333Dresden Branch
DRU-800Drummond South Western Railway Southwestern
DRY-500Dry Fork Railroad
DUB-188Dublin Township
DUB-250Dublin Wrightsville Railroad
DUB-375Dubuque Bellevue Mississippi Railroad
DUB-380Dubuque Bellevue Railroad
DUB-390Dubuque Bellevue Sabula Railroad
DUB-400Dubuque City Railroad
DUB-464Dubuque Fort Dodge Pacific Railroad
DUB-468Dubuque Illinois Wisconsin Railway
DUB-472Dubuque Iowa Wisconsin Railway
DUB-476Dubuque Kansas City Southwestern Railway
DUB-480Dubuque Keokuk Railroad North and South
DUB-625Dubuque Minnesota Railroad
DUB-626Dubuque Minnesota Railway
DUB-751Dubuque Pacific Railway
DUB-860DuBuque Potosi Railroad
DUB-875Dubuque South Western Railroad southwestern
DUB-882Dubuque St Peters St Paul Railroad
DUB-905Dubuque Turkey Valley Railroad
DUB-918Dubuque Vinton South Western Railway southwestern
DUB-936Dubuque Western Railway
DUL-327Duluth New Orleans Railway
DUL-525Duluth Springfield Gulf Motor Railroad
DUL-528Duluth Springfield Gulf Railroad
DUL-670Duluth Superior Short Line Railroad
DUL-793Duluth Transfer Railroad
DUN-524Dunkirk Chautauqua Lake Pittsburgh
DUN-579Dunkirk Engineering
DUN-667Dunkirk Transfer
DUN-690Dunkirk Warren Bristol Railroad
DUR-475Dure Car Manufacturing
DUR-533Durham Charlotte Railroad
DUR-600Durham Northern
DUT-167Dutchess Camden Railroad
DUT-667Dutchess County Railroad
DYE-400William Dyer
DYE-500Dyersville Northern Railroad
E&N-500E&N Railway
EAG-500Eagle Hill Mutual Coal
EAG-667Eagle Mountain
EAG-889Eagles Mere Railroad
EAM-500Eames Vacuum Brake
EAS-054East Boston Locomotive
EAS-060East Brandywine Waynesboro Railroad
EAS-063East Brandywine Waynesburgh Railroad
EAS-088East Buffalo Terminal
EAS-318.0East New York Canarsie Railroad
EAS-386East Shore Terminal Railroad
EAS-400Eastern Coal Coke
EAS-480Eastern Coke
EAS-493East Street
EAS-509East Tennessee Virginia Railroad
EAS-553East Texas Transportation
EAS-604cEast West Railroad
EAS-611East West Coast Railway
EAS-612East West End Street Railroad
EAS-620East West Louisiana
EAS-692Eastern Extension
EAS-726Eastern Maine Railway
EAS-825bEastern Shore Railroad Inc
EAS-875Eastern Washington Railroad
ECK-500Eckhart Branch Railroad
EDD-333Eddy Lake Northern
EDE-400Eden Americus Railroad
EDG-143Edgefield Kentucky Railroad
EDG-214Edgemoor Manetta Railway
EDG-429Edgerton Tramway Ltd
EDG-571Edgewater Connecting Railway
EDG-786Edgewood Railroad
EDM-200Edmonds Eastern
EDW-775Edwardsville Branch Railroad
EEL-270Eel River Eureka Railroad
EEL-275Eel River Railroad
EGA-667Eganville Extension
EHP-500E H Paine
ELA-500Elastic Rail Spike Corp
ELD-333El Dorado Marion Southwestern
ELD-725Eldon St Louis Railroad
ELD-726Eldon St Louis Railway
ELD-790Eldora Nevada Moines Railroad
ELE-201Electric Depot
ELE-493Electric Railway
ELE-502Electric Railway Improvement
ELE-520Electric Railway Park
ELE-835Electric Traction Manufacturing
ELG-400Elgin Belvidere Rockford Railway
ELG-425Elgin Branch Railroad
ELG-600Elgin Havelock Railway
ELG-800Elgin Petitcodiac Havelock
ELG-850Elgin Railroad
ELI-692Elizabethtown Mineral
ELK-045Elk Basin Marble Creek
ELK-136Elk Creek
ELK-227Elk Creek Grays Harbor
ELK-273Elk Highland
ELK-364Elk Little Kanawha Railroad
ELL-071Ellaville Westlake Jennings Railroad
ELL-143Ellenburg Northeastern
ELL-278Elliot Frog Switch
ELL-357Elliott Mount Holly
ELL-460Ellis Eastern
ELL-500Elliston Southern
ELL-525Ellsworth Collieries
ELL-571Ellisville Laurel
ELM-100E L Miller
ELM-471Elmira Cortland Northern Railroad
ELM-941Elmore South Western southwestern
ELP-198El Paso Northeastern Railroad
ELP-300El Paso Northern
ELW-400Elwood Anderson Lapelle Railroad
ELY-700Elysian Park Railway
EMI-600Eminence Railway Corp
EMM-275Emmetsburg Moines Railway
EMP-065Empire City
EMP-200Empire Dublin Railroad
EMP-243Empire Line
EMP-500Empire Southwestern
EMP-575Empire State Railways
EMP-857Emporium Mount Jewett
EMP-875Emporium Rich Valley Railroad
ENG-100England Clear Lake
ENG-600Englewood Alexandria South Western southwestern
ENI-500Enid Central
EPS-500Epsom Salts Monorail Railroad
ERB-500Erbacon Summersville
ERI-055.1Erie Railroad Buffalo Southwestern Division
ERI-055.2Erie Railroad Erie New Jersey Railroad
ERI-055.3Erie Railroad Genesee River Railroad
ERI-055.5Erie Railroad Ohio Division
ERI-059Erie Railway Sleeping Coach
ERI-106Erie Cambridge
ERI-234Erie Central Valley Railroad
ERI-336Erie Huron Railway
ERI-362Erie International Railway
ERI-464Erie Louisville Railroad
ERI-594Erie Niagara Extension
ESC-100Escalante Western Railroad
ESS-170Essex County RailRoad
EST-510Estacado Gulf Western
EUC-500Euclid Railroad
EUF-525Eufaula Clayton Railway
EUF-600Eufala Ozark Railroad
EUR-077Eureka Freshwater Railway
EUR-231Eureka Klamath River
EVA-375Evansville Mount Carmel Paducah
EVA-453Evansville Newburgh Rockport Railway
EVA-532Evansville Owensboro Nashville Railroad
EVA-563Evansville Owensboro Russellville
EVA-750Evansville Southern Illinois Railroad
EXE-667Exeter Salisbury
FAI-228Fairchild North Eastern Railroad northeastern
FAI-229Fairchild North Eastern Railway northeastern
FAI-560Fairmont Gas Engine Railway Motor
FAI-657Fairmont Shinnston Clarksburg Railway
FAI-686Fairmont Western
FAI-714Fairmount Belt
FAI-800Fairmount Verblen Railroad
FAI-829Fairport Painesville
FAI-856Fairport Painesville Eastern Railroad
FAI-971Fairview Transportation
FAL-200Fall Brook Coal
FAL-418Fall River Railroad Corp
FAL-833Falls Creek
FAR-263Fargo St Louis Air Line
FAR-422Farmers Union Railway
FAR-632Farmington Union
FAR-842Farmville Southern
FAY-500Fayetteville Florence
FAY-833Fayetteville Winston
FEA-200Feather River Railway
FED-111Federal Creek
FED-839Federal Tank Line
FED-900Federated Railways
FEL-200Feliciana Eastern
FEL-400Felicity Bethel Railroad
FER-086Ferney Run
FER-099Ferney Mountain Railroad
FER-153Ferrocarril Agricola Tlaxco
FER-155Ferrocarril Aguascalientes
FER-157Ferrocarril Alamo Zapotal
FER-158Ferrocarril Los Altos
FER-159Ferrocarril Atlamaxac
FER-160Ferrocarril Bahia Habana
FER-162.0Ferrocarril Beristain Necaxa
FER-162.8Ferrocarril Cabos Furbero
FER-163.6Ferrocarril Cananea Rio Yaqui Pacifico
FER-164.5Ferrocarril Cardenas
FER-164.9Ferrocarril Carahatas
FER-165Ferrocarril Cazadero San Pablo
FER-166Ferrocarril Cazadero Solis
FER-167Ferrocarril Cazadero la Torre Tepetongo
FER-179.0Ferrocarril Celaya San Roque Santa Cruz
FER-179.5Ferrocarril Cementario Particular Veracruzano Sociedad Anonima
FER-185Ferrocarriles Chiapas Mayab S C V
FER-186Ferrocarril Chihuahua al Pacifico
FER-191Ferrocarril Chorreras Toteco
FER-227aFerrocarril Coahuila Zacatecas
FER-252ferroCarril Cobre
FER-256Ferrocarril Coliseo
FER-466Ferrocarril Cusi
FER-502Ferrocarril Desague Valle Mexico
FER-564Ferrocarril Dubrocq
FER-580.0Ferrocarril Guanajuato San Luis Paz Pozos
FER-580.5ferroCarril Guantanamo
FER-585Ferrocarril Habana Guines
FER-590Ferrocarriles Hidalgo Nordeste
FER-592Ferrocarril Holguin Gibara
FER-593Ferrocarril Hornos
FER-624Ferrocarril Interoceanico Mexico Limited
FER-627Ferrocarril Ixtlahuaca Mani Nijini
FER-635Ferrocarril Jalapa Teocelo
FER-639Ferrocarril Jucaro
FER-655Ferrocarril Mapimi
FER-673Ferrocarril Matanzas Sabanilla
FER-680.5Ferrocarril Veracruz Pacifico
FER-693Ferrocarril Merida Valladolid Ramal Progresso
FER-700Ferrocarril Mexicano
FER-719Ferrocarril Mexicano Pacifico Sociedad Anonima
FER-790.6Ferrocarril Mina
FER-790.7Ferrocarril Minatitlan Carmen
FER-793Ferrocarril Monte Alto Tlalnepantla
FER-803Ferrocarril Nacional los Altos
FER-805Ferrocarril Nacional Tehuantepec
FER-808Ferrocarril Urbano Salvador
FER-810Ferrocarriles Nacionales El Salvador
FER-841.0Ferrocarril Nuevitas Caibarien
FER-841.3Ferrocarril Nuevitas Camaguey
FER-841.6Ferrocarril Nuevitas Puerto Principe
FER-842.0Ferrocarril Oaxaca Ejutla
FER-842.8Ferrocarril Occidental Mexico
FER-865Ferrocarril Pacifico Sociedad Anonima CV
FER-866Ferrocarril Pan Americano
FER-870Ferrocarril Peninsular Merida Yucatan
FER-871Ferrocarril Placetas Caibarien
FER-872Ferrocarril Porvenir Matehuala
FER-875Ferrocarril Progreso Merida
FER-886Ferrocarril Los Pueblos Carazo
FER-890.5Ferrocarril Remedios Caibarien
FER-890.8Ferrocarril Sabanilla Maroto
FER-899Ferrocarril San Marcos Huajuapan Leon
FER-903Ferrocarril Sangre
FER-905Ferrocarril Santa Clara
FER-906Ferrocarril Santiago Cuba
FER-939Ferrocarril Tijuana Tecate Sociedad Anonima
FER-946.8Ferrocarril Torres Prietas
FER-947.3Ferrocarril Trinidad
FER-947.5Ferrocarril Troncal Oaxaca
FER-954Ferrocarriles Unidos Yucatan Socidad Anonima
FER-973Ferrocarril Urbano Puebla
FER-978.1Ferrocarril Vanegas Cedral Matehuala
FER-979.0Ferrocarriles Veracruz Limitada
FER-982Ferrocarril Veracruz Istmo
FER-990.0Ferrocarril Zitacuaro Joconusco
FER-993Ferroviarios Trabajadores
FER-996Ferry Garage
FIF-500Fifth Sixth Streets Passenger Railway
FIL-500Fillmore Western Railway
FIN-111Findlay Arcadia Fostoria
FIN-667Findlay Western
FIS-778Fish River Railroad
FIT-667Fitzgerald Ocilla Broxton Railroad
FIT-833Fitzgerald Ocmulgee Red Bluff
FLA-925Flats Industrial Railroad
FLE-375Flemington Branch Railroad
FLE-429Flemington Hinesville Western
FLE-571Flemington Northern
FLI-714Flint River Gulf
FLO-143Florence Northern
FLO-233Florida Alabama Gulf Railroad
FLO-284Florida Alabama Northern
FLO-309Florida Alabama
FLO-411.0Florida Central Peninsular Railway
FLO-461Florida East Coast Railway Equipment Trust
FLO-561Florida Gulf Central
FLO-687Florida Northern
FLO-921Flovilla Indian Springs Railway
FLO-985Floydada Plainview Railroad
FMC-500FMC Corporation Marine Rail Equipment Division
FOL-500Folsom Placerville Railroad
FON-400Fond du Lac Horse Railroad
FON-450Fond du Lac Oshkosh Railway
FOR-030Ford County Historic
FOR-081Foreign Rolling Stock
FOR-116Forest City Southern Railway
FOR-151Forks Creek Central
FOR-157Forney Manufacturing
FOR-158Matthias N Forney
FOR-162Fort Ann Mount Hope
FOR-182Fort Bragg Railroad
FOR-192Fort Bragg Southeastern Railroad
FOR-229Fort Moines Kansas City Railroad
FOR-238Fort Dodge Fort Ridgely Railroad Telegraph
FOR-244Fort Dodge Minnesota Railroad
FOR-252Fort Erie Ferry Railway
FOR-282Fort Madison Bloomfield Missouri River Railroad
FOR-284Fort Madison Farmington Western Railway
FOR-287Fort Madison Illinois Railway Bridge
FOR-292Fort Madison Northwestern Narrow Gauge Railway
FOR-303Fort Madison Seneca St Johns
FOR-313Fort Myers Southern
FOR-323Fort Payne Eastern
FOR-354Fort Poteau Western
FOR-374Fort Scott Belt Terminal Railway
FOR-404Fort Scott Humboldt Western
FOR-444Fort Scott Southern Memphis
FOR-475Fort Smith Arkoma Wilburton
FOR-495Fort Smith Poteau Western Railroad
FOR-530Fort Smith Subiaco Eastern Railroad
FOR-569Fort Steele Foundation Railroad
FOR-747Fort Wayne Pacific
FOR-828Fort White Southern
FOR-830Fort William Car Works
FOR-987Forty Third Parallel Railway
FOS-900Fostoria Northern Transportation
FOU-500Four Mile Branch Railroad
FOU-625Fourche River Valley Indian Territory Railway
FOX-111Fox Creek Railroad
FOX-333Fox Lake
FOX-550Fox River Street Railway
FOX-667aFox River Valley Railroad
FOX-667bFox River Valley Railroad
FOX-680Fox Valley Western Ltd
FOX-889Foxburg St Petersburg Clarion Railroad
FRA-094Frank Grassy Mountain
FRA-125Frankford Creek
FRA-251Frankfort Cincinnati Railway
FRA-600Franklin Iron Coal
FRA-719Franklin County
FRA-750Franklin Martinsville
FRA-813Franklin Ohio River Railroad
FRA-906Franklin Tilton Railroad
FRE-025Freco Valley Saline Valley
FRE-065Frederick City Suburban Railway
FRE-275Fredericton Grand Lake Coal Railway
FRE-425Freehold Jamestown
FRE-475Freeo Valley Railway
FRE-550FreightCar America Incorporated
FRE-650Fremont West Point Pacific
FRE-675French Broad
FRE-700French Creek Mahoning
FRE-825Frenchton Burnsville
FRI-500Frio Valley Saline
FRO-865Frostburg Eckhardt Cumberland Railway
FUL-273Fulton Bedford Somerset
FUL-453Fulton Chain Railway
FUL-818Fulton Guerneville Railroad
FUL-950Fulton Wall Cortlandt Street Railroad
GAI-550Gainesville Midland Monroe
GAI-598Gainesville Northwestern Railroad
GAL-195Galesburg Etherley Eastern
GAL-268Galesburg Rockford Northern Railroad
GAL-325Galesville Mississippi River Railroad
GAL-390Galeton South Branch Germania
GAL-420Gallatin Scottsville Railway
GAL-838Galveston Railroad LP
GAL-976Galveston Wharves Board Trustees
GAR-055Garbutt Donovan Short Line
GAR-286Garden City Northern Railway
GAR-595Gardnerville Southern
GAR-706Garnavillo Guttenberg Railroad
GAR-762Garvin Northwestern
GAR-863.2Gary Railways Equipment Trust
GAR-905Gary Western Railway
GAT-948GATX American Transportation
GEN-028General American Tank Car Corporation
GEN-055General Railways
GEN-200Genesee Terminal
GEN-300Genesee Valley Pine Creek
GEN-366aGenesee Wyoming Valley Railway
GEN-633Geneva Hornsville Pine Creek
GEN-667Geneva Ithaca Railroad
GEN-700Geneva Ithaca Athens Railroad
GEN-800Geneva Lyons Railroad
GEN-867bGeneva Seneca Falls Auburn Railroad Inc
GEN-900Geneva Southwestern
GEN-933Geneva Van Ettenville
GEO-053Georges Creek Cumberland Railroad
GEO-109Georgetown Barge Dock Elevator Railway
GEO-130Georgetown Breckenridge Leadville Railway
GEO-152Georgetown Grays Peak Railway
GEO-326Georgia Air Line Railroad
GEO-347Georgia Alabama Railroad
GEO-370Georgia Alabama Terminal
GEO-412Georgia Carolina Northern Railroad
GEO-435Georgia Coast Piedmont Railroad
GEO-478cGeorgia Florida Railroad Equipment Trust
GEO-500Georges Creek Coal Iron
GEO-522Georgia Florida Terminal
GEO-565Georgia Macon Augusta
GEO-717Georgia Pacific Equipment Trust
GEO-826Georgia Southern Railway
GEO-849Georgia Southern Florida Railway Equipment Trust
GEO-850Georgia Southern System
GEO-978Georgian Bay Wellington Railway
GER-200Germantown Chestnut Hill
GET-700Gettysburg Northern Railroad
GET-725Gettysburg Scenic Railroad
GEU-495Geuda Springs Caldwell Western Railroad
GIB-667Gibson Alex Railway Manufacturing
GIB-680Gibson Store Branch Railroad
GIF-750Gifford Southeastern
GIL-364Gilbert Plains Branch
GIL-636Gilpin Clear Creek District Railway
GIL-700Gilmore Coal Mining
GLA-805Glasgow Railroad
GLE-095Glen Hazel Shawmut
GLE-143Glen Junction Transfer
GLE-502Glen Alden Corp
GLE-714Glenmora Western Railway
GLE-762Glenn Springs Railroad
GLE-795Glenray Richwood
GLE-884Glenwood Greenlawn Street Railway
GOB-500Goble Nehalem Valley Railroad
GOD-250Goderich Exeter Railway
GOL-053Golconda Adelaide Railroad
GOL-211Gold Coast Railroad
GOL-632Golden Triangle Railroad
GOL-842Goldsboro Union Station
GOL-947Golovin Bay Railroad
GOO-100Good Spring
GOO-400Goodwater Birmingham
GOO-900Goose Lake Southern
GOR-200Gordon Creek
GOR-400Gordon Creek Palmer
GOU-333Gould Southwestern Railway
GRA-010Grafton Belington Railroad
GRA-019Grafton Brunswick
GRA-039Grafton Elkton
GRA-068Graham County Railroad
GRA-126Grand Falls Central
GRA-175Grand Island Marysville
GRA-190Grand Island St Paul
GRA-240Grand Prairie Branch
GRA-277Grand Rapids Eastern Railroad
GRA-427Grand Rapids Saginaw
GRA-466Grand Rapids Wabash Cincinnati
GRA-510Grand Southern
GRA-530Grand Tower Cape Girardeau
GRA-548Grand Trunk Railway Canada East
GRA-568Grand Trunk Railway Indiana
GRA-609Grand Trunk Junction Railway
GRA-612Grand Trunk Lines
GRA-622Grand Trunk Pacific Branch Line
GRA-625Grand Trunk Railway System
GRA-630cGrand Trunk Western Railroad Equipment Trust
GRA-708Granite City Mississippi River
GRA-726Granite Hill
GRA-767Grants Pass
GRA-777Grants Pass Crescent City
GRA-786Grants Pass Eureka
GRA-796Grants Pass Rogue River
GRA-806Grants Pass Western
GRA-825Grape Creek
GRA-857Grass Valley Railway Tunnel
GRA-876Gravity Car Coupling
GRA-880Gravity Railroad
GRA-922Grays Harbor Pacific Railroad
GRA-961Grays Run
GRA-990Grayville Mattoon Railroad
GRE-018Great Canadian Railtour
GRE-022Great Central Route
GRE-036Great Eastern Western Railroad
GRE-079Great Falls Southern
GRE-119Great North Western Railroad northwestern
GRE-158Great Northern Pacific
GRE-167Great Northern Terminal Railway
GRE-175Great Northwest Central
GRE-193Great River Railroad
GRE-202Great Salt Lake Hot Springs Railway
GRE-208Great Southwest Railroad
GRE-246Great Southwestern Railroad
GRE-254Great Valley Bradford
GRE-289Great Western Railway Iowa
GRE-312Great Western Despatch
GRE-389Green Bay Eastern
GRE-404Green Bay Milwaukee Chicago Railroad
GRE-421Green Bay Stevens Point Northern Railroad
GRE-490Greenwich Coal Coke
GRE-492Green Cove Springs Midland Railway
GRE-505Greenwood Coal Mining
GRE-526Green Point Calvary Railroad
GRE-544Green Ridge Railroad Maryland
GRE-608Greene County Railroad
GRE-655Greenfield Southeastern
GRE-660Greenfield Southwestern Railroad
GRE-696Greensboro Northern Atlanta Railway
GRE-701Greensboro Passenger Terminal
GRE-731Greensville Roanoke Railroad
GRE-737Greenville Branch
GRE-746Greenville Branchboro
GRE-768Greenville Communipaw
GRE-770Greenville Durant Railroad
GRE-773Greenville Egypt Ridge Bogue Phaliah Railway
GRE-789Greenville Knoxville Railroad
GRE-816Greenville Newman
GRE-825Greenville North Lawrence
GRE-842Greenville Northern Railway
GRE-860Greenville Southern
GRE-868Greenville Southern
GRE-892Greenville Vanceboro
GRE-912Greenwood Anderson Western
GRE-921Greenwood Laurens Spartanburg
GRE-956Greenwood Railway Coal
GRI-140Griffin Magnolia Western
GRI-150Griffin Car Wheel
GRI-180Griffin Lisbon Maryville
GRI-200Griffin Transportation
GRI-600Grinnell Interurban Railway
GRI-778Grinnell Montgomery
GRO-444Grouse Creek Railway
GRO-556Groves Creek
GRO-667Groves Sand Ridge
GRU-500Grundy City Albert Lea Extension
GUA-500Gualala River
GUE-240Guelph Electric Railway
GUI-500Guilford Transportation Industries
GUL-225Gulf Coast Lines
GUL-270Gulf Colorado San Saba Railway
GUL-414Gulf Manitoba Railway
GUL-484Gulf Mobile Northern Railroad Equipment Trust
GUL-567Gulf Mexico Tennessee Railway
GUL-621Gulf Ports Terminal Railway
GUL-793Gulf Shore
GUR-333Gurdon Fort Smith
GUR-667Gurdon Fort Smith Northern
GUY-250Guyandotte Ohio River Railroad Mineral
GWY-500Gwynns Falls Railway Baltimore City
HAG-300Hagerstown Boonesboro Railway
HAG-400Hagerstown Myersville Railway
HAG-450Hagerstown Northern Railroad
HAG-500Hagerstown Railway
HAG-667Hagerstown State Line
HAL-148Halifax River Bridge Railway
HAL-176Halifax Scotland Neck
HAL-500Hall Vandyke Consolidated Coal
HAM-056Hamilton Baker River Railroad
HAM-111Hamilton Creek Railroad
HAM-361Hamilton Railroad Lumber
HAM-389Hamilton Toronto
HAM-400Hamilton Coal Mining
HAM-548Hammond Car
HAM-611Hammond Houltonville
HAM-638Hammond Little River Railroad
HAM-889Hampton Branch Railroad Lumber
HAM-905Hampton Clarion Western Railway
HAM-920Hampton Langley Field Railway
HAM-940Hampton St Martins
HAN-083Hancock East Branch
HAN-300Hannahs Patent Metropolitan Railway
HAN-581Hanover Railroad
HAN-708Hanover Branch Gettysburg
HAN-750Hanover Junction
HAN-917Hanover Newport
HAR-109Hardman Branch
HAR-134Hardy Creek Eel River
HAR-327Harriman Coal Iron Railroad
HAR-385Harris Sleeping Car
HAR-410Harrisburg Brazos
HAR-509Harrisburg Terminal
HAR-618Harrison Muskegon River
HAR-636Harrisville Southern Railroad
HAR-675Harso Rail
HAR-745Hartford Eastern Railway
HAR-868Hartford Springfield Railroad Corp
HAT-500Hattiesburg Jackson
HAU-800Hauuton Coal Mining
HAV-200Havana Mason City Lincoln Eastern Railroad
HAV-650Haverhill Merrimac Amesbury Railway
HAW-274Hawaiian Railway
HAW-525Hawker Siddeley Canada
HAW-636Hawkinsville Western Railroad
HAW-727Hawley Branch Railroad
HAY-200Haydenville Branch
HAY-400Hayneville Montgomery
HAZ-500Hazleton Coal
HAZ-750Hazleton Lehigh
HAZ-775Hazleton Railroad
HAZ-795Hazleton Weatherly Mauch Chunk Traction
HEI-700Heisler Locomotive Works
HEM-750Hempstead Rockaway Railroad
HEN-160Henderson Bridge Railroad
HER-360Hermandad Ferroviaria
HER-500Herbert Collieries
HER-875Herrin South
HIC-167Hickman Obion
HIC-333Hickory Valley Railroad
HIG-125Higginsville Switch
HIG-498High Point Randleman Railroad
HIL-220Hillbank Gallon Jug Logging Railway
HIL-286Hillmans Snohomish County Land Railway
HIL-450Hill Crest Coal Coke Limited
HIL-714Hillsboro Southwestern
HIX-600Hixon Sumter Northwestern Railroad
HOB-417Hobart Southern Railroad
HOC-125Hocking Coal Railroad
HOC-400Hocking Coal
HOC-875Hocking Western Mining Railroad
HOD-500Hodgensville Elizabethtown Railway
HOF-667Hoffman Troy Railroad
HOL-038Holden Labette Sedalia
HOL-050Holiday Creek Railroad
HOL-052Holiday Creek Railroad Coal
HOL-192Hollins Heflin Sylacauga
HOL-346Holly River Railroad
HOL-355Holly River Railroad
HOL-538Holly Wayne Mobile
HOM-167Homan Southeastern
HOM-500bHome Avenue Railroad
HOM-501Home Avenue Railway
HOM-667Homer Cherry Tree Susquehanna
HON-500Honesdale Branch Railroad
HOO-305Hoosac Parke Railroad
HOO-357Hoosac Tunnel Line
HOO-429Hoosac Tunnel Saratoga Railway
HOO-643Hoosier Connection
HOP-875Hopkinton Milford Woonsocket
HOQ-500Hoquiam River Railroad
HOR-167Horatio Southern
HOR-500Horry County
HOT-500Hot Springs Branch Railroad
HOT-750Hot Springs Glenwood Western
HOU-269Houlton Branch Railroad
HOU-500Houilleres du Bryon Creek Sociedad Anonima
HOU-580Houston Brazos Valley Terminal
HOU-614Houston Central Arkansas Northern Railroad
HOU-799Houston Municipal Railway
HOU-861Houston Shreveport Railroad
HOW-375Howard Terminal
HOW-500Howland Coal Iron Works
HOW-500Howe Sound Northern Railway
HUD-067Hudson Bay Railway
HUD-200Hudson Chatham
HUD-292Hudson Lawrence
HUD-400Hudson Oxford
HUD-600Hudson River Boston
HUD-700Hudson River Falls
HUD-767Hudson River West Shore Railroad
HUD-867Hudson Suspension Bridge New England Railway
HUD-900Hudson Terminal
HUM-200Humboldt Bay Eureka
HUM-300Humboldt Bay Trinidad
HUM-490Humboldt Logging Railway
HUM-530Humboldt Mad River
HUM-600Humboldt Northern Railway
HUM-890Hummelstown Big Stone Railroad
HUN-032Hunnewell Railway
HUN-150Hunters Point South Side Railroad
HUN-175Hunters Railroad
HUN-200Hunters Run Slate Belt Railroad
HUN-348Huntington Broad Top Railroad
HUN-500Huntington Bluffton Portland
HUN-800Huntsville Eastern
HUN-900Huntsville Madison County Railroad Authority
HUN-950Huntsville Southeastern
HUT-500Hutchinson Northern Railway
HUT-625Hutchinson Oklahoma Gulf
HYN-333Hyner Run
IBE-600Iberia St Mary Eastern Railroad
IDA-308Idaho North Western northwestern
IDA-462Idaho Northwestern
ILL-100Illinois Central Corp
ILL-110Illinois Coal Corporation
ILL-155Illinois Central System
ILL-160Illinois Central Transportation
ILL-355Illinois Iowa Nebraska Railroad
ILL-360Illinois Iowa Railroad
ILL-363Illinois Iowa Railway Terminal
ILL-395Illinois Midland Railroad
ILL-397Illinois Midland Railway
ILL-421Illinois Mississippi Valley
ILL-760Illinois Terminal
ILL-764.8Illinois Terminal Railroad System
ILL-787Illinois Traction Inc
ILL-790Illinois Traction System
ILL-974Illinois Wisconsin Railroad
IMP-400Imperial Gulf
IND-068Indian Creek Railroad
IND-074Indian Creek Pound River
IND-095Indian Springs Flovilla Railroad
IND-232Indiana Harbor Belt Equipment Trust
IND-316Indiana Illinois Southern Railroad
IND-347Indiana Michigan
IND-405Indiana Ohio Rail Corp
IND-411aIndiana Ohio Central Railroad Inc
IND-700Industrial Coal Coke
IND-888Indianapolis St Louis Sleeping Coach
IND-927Indianapolis Traction Terminal Car Trust
IND-965Indianola Interurban Railway
IND-989Industrial Terminal
ING-395Ingersoll Rand Corp
INL-404Inland Empire Railway
INT-170Interior West Virginia
INT-393International Great Northern Corporation
INT-417International Pacific
INT-552International Transportation
INT-715Interstate Bridge Street Railway
IOL-750Iola St Joseph Canal Railroad
ION-200Ione Eastern Railroad
IOW-050Iowa Barge Line Railroad
IOW-053Iowa Branch Union Pacific Railroad
IOW-055Iowa Central Northwestern Railroad
IOW-057Iowa Central Railroad
IOW-058Iowa Central Railroad Construction
IOW-125Iowa City Davenport Inter Urban Railroad
IOW-128Iowa City Davenport Muscatine Railway
IOW-131Iowa City Davenport Traction
IOW-136Iowa City Fort Moines Council Bluffs Railroad
IOW-138Iowa City Kalona Washington Railway
IOW-140Iowa City Montezuma Moines Railway
IOW-155Iowa Dakota Black Hills Railway
IOW-160Iowa Dakota Central Railway
IOW-165Iowa Dakota Railroad
IOW-267Iowa Hematite Electric Railway
IOW-293Iowa Illinois Railroad
IOW-295Iowa Illinois Railway Terminal
IOW-445Iowa Mississippi Valley Railroad
IOW-471Iowa Missouri State Line Railroad
IOW-475Iowa Missouri Traction Power
IOW-480Iowa Narrow Gauge Railroad
IOW-484Iowa Nebraska Railroad
IOW-509Iowa Northwestern Railroad
IOW-529Iowa Omaha Short Line Railway
IOW-559Iowa Pacific Railroad
IOW-600bIowa Railroad
IOW-620Iowa Railway Construction
IOW-690Iowa South Eastern Railroad southeastern
IOW-702Iowa South Western Railway southwestern
IOW-715Iowa Southern Junction Railroad
IOW-733Iowa Southern Railroad
IOW-822Iowa Southwestern Railroad
IOW-913Iowa Traction Railway
IOW-959Iowa Union Railroad
IOW-960Iowa Union Railway
IOW-964Iowa Valley Interurban Railway
IOW-966Iowa Valley Minnesota Railroad
IOW-969Iowa Valley Railroad
IRO-049Iron Belt
IRO-095Iron City
IRO-381Iron Mountain Greenbrier Railroad
IRO-490Iron Mountain Railway
IRO-667Iron Range Huron Bay Railroad
IRO-810Irondale Bancroft Ottawa
ISL-500Island Creek Richmond Mineral
ISL-667Island Heights Railroad
ISL-833Island Run
ISS-400Issaquah Superior Coal Mining Ltd
ITH-399Ithaca Auburn Western Railroad
ITH-500Ithaca Cortland Railroad
ITH-670Ithaca Railway Inc
JAC-083Jackson Brandon
JAC-276Jackson Railroad
JAC-330Jackson Springs
JAC-417Jacksonville Belt
JAC-427Jacksonville Carrollton Railroad
JAC-521Jacksonville Mayport Pablo Railway Navigation
JAC-542Jacksonville Midland
JAC-563Jacksonville Mobile
JAC-583Jacksonville North Western northwestern
JAC-604Jacksonville North Western South Eastern Railway southeastern northwestern
JAC-667Jacksonville Peoria Chicago
JAC-687Jacksonville Savanna Railroad
JAC-708Jacksonville Southwestern Railroad
JAC-750Jacksonville Southeastern
JAC-755Jacksonville Southern Railway
JAC-771Jacksonville St Augustine
JAC-833Jacksonville St Johns River
JAC-958Jacoby Creek Railroad
JAC-979Jacques Cartier Union
JAL-167Jalapa Branch
JAM-024Jamaica Railway Corp
JAM-100Jamaica Street Car
JAM-136James Bay
JAM-182James Bay Eastern
JAM-318James Street Trunk Line
JAM-682Jamestown Short Line
JAM-818Jamesville Rockford Beloit
JAM-862Jamesville Washington Railroad
JAS-333Jasper Branch Extension
JAS-450Jasper County Coal Railroad
JAS-510Jasper County Mining Railway
JEF-125Jefferson Braddock Heights Railway
JEF-150Jefferson Car
JEF-313Jefferson Coal Railway
JEF-750Jefferson Southwestern Railroad
JEL-500Jellico Bird Eye Northern
JEN-286Jennings Brothers Railroad
JER-504Jersey City Locomotive Works Tye Welding
JOH-158Johnson City Belleville Southern
JOH-586Johnson Steel Street Rail
JOH-700Johnsonburg Kane Warren Irvine
JOH-703.5Johnstown America Corporation
JOL-143Joliet Blue Island Railway
JOL-429Joliet Northwestern
JOL-490Joliet Pittsburg
JOL-510Joliet Pittsburg
JOL-786Joliet Valparaiso
JOL-929Joliette Brandon
JON-125Jonas Lake Railroad
JON-138Jones Car Manufacturing
JON-429Jones Mountain
JOR-400Jordan Electric Train Signal
JUN-900Juniper Swamp
KAH-500Kahului Railroad
KAK-500Kakota Cleburne Southwestern
KAL-070Kalamath Falls
KAL-154Kalamath Lake
KAL-231Kalamath Northern
KAL-625Kalamazoo Railroad Velocipede
KAN-048Kanawha Eastern Railway
KAN-069Kanawha Northern
KAN-110Kane Railroad
KAN-200Kanopolis Kansas Central Railway
KAN-205Kansas Arizona Pacific Railway
KAN-262Kansas City Birmingham
KAN-291Kansas City Cable Railway Metropolitan Street Railway
KAN-322Kansas City Moines St Paul Railway
KAN-393Kansas City Fort Smith Gulf
KAN-414Kansas City Independence Air Line
KAN-503Kansas City Memphis Mobile
KAN-511Kansas City Memphis Railway
KAN-553Kansas City Northern Railway
KAN-559Kansas City Northwest
KAN-641Kansas City Public Service Freight Operations Kansas City Public Service
KAN-668Kansas City Shreveport Gulf Railroad
KAN-670Kansas City Shreveport Gulf Railway
KAN-677Kansas City Shreveport Gulf Terminal Railway
KAN-685Kansas City Southern
KAN-688Kansas City Southern Lines
KAN-701Kansas City Southwestern Railway
KAN-702Kansas City Southwestern Railway Kansas
KAN-750Kansas Coal Belt Mining
KAN-766Kansas City Texarkana Gulf Railway
KAN-786Kansas City Transit
KAN-789Kansas City Union Depot
KAN-828Kansas City Wyandotte Railway Terminal
KAN-854.3Kansas Eastern Railroad Construction
KAN-946Kansas Pacific Railway Eastern Division
KAN-947Kansas Pacific Railway Middle Division
KAN-948Kansas Pacific Railway Denver Extension
KAN-960cKansas Southern Railroad
KAR-595Karthaus Coal Lumber
KAS-300KASGRO Rail Lines
KAS-333Kaskaskia St Elmo Southern
KAW-070Kaw Valley Construction
KAW-500Kaweah Giant Forest
KEA-500Kearney Sheridan
KEA-750Keating Smethport Railroad
KEI-750Keithsburg Eastern
KEL-286Kelly Tram
KEL-714Kellys Creek Northwestern Railroad
KEN-040Kendall Sulphur Springs
KEN-120Kennebec Somerset
KEN-180Keno Cold Springs Railroad
KEN-240Kenosha Rockford
KEN-300Kentland Coal Coke
KEN-330Kensington Branch Railroad
KEN-480Kent Northern
KEN-485Kent Northern St Louis
KEN-520Kenton Houghton
KEN-650Kentucky West Virginia Oil Coal
KEN-719Kentucky Midland Railroad
KEN-721Kentucky Midland Railway
KEN-920Kentucky Virginia
KEN-959Kentwood Eastern Railroad
KEN-961Kentwood Eastern Railway
KEO-098Keokuk Columbus Junction Transfer
KEO-235Keokuk Fort Moines Minnesota Railroad
KEO-295Keokuk Griffin Wheel
KEO-502Keokuk Minnesota Railway
KEO-532Keokuk Mount Pleasant Northern Railroad
KEO-575Keokuk Nebraska Railroad
KEO-580Keokuk North Western Railroad northwestern
KEO-610Keokuk Santa Fe Railroad
KEO-640Keokuk St Louis Line
KEO-647Keokuk St Louis St Paul
KEO-941Keota Washington Transportation
KER-100Kerns Live Stock Express
KER-714Kersey Railroad
KET-200Ketner Kay Fork
KET-400Ketner Shawmut
KET-600Ketner St Marys Shawmut
KET-650Kettle Falls International Railway LLC
KEY-100Key City Electric Street Railway
KEY-111Key System Ltd
KEY-333Key Terminal Railways Ltd
KEY-790Keystone Palace Horse Car
KIC-500Kickapoo Gulf
KIL-500Kildare Linden Railway
KIN-071Kingan Railroad
KIN-190Kings Lake Shore
KIN-286Kingsbridge Railroad
KIN-310Kingston Adelphi
KIN-333Kingston Bridge Terminal
KIN-381Kingston Choctaw Valley
KIN-405Kingston Locomotive Works
KIN-452Kingston Napanee Western Railway
KIN-476Kingston Pembroke Railway
KIN-524Kingston Rocky Hill
KIN-738Kinston Carolina Railroad
KIN-762Kinston Carolina Railway
KIN-786Kinston Carolina
KIN-810Kinston Carolina Railroad Lumber
KIN-833Kinston Snow Hill Railroad
KIN-905Kinzua Hemlock Railroad
KIN-952Kinzua Tiona
KIS-500Kish Wau Kee Mineral Spring Railroad
KLA-429Klamath Lake Railroad
KLA-714Klamath Northern Railway
KLI-550Klickitat Northern Railroad
KLO-600Klondyke Northwestern Railway
KNO-238Knox Railroad
KNO-286Knox Creek Railway
KNO-571Knoxville Charleston Railroad
KNO-643Knoxville Holston River Railroad
KNO-667Knoxville Kentucky Railroad
KNO-857Knoxville Sevierville Eastern Railway
KNO-905Knoxville Southern Railroad
KOK-750Kokomo Frankfort Western Traction
KOO-286Kootenai Arrowhead
KOO-571Kootenai Logging Railroad
KOP-500Koppel Industrial Car Equipment
KOS-250Koskiusko Southeastern
KYM-500Kymulga Coosa River
LAC-200LaCappilla Chapala
LAC-240Lachine Jacques Cartier Maisonneuve Railway
LAC-280LaChippilla Southeastern
LAC-400Lackawanna Montrose Railroad
LAC-517Lackawanna Mines Corporation
LAC-520Lackawanna Southwestern Railroad
LAC-525Lackawanna Susquehanna Coal Iron
LAC-840Lacombe Northwestern
LAF-200LaFollette Coal Iron Railway
LAF-252Lafayette Railway
LAF-625Lafayette LaSalle Clinton Railroad
LAG-333LaGonda Western
LAG-500Lagrange Belt Line
LAH-500Lahaina Kaanapali Pacific Railroad
LAK-011Lake Champlain Moriah Railroad
LAK-032Lake Charles
LAK-054Lake Charles Northern Railroad
LAK-065Lake Charles Railway Navigation
LAK-108Lake Creek Coeur d'Alene dAlene
LAK-258Lake Erie Mississippi
LAK-306Lake Erie South Shore Railroad
LAK-344Lake George
LAK-376Lake Hancock Clermont
LAK-444Lake Manitoba
LAK-453aLake Michigan Indiana Railroad
LAK-473Lake Michigan Northwestern
LAK-634Lake Shore Railway Association Inc
LAK-644Lake Shore Terminal Transfer
LAK-669Lake Shore West Michigan
LAK-693Lake State Railway
LAK-710Lake Superior Branch
LAK-780Lake Superior Southeastern
LAK-799Lake Superior South Western Gulf Railway southwestern
LAK-835Lake Tahoe Narrow Gauge Railroad
LAK-857Lake Temiscamingue Colonization
LAK-959Lakeland Waterways Railway
LAM-444Lamoille County
LAM-778Lampa Creek
LAN-033L'Anguille LAnguille River Railway
LAN-133Lancaster Cecil
LAN-167Lancaster Cecil Southern Railroad
LAN-200Lancaster Chester Railway
LAN-332Lancaster Hamden Railroad
LAN-358Lancaster Locomotive Machine Manufacturing
LAN-367Lancaster Marlboro
LAN-466Lancaster Oxford Southern Railroad
LAN-520Lancaster Railroad
LAN-533Lancaster Reading Railroad
LAN-705Landisville Terminal Transfer Inc
LAN-767Langhorne Bristol
LAN-893Lansing Northern Iowa Southern Minnesota Railroad
LAO-500Laona Northern Railway
LAP-600LaPorte Lake Michigan
LAR-333Laramie Valley
LAS-111L'Assomption LAssomption L'Assomption
LAT-500Laton Western Railroad
LAT-667Latour Creek
LAU-063Lauderdale Northwestern
LAU-125Laurel Railway
LAU-188Laurel Creek Short Line
LAU-438Laurel Northwestern
LAU-500Laurel River Hot Springs Railroad
LAU-563Laurel Run
LAU-625Laurel Railway Industrial
LAU-750Laurelton Pine Creek
LAV-500La Veta Coal Mining
LAW-091Lawndale Railway Industrial
LAW-408Lawrence Topeka Railroad
LAW-455Lawrenceburg Mississippi Railroad
LAW-591Lawrenceville Railroad
LAW-727Lawrenceville St Francisville
LAW-773Lawrenceville Terminal
LEA-500Leavenworth Lawrence
LEA-607Leavenworth Northern Southern Railway
LEA-821Leavenworth Topeka Southern
LEB-222Lebanon Branch
LEB-444Lebanon Pine Grove
LEB-778Lebanon Tremont
LEB-887Lebanon Valley Branch Railroad
LEC-300Le Compte Standard Automatic Drawbar Connector
LEC-500LeClaire Davenport Railroad
LEC-510LeClaire Marine Railway Lumber
LEE-063Lee County
LEE-250Lee Hudson
LEE-313Lee New Haven
LEE-375Leech Lake Northern Railway
LEE-438Leech Lake Southern
LEE-490Leeds Electric Railway
LEE-620Lees Railway Switch Device
LEE-625Leesburg Indian River
LEE-688Leesville East West
LEE-875Leetonia Cherry Valley
LEH-185Lehigh Delaware Railroad
LEH-446Lehigh New England Equipment Trust
LEH-500Lehigh Luzerne Coal
LEH-519Lehigh Oxford
LEH-593Lehigh Pavilion Railroad
LEP-500L'Epiphane LEpiphane L'Assomption LAssomption
LES-667Lester Ouachita Valley Railroad
LEW-050Lewis Clark Railway
LEW-100Lewis Fowler Girder Rail
LEW-105Lewis & Fowler Manufacturing Co
LEW-417Lewisburg Railroad Wagon Bridge
LEW-577Lewiston Auburn Railroad
LEW-769Lewiston Nezperce Eastern Railroad
LEX-050Lexington Arlington Railroad
LEX-161bLexington Chillicothe Gulf Railroad Pleasant Hill Division
LEX-313Lexington Frankfort
LEX-500Lexington Passenger Belt
LEX-813Lexington Terminal Railroad
LIB-260Libby McNeill Libby Refrigerator Line
LIB-750Liberty White Railroad
LIC-250Lick Creek Lake Erie
LIC-500Licking River Railroad
LID-500Lida Valley Railroad
LIM-250Lima Defiance Railroad
LIM-500Lima Coal
LIM-667Lima Southern
LIM-749Lima Toledo Railroad
LIM-833Lime Northwestern
LIN-360Lincoln Northern
LIN-445Lincoln Red Oak Moines Railway
LIN-605Lindell Street Railway
LIN-640Linden Springs Bank Queen City
LIN-800Linehan Railway Transfer
LIN-958Linville River Railroad
LIS-500Lisbon Coal
LIS-500Lisbon Necedah Lake Superior
LIT-022Litchfield Belt
LIT-087Lithonia Arabia Mountain Railway
LIT-242Little Kanawha River Rail Inc
LIT-513Little Rock Belt
LIT-761Little Rock Port Railroad
LIT-783Little Rock Sheridan Sabine River
LIT-957Little Skookum Chehalis Railroad
LIV-054Live Oak Lauraville Deadmans Bay
LIV-462Live Oak Rowlands Bluff
LIV-538Live Oak Tampa Charleston Harbor
LIV-923Livonia Lake Conesus
LOC-333Lockhart Railroad
LOC-550Locust Mountain Coal Iron
LOC-879Locomotive Engine Safety Truck
LOC-890Locomotive Security
LOC-900Locomotoras San Luis Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable
LOG-400Logansport Eel River
LOG-900Logansville Lawrenceville
LON-070London Kinzua Southern Railroad
LON-219Long Beach Marine
LON-313Long Bell Railway System
LON-438Long Branch Seashore Railroad
LON-719Long Island Railroad North Shore Branch
LON-764Long Island Shore Railroad
LON-833Long Valley
LON-938Longview Portland Northern Railway
LOO-390Lookout Mountain Incline Inc
LOO-600Lookout Mountain Park Funicular
LOR-067Lorain Ashland
LOR-267Lorain Southern Railroad
LOR-500Lorberry Coal
LOR-733Lordsburg Hachita Railroad
LOR-933Loring Western Railway
LOU-045Louisburg Railroad
LOU-116Louisiana Delta Railroad Inc
LOU-188Louisiana Mississippi Railroad Transfer
LOU-217Louisiana Nickel Plate
LOU-232Louisiana North South Railway
LOU-261Louisiana Pacific Railway
LOU-275Louisiana Pike County Railroad
LOU-290Louisiana Pine Bluff Railway
LOU-572Louisville Great Southern Railway
LOU-671aLouisville Nashville Railroad Mobile Montgomery Railway
LOU-720Louisville Nashville Great Southern Railroad
LOU-754aLouisville New Albany Corydon Railroad
LOU-766aLouisville New Albany St Louis Railroad
LOU-766bLouisville New Albany St Louis Railroad
LOU-797Louisville New Orleans Mississippi Valley
LOU-988Loup Creek Deepwater
LOV-750Lovells Locomotive Express
LOW-500Lowell Logging Railroad
LOW-540Lowell Machine Shop
LOW-583Lowell Nashua
LOW-750Lowell Southern Railroad
LOW-833Lower Laurentian
LOW-845Lower Vein Coal Railway
LOY-333Loyalhanna Youghiogheny
LUE-500Luehrmann Western Railway
LUF-250Lufkin Extension
LUL-333Lula Homer
LUM-667Lumber City Oconee River
LUN-500Lunenburg Prince Edward
LUX-500Luxapalila Valley Railroad
LYM-333Lyman Pass Railroad
LYN-429Lynchburg Danville
LYN-500Lynwin Coal
LYN-550Lynchburg Danville Carolina Railway
LYN-714Lyndale Railway
LYN-865Lynn City Street Railroad
LYO-650Lyons Chicago Railroad
LYO-716Lyons Iowa Central Railroad
LYO-720Lyons Missouri River Railroad
M&B-500M&B Railroad LLC
MAB-500Mabie Middle Fork Addison
MAC-210Mackenzie Northern Railway
MAC-400Macon Atlantic Railroad
MAC-500Macon Birmingham Railway
MAC-749Macon Northern Railroad
MAC-751Macon Northern Railway
MAC-905Macoupin County Extension Railway
MAC-950Macoupin County
MAD-042Mad River Humboldt Railroad
MAD-208Madison Alton Chicago
MAD-250Madison Beloit Railroad
MAD-270Madison Avenue Underground Railway
MAD-417Madison Fond Du Lac Northern
MAD-450Madera Coal Improvement
MAD-457Madison Illinois St Louis Railroad
MAD-583Madison LaCrosse
MAD-625Madison Milwaukee
MAD-667Madison Portage
MAD-708Madison Prairie Du Chien
MAD-729Madison Shawnee Straight Line Railroad
MAD-750Madison Southern
MAD-833Madisonville Hartford Eastern Railroad
MAD-875Madisonville Shawneetown
MAG-400Magdalena Railroad
MAG-410Magdalena Valley Railroad
MAH-320Mahaska County Railroad
MAH-900Mahopac Railroad
MAI-230Main Street Prospect Hill Street Railway
MAI-430Maine Central Railroad European North American Railway
MAI-857Maine Trap Rock Connecting
MAJ-500Majare Bakersfield
MAL-300Malheur Railroad
MAL-800Malvern Freeo Valley
MAM-500Mammoth Cave Railroad
MAN-100Manchester Augusta Railroad
MAN-125Manchester Dorset Granville
MAN-138Manchester Keene Railroad
MAN-188Manchester Northwestern
MAN-225Mangham North Eastern northeastern
MAN-263Manhattan Blue Valley Railroad
MAN-350Manistee Flint Pere Marquette
MAN-376Manistee Luther Railway
MAN-400Manistee Northwestern
MAN-500Manitoba Great Northern Railway
MAN-513Manitoba Northern
MAN-725Manor Land Oakland
MAN-850Mansfield Short Line
MAN-875Mantauk Extension Railroad
MAN-975Manufacturers Terminal
MAN-988Manville Eau Plaine
MAP-200Mapimi Railroad
MAP-610Maple Valley Railroad
MAP-800Mapleton Rocky Ridge
MAR-018Marble Creek Valley
MAR-035Marbury Kingston
MAR-062Marcellus Otisco Lake Railroad
MAR-074Marengo Chicago Air Line Railroad
MAR-079Marengo Choctaw Meridian
MAR-091Marengo Midland Railway
MAR-123Maricopa Phoenix Railroad
MAR-147Marietta Cincinnati Hillsboro Railroad
MAR-175Marietta Hocking Northern
MAR-184Marietta Lake
MAR-193Marietta Lake Erie
MAR-237Marietta Vincent
MAR-254Marin Napa Sonoma Valley
MAR-278Marinette Tomahawk Western Railroad
MAR-289Marion Alabama River
MAR-317Marion Cedar Rapids Improvement
MAR-342Marion Eastern Railroad
MAR-395Marion Lynn County
MAR-400Marion Manchester Northern Railway
MAR-412Marion McPherson Extension Railroad
MAR-437Marion Rye Valley Railway
MAR-444Marion Southern Railroad
MAR-455Maritime Coal Railway Ltd
MAR-542Marlinton Camden
MAR-546Marmora Railway Mining
MAR-578Marquette Houghton
MAR-586Marquette Huron
MAR-623Marquette Southwestern
MAR-632Marquette Spring Valley Northwestern
MAR-700Maryland Union Coal
MAR-728Marshalltown Electric Street Interurban Railway
MAR-816Mary Lee
MAR-825Mary Lee Coal Railway
MAR-896Maryland Midland Railway Inc
MAR-921Maryland Pennsylvania Terminal Railway
MAR-965Marysville Arlington
MAR-982Marysville Northern Railway
MAR-987Marysville or Palmetto Roseport Railroad
MAS-071Mason City Clear Lake Railroad
MAS-179Mason City Minnesota Railway
MAS-250Mason County Central Railway
MAS-321Mason Kirkland
MAS-357Mason Machine Works
MAS-429Masontown New Salem
MAS-536aMassachusetts Central Railroad
MAS-582Massachusetts Southern Construction
MAS-786Massillon Belt Railway
MAS-929Masten Logging Railroad
MAT-760Mattoon Evansville
MAU-667Maumee Connecting Railroad
MAX-250Maxton Alma Rawland Railroad
MAY-222Mayersville Cato
MAY-333Mays Landing Egg Harbor
MAY-556Maysville Extension
MAY-670Maysville Lexington Railroad Southern Division
MAY-810Maysville Transit
MCC-429McComb Dashler Toledo
MCC-571McCormick Columbia River Railway
MCC-667McCrory Beedville Southern Railway
MCC-857McCrillis Railway
MCG-222McGees Newtonburg
MCG-435McGregor Moines Railway
MCG-445McGregor Fort Atkinson Horse Railway
MCG-520McGregor Minnesota Railroad
MCG-540McGregor Missouri Land Grant Railroad
MCG-667McGregor Sioux City Railway
MCG-725McGregor West Union Railway
MCG-778McGregor Western Railroad
MCG-889McGuire Cummings Manufacturing
MCK-341McKeen Motor Car
MCL-500McLaughlins Saw Mill Run
MCL-600McLeod Air Railroad Signal
MCP-500McPherson Texas Gulf
MCR-250McRae Dublin
MEA-167Mead Run Railroad
MEA-833Meadville Summerville
MED-231Medford Coast Railroad
MED-385Medford Crater Lake Railroad
MED-462Medford Extension
MED-538Medford Jacksonville
MED-692Medicine Hat Railway Coal
MED-846Medix Run Railroad
MEL-500Melbourne North River Railroad
MEL-650Melrose Coal Mining
MEM-026Memphis Arkansas Louisiana
MEM-053Memphis Binghamton Belt
MEM-205Memphis City TN Memphis Little Rock Railroad
MEM-301Memphis Ellsworth Narrow Gauge Railroad
MEM-301aMemphis Ellsworth Narrow Gauge Railway Western Branch
MEM-554Memphis Little Rock Railroad
MEM-579Memphis Louisville
MEM-658Memphis Paducah Northern Railroad
MEM-711Memphis Pine Bluff Shreveport
MEM-789Memphis Savannah
MEM-868Memphis State Line
MEM-921Memphis Terminal
MEM-974Memphis Vicksburg
MEN-105Mendocino Railroad
MEN-588Menominee Railway
MEN-595Menominee River Railroad
MEN-700Menomonee Locomotive Manufacturing
MER-245Merida Peto Railway
MER-470Meriden Waterbury Connecticut Railroad
MER-529Meridian Bigbee Railroad
MER-550Meriden Smokeless Coal
MER-588Meridian Bigbee River Railway
MER-721Meridian Southern Railway LLC
MER-824Merriam Junction Albert Lea
MES-500Meskill Columbia River Railway
MET-039Metallic Car Spring New York
MET-107Meto Arkansas Valley Railway
MET-139Meto Valley
MET-171Metro Area Connection Light Rail
MET-203Metro North Railroad
MET-475Metropolitan Branch
MET-540Metropolitan Electric Street Railroad
MET-600Metropolitan Southern Railroad
MEX-358Mexican National Equipment Trust
MEX-500Mexican South Pacific
MEX-726Mexico Electric Tramways Ltd
MGR-500MG Rail Inc
MIC-083Michigan Avenue Railway
MIC-273Michigan City Indianapolis Railroad
MID-014Mid Atlantic
MID-070MidSouth Rail Corp
MID-113Middle Eastern Tennessee Central Railroad
MID-296Middleport Northwestern
MID-341Middlesborough Mineral Railway Inc
MID-366Middlesex Central Railway
MID-400Middletown Car
MID-415Middletown Bloomingburgh Electric Railway
MID-444Middletown Extension Railroad
MID-528Middletown Railroad
MID-545Midland Coal Coke
MID-666Midland Railway Manitoba
MID-668Midland Railway North Carolina
MID-711Midland Air Line Railway Navigation
MID-715Midland Cincoe
MID-852Midland Terminal
MID-958Midway Railway
MIL-123Mill Creek Little River Railway Navigation
MIL-204Millcreek Mount Carbon
MIL-245Milledgeville Eatonton
MIL-255Milledgeville Gordon
MIL-265Milledgeville North Mountain
MIL-367Miller Platform Coupler
MIL-439Millikin Southwestern
MIL-470Millstone Valley Railroad
MIL-475Milltown Air Line Railway
MIL-480Millville Cape May
MIL-541Milton North Mountain
MIL-602Milwaukee Berlin Railroad
MIL-622Milwaukee Cement Railroad
MIL-633Milwaukee Chicago Railroad
MIL-643Milwaukee Chicago Cassville Montana Railway
MIL-660Milwaukee Moines Railroad
MIL-663Milwaukee Dexterville Northern Railway
MIN-053Minden Railroad
MIN-064Minden East West
MIN-074Minden Railroad Coal
MIN-085Minden Railroad Compress
MIN-132Mineral Belt Construction Improvement
MIN-155Mineral Heights Street Railroad
MIN-170Mineral Point Railroad Railroad
MIN-266Minneapolis Belt Line
MIN-298Minneapolis Dakota Pacific
MIN-468aMinneapolis St Cloud Railroad
MIN-496Minneapolis St Louis Railroad Telegraph Iowa
MIN-553tMinneapolis St Paul Sault Ste Marie Railway Equipment Trust
MIN-559Minneapolis St Paul Sea Coast Railway Iowa
MIN-628Minneapolis Western Railway
MIN-640Minnesota Britt South Eastern Railroad southeastern
MIN-701Minnesota International
MIN-702Minnesota International Railway
MIN-709Minnesota Iowa Electric Railway
MIN-711Minnesota Iowa Gulf Railroad
MIN-725Minnesota Iowa Southwestern Railroad
MIN-734Minnesota Manitoba Railroad
MIN-766Minnesota New Elm Southwestern
MIN-777Minnesota North Wisconsin Railroad
MIN-787aMinnesota Northern Railroad
MIN-787bMinnesota Northern Railroad
MIN-840Minnesota South Eastern southeastern
MIN-882Minnesota Valley Railroad
MIN-904Minnesota Western Railway
MIN-914Minnesota Wisconsin Railroad
MIN-916Minnesota Wisconsin Railway
MIS-017Missabe Southern Railway
MIS-076Missiquoi Valley Railroad
MIS-115Mississippi Arkansas Western
MIS-154Mississippi Central Tennessee
MIS-167Mississippi Clyde
MIS-173Mississippi Colesburg Manchester Railroad
MIS-192Mississippi Eastern Railway
MIS-225Mississippi Gulf Railroad
MIS-231Mississippi Hill City Western
MIS-233Mississippi Iowa Central Railroad
MIS-244Mississippi LaFourche
MIS-256Mississippi Little Rock
MIS-262Mississippi Manchester Colesburg Railway
MIS-265Mississippi Maquoketa North Western Railroad northwestern
MIS-267Mississippi Missouri Mountain Pacific Railroad
MIS-291Mississippi Muscatine Western Railroad
MIS-312Mississippi Rapids Railroad
MIS-349Mississippi River Iowa Railroad
MIS-359Mississippi River Northwestern
MIS-370Mississippi River Railroad Iowa
MIS-372Mississippi River Railroad Toll Bridge
MIS-385Mississippi River Western
MIS-404Mississippi Sioux City Railroad
MIS-449Mississippi Terre Aux Boeufs Lake
MIS-500Mississippi Valley Ship Island Railroad
MIS-526Mississippi Wabash Railroad
MIS-538Mississippi Wabash
MIS-551Mississippi Western Railroad
MIS-563Mississippian Railway
MIS-606.5Missouri Arkansas Railway
MIS-713.5Missouri Kansas Texas Lines
MIS-719.0Missouri Kansas Texas Railway Osage Division
MIS-719.5Missouri Kansas Texas Railway System
MIS-769Missouri North Arkansas Railroad
MIS-812Missouri Pacific Lines
MIS-859Missouri River Northern
MIS-923Missouri Southwestern
MOB-211Mobile Cedar Point
MOB-685Mobile Ohio Railroad Equipment Trust
MOB-737Mobile River
MOB-895Mobile Western
MOC-500Mocanaqua Eastern
MOD-667Modoc Northern
MOG-500Mogul Mining
MOH-652Mohawk Schenectady Rail Road
MOH-692Mohawk Traverse Bay
MON-012Monarch Brake Beam
MON-040Moncton Prince Edward Island Railway Ferry
MON-103Monocacy Valley Railroad
MON-115Monon Route
MON-129Monongahela Connecting Railroad
MON-147Monongahela Junction Terminal
MON-196Monongahela Valley Railroad
MON-241Monroe Greenville
MON-276Monroe Southwestern
MON-284Monroe Texas
MON-388Montana Northern
MON-396Montana Rail Link Inc
MON-431aMontana Western Railway
MON-491Monte Ne
MON-536Monterey Mexican Gulf Railway
MON-560Montesano Northern Railroad
MON-569Montevallo Coal Railway
MON-612Montgomery Belt Line
MON-621Montgomery Central
MON-639Montgomery Eufala Railway
MON-672Montgomery Prattville
MON-681Montgomery Selma
MON-776Montpelier Barre
MON-784Montpelier St Johnsbury
MON-802Montpelier White River Railroad
MON-810Montreal Atlantic Railway
MON-828Montreal Central Terminal
MON-836Montreal Champlain
MON-879Montreal Lake Maskinonge
MON-897Montreal Ottawa
MON-918Montreal Providence Line
MON-931Montreal Sorel Railway
MON-974Montreal Vermont Junction
MON-983Montreal Western
MON-994Montville Horse Railroad
MON-997Monumental City Railway
MOO-429Moore County
MOO-500Moore County Western Railroad
MOO-571Moore Haven Clewiston
MOO-828Moose Jaw Electric Railway
MOO-857Moorhead Barnesville Railroad
MOR-029Morden Northwestern Railway
MOR-059Morefield Virginia
MOR-382Morgan Run
MOR-412Morganfield Atlanta Railroad
MOR-700Morton Coal Coke Trust
MOR-853Morrisdale Railway
MOR-940Morristown Erie Railroad
MOS-092Moscow Camden San Augustine Railway
MOS-182Moselem Branch
MOS-500Moseby Coal
MOS-729Mosher McDonald Logging Railroad
MOS-750Mosier Vienna Railway
MOT-300Motive Power Industries
MOU-143Mount Airy Eastern Railway
MOU-189Mount Blanca Western Railroad
MOU-250Mount Carmel Natalie Railroad
MOU-254Mount Carmel Railroad
MOU-286Mount Clermont Northern
MOU-295mount Jessup Coal Limited
MOU-357Mount Gretna Narrow Gauge
MOU-400Mount Olive Coal
MOU-403Mount Hood Railway
MOU-410Mount Olive Consolidated Coal Coke
MOU-464Mount Jewett Clermont Northern
MOU-504Mount Lookout Railroad
MOU-586Mount Mitchell Railroad
MOU-589Mount Morrison Cable Incline
MOU-643Mount Pleasant Keokuk Railroad
MOU-679Mount Pleasant Southern
MOU-690Mount Pleasant Wapello Muscatine Railway
MOU-696Mount Royal Tunnel Terminal
MOU-714Mount Savage Railroad
MOU-786Mount Tom Easthampton Railroad
MOU-805Mount Vernon Branch
MOU-834Mount Vernon Short Line Railroad
MOU-850Mount Washington Cog Railway
MOU-875Mountain Central Railway
MOU-964Mountain Quarries
MOX-333Moxahala Bristol
MUK-490Mukilteo Lake Washington Railway
MUN-525Municipal Railroad
MUN-530Municipal Railways
MUN-573Municipal Electric Railway
MUN-817Munising Railroad
MUR-380Murphy Branch Railroad
MUS-046Muscatine Burlington Railroad
MUS-055Muscatine Branch Tipton Railroad
MUS-090Muscatine Iowa City Cedar Rapids Northwestern Iowa Railroad
MUS-095Muscatine Iowa City Railway
MUS-143Muscatine Kewanee Eastern Railroad
MUS-192Muscatine North South Railway
MUS-238Muscatine Oak
MUS-262Muscatine Oshkosh Railroad
MUS-280Muscatine Oskaloosa Council Bluffs Railroad
MUS-310Muscatine Tipton Anamosa Minnesota Railroad
MUS-325Muscatine Tipton Northern Railway
MUS-960Musquodoboit Railway
MUT-250Muthuen Branch
MYE-700Myersville Catoctin Railway
NAC-400Nacodoches Southern
NAC-500NACCO Industries Inc
NAP-333Napanee Tamworth Quebec Railway
NAP-833Naples Seaboard Gulf
NAR-667Narron Central Railroad
NAS-032Naselle River Railroad
NAS-065Nash County Railroad Corp
NAS-097Nashua Acton Railroad
NAS-194Nashua Rochester Railroad
NAS-645Nashville Memphis
NAS-774Nashville Sparks
NAS-806Nashville St Louis Chicago
NAS-900Nashville Terminal
NAT-025Natches Pass
NAT-050Natchez Ball Shreveport
NAT-075Natchez Brookhaven Meridian
NAT-100Natchez Columbia Mobile Railroad
NAT-150Natchez Hamburg
NAT-176Natchez Jackson Columbus Railway
NAT-275Natchez Trace
NAT-300Natchez Urania Ruston Railway
NAT-350Natchitoches Railroad
NAT-375Natchitoches Land Railway
NAT-400Natchitoches Red River Valley Railway
NAT-412Natchitoches Railway Construction
NAT-475.5National Electric Car Lighting
NAT-479National Equipment Leasing Corp
NAT-610National Car
NAT-620National Car Line
NAT-759National Locomotive Works
NAT-853National Rolling Stock
NAT-901National Transcontinental Railway
NAU-667bNaugatuck Railroad
NAV-167Navajo Southern Railroad
NAV-500Navarro Mill Railroad
NEA-500Neame Carson Southern Railroad
NEB-425Nebraska Kansas Colorado RailNet
NEB-427Nebraska Kansas Colorado Railway Inc
NEB-500Nebraska Lake Superior Railroad
NEB-528Nebraska South Iowa Railroad
NEB-818Nebraska Western Railway
NEI-667Neilyville Chapel Fork
NEO-520Neosho Valley
NEV-090Nevada California Railroad
NEV-476Nevada Midland
NEV-523Nevada Minden RailRoad
NEV-667Nevada Pacific
NEV-714Nevada Power Transportation
NEW-003New Albany Belt Terminal Railroad
NEW-024New Bedford Old Colony
NEW-030New Berlin Winfield Railroad
NEW-036New Boston Canada
NEW-039New Braunfels Servtex
NEW-048New Brunswick Railway
NEW-057New Brunswick Coal Railway
NEW-059New Brunswick Land Railway
NEW-075New Castle Butler Railroad
NEW-094New Castle Frenchtown Railroad
NEW-100New Castle Ohio River
NEW-103New Castle Oil City Railroad
NEW-106New Castle Plain Grove Butler Railroad
NEW-123New City Car
NEW-134.0New England Central Railroad Inc
NEW-136.0New England Granite
NEW-138New England Southern
NEW-142New England Terminal
NEW-155New Hampshire Northcoast Corp
NEW-158New Hanover Transfer
NEW-161New Haven Railroad
NEW-170New Haven Dunbar Railroad
NEW-185aNew Haven Northampton Williamsburgh Extension
NEW-193New Haven Willimantic
NEW-198New Holland Higginsport Mount Vernon
NEW-203New Iberia Northern Railroad
NEW-206New Iberia St Martins Northern
NEW-297New Mexico Colorado
NEW-301New Mexico Gulf Railway
NEW-312.2New Mexico Southern Pacific Railway
NEW-322New Orleans Baton Rouge Vicksburg Memphis Railroad
NEW-331New Orleans Fort Jackson Grand Isle Railroad
NEW-336New Orleans Gulf Railroad
NEW-337New Orleans Gulf Coast Railway Inc
NEW-345New Orleans Mississippi Valley
NEW-348New Orleans Mobile Railroad
NEW-361New Orleans Nashville
NEW-364New Orleans Natalbany Natchez Railway
NEW-394New Orleans San Francisco
NEW-397New Orleans Selma Railroad
NEW-406New Orleans Southern Grand Isle
NEW-412New Orleans Spanish Fort Louisiana
NEW-415New Orleans St Louis Chicago Railroad
NEW-421New Orleans Texas Railroad
NEW-423New Orleans Texas Mexico Railroad
NEW-425.2New Orleans Texas Mexico Railway Equipment Trust
NEW-430New Orleans Union Passenger Terminal
NEW-452New Portage
NEW-461New Sharon Coal Valley Eastern Railway
NEW-464New Somerset Straitsville
NEW-469New Westminster
NEW-470New Westminster Southern Railway
NEW-528.8New York Car Truck
NEW-574New York Council Bluffs Railway
NEW-590New York Equipment
NEW-591bNew York Erie Railroad Susquehanna Division
NEW-591cNew York Erie Railroad Western Division
NEW-600New York Georgia Lumber Railway
NEW-616New York Hempstead Plains Railroad
NEW-624New York Kingston Syracuse Railroad
NEW-637New York Lake Erie Western Coal Railway
NEW-641New York Locomotive Works
NEW-665New York Mahoning Western
NEW-676New York Mohopac Railroad
NEW-679New York Montreal Boston
NEW-688tNew York New Haven Hartford Equipment Trust
NEW-696New York New Orange Railroad
NEW-702New York Norfolk
NEW-708New York Northern Railroad
NEW-715New York Orange
NEW-748New York Pittsburgh Central Railroad
NEW-770.8New York RailRoad
NEW-774New York Rondout Oswego Railroad
NEW-775New York Rutland Montreal Railroad
NEW-777.7New York Sea Beach Railway
NEW-778New York Short Line Railroad
NEW-805New York Union Terminal Railway
NEW-809New York Washington Air Line
NEW-828New York Western Midland
NEW-868Newark Mansfield
NEW-868New York Tuscarora Coal
NEW-894Newaukum Valley Railroad
NEW-909aNewburgh South Shore Railroad
NEW-918Newcastle Danville Railroad
NEW-948Newkshamp Railroad
NEW-958Newport Dexter
NEW-982Newport Wickford Railroad Steamboat
NEW-984Newrail Incorporated
NIA-240Niagara Falls Electric Railway
NIA-888Niagara River Park Electric Railway
NIC-286Nickel Plate Connecting
NIC-293Nickel Plate Development
NIC-305Nickel Plate Road
NIC-714Nicolet Badger Northern
NIM-500Nimishillen Tuscarawas LLC
NIP-200Nipigon St Joe Railway
NOB-333Noble Lake Southern
NOO-750Noonashqualuchet Railroad
NOR-030Norfolk Lynchburg Durham Railroad
NOR-046.5Norfolk South Carolina Railroad
NOR-047cNorfolk Southern Railroad Equipment Trust
NOR-083Norfolk Willoughby Spit Old Point
NOR-087Normans South Eastern Railroad southeastern
NOR-107Norristown Main Line Connecting Railroad
NOR-124.3North Avenue Electric Railway
NOR-124.6North Avenue Railway
NOR-130North Bend Eastern Railroad
NOR-132North Bend Kettle Creek Railroad
NOR-150North American Coal
NOR-202North Charleston Terminal
NOR-223North Coast Railroad
NOR-224North Coast Railway
NOR-225North Coast Transportation
NOR-229North Conway Mount Kearsage
NOR-233North Country
NOR-241North East Electric Railway northeast
NOR-249bNorth East Pennsylvania Railroad northeast
NOR-271North Georgia North Carolina Railroad
NOR-275North Haven Northampton
NOR-281North Iowa Railroad
NOR-289North Kane
NOR-308North Louisiana Texas Railroad
NOR-317North Missouri Iowa Extension Railroad
NOR-323North Nemah Railroad
NOR-356North Point Railroad
NOR-391North Shore Point Washington
NOR-395North Shore Railway Navigation
NOR-398.5North Shore Whitestone Westchester
NOR-402North South Railroad
NOR-407North South
NOR-451North West Florida northwest
NOR-453North Western Railroad northwestern
NOR-464North Western Pennsylvania Railroad northwestern
NOR-470North Wisconsin Railway
NOR-478Northampton Railroad
NOR-488Northampton Hereford
NOR-505NorthCoast Lines
NOR-508Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corp
NOR-546Northern Railway Canada
NOR-607Northern Coal Iron Railroad
NOR-614Northern Colonization
NOR-660Northern Colorado Fuel
NOR-665.0Northern Iowa Minnesota Railroad
NOR-697Northern Maryland Tidewater Railroad
NOR-722Northern Mississippi
NOR-789Northern Pacific Railway
NOR-803Northern Pacific Great Northern
NOR-848Northern Tank Line
NOR-850Northern Pacific Coal
NOR-891Northwestern Coal Railway
NOR-905Northwestern Grand Trunk
NOR-917Northwestern Monroe
NOR-941Northwestern Railroad Pennsylvania
NOR-957Norton Northern
NOR-963.0Norway Branch Railroad
NOR-975Norwich New York Railroad
NOY-667Noyo Pudding Creek Railroad
OAH-480Oahu Railway
OAK-120Oak Point
OAK-280Oakdale Gulf Railway
OAK-780Oakland State Line Railroad
OAK-798Oakland Terminal Railway
OBE-333Oberlin Hampton Eastern
OBE-667Oberlin LaGrange
OCA-250Ocala Northern Railroad
OCE-500Ocean Mountain Coal
OCE-857Ocean View
OCI-167Ocilla Irwinville
OCI-333Ocilla North
OCI-500Ocilla Pinebloom Valdosta Railroad
OCI-667Ocilla Southern Railroad
OCI-833Ocilla Valdosta
OCK-667Ocklawaha Valley Railroad
OCM-400Ocmulgee Horse Creek
OCM-800Ocmulgee Valley
OCO-833Oconto Southwestern
OGD-374Ogden Syracuse Railroad
OGD-438Ogden Union Railway Depot
OGE-500Ogemaw Northwestern
OGL-333Ogle Carroll County
OHA-500Ohatchee Valley
OHI-059Ohio Baltimore Short Line Railway Western Division
OHI-092Ohio Central Railroad Mineral Division
OHI-208Ohio Grand River
OHI-283Ohio Indiana Missouri
OHI-321Ohio Indiana State Line Railway
OHI-396Ohio Kentucky Railroad
OHI-526wOhio Mississippi Railroad Company Western Division
OHI-604Ohio Pennsylvania Belt Line
OHI-750Ohio Western Coal Iron
OHI-755Ohio River Junction
OHI-868Ohio Sterling
OIL-260Oil City Ridgeway
OIL-735Oil Creek Titusville Railroad
OIL-933Oil Valley
OKA-400Okanogan Valley Railway
OKA-500Okarche Central
OKL-100Oklahoma Coal
OKL-263Oklahoma City Ada Atoka Railway
OKL-682Oklahoma Kansas Missouri Railway
OKL-789Oklahoma New Mexico Pacific Railway
OKL-842Oklahoma Rich Mountain Railroad
OKL-895Oklahoma Southwestern
OKO-500Okolona Houston Calhoun City Railway
OLD-200Old Ben Coal Corp
OLD-417Old Colony New York
OLD-575Old Dominion Mining Railway
OLD-667Old Orchard Beach
OLD-750Old Orchard Junction
OLE-909Oleona Germania Railroad
OLI-260Olive Street Railway
OLI-450Oliver American Trading
OLY-375Olympia Mount Rainier
OLY-625Olympia Shermans Valley Grays Harbor
OLY-750Olympia Tenino Railroad
OLY-875Olympia Terminal
OLY-900Olympic Railroad
OMA-107Omaha Blanchard Duluth St Croix
OMA-208Omaha Council Bluffs Eastern Railway
OMA-393Omaha Hutchinson Gulf
OMA-679Omaha Northwestern Railroad
OMA-970Omaha Western Iowa Traction
OMN-470Omnibus Cable
ONA-500Onawa Omaha Railroad
ONT-285Ontario L'Orignal LOrignal Railroad
ONT-353Ontario Northland Railway
OPE-400Opelika Talladega Railroad
OPE-600Opelika Tuscumbia Railroad
ORA-308Orange Branch Southern
ORA-900Orangeville Brampton Rail Association Group
ORC-333Orchard Beach
ORE-020Ore Belt
ORE-118Oregon California Eastern Railway
ORE-137cOregon Central Railroad
ORE-186Oregon City Southern Railway
ORE-196Oregon Coast
ORE-275Oregon Eureka Railroad
ORE-441Oregon Pacific Railroad Willamette Valley Coast Railroad
ORE-608Oregon Southern Railway
ORE-627Oregon Southwestern
ORE-771Oregon Union Railway Depot
ORE-784Oregon Washington Railroad
ORE-804Oregon Washington Idaho Railroad
ORE-824Oregon Washington Railroad Navigation
ORE-883Oregon Western Railroad
ORF-500Orford Mountain Railway
ORI-200Orient Lines
ORI-333Orion Minersville
ORO-667Oroville Plumas Railway
OSA-749Osage Valley Southern Kansas Railway
OSC-550Osceola Moines Railroad
OSC-700Osceola Little River Western Railroad
OSH-500Oshkosh Mississippi River
OSH-750Oshkosh Transportation
OSK-525Oskaloosa Railroad Coal
OSK-560Oskaloosa Tama Railroad
OST-667Ostrander Railway Timber
OTT-100Ottawa Beach Southern
OTT-180Ottawa Central Railway
OTT-556Ottawa Prescott Railway
OTT-667Ottawa Valley Railway
OTT-722Otter Tail Valley Railroad
OTT-778Otto Glen
OTT-855Ottumwa Electric Street Railway
OTT-915Ottumwa St Paul Railway
OTT-925Ottumwa Southeastern Iowa Interurban Railway
OTT-944Ottumwa Terminal
OTT-952Ottumwa Union Depot
OUA-250Ouachita Northwestern Railroad
OUA-500Ouachita River
OUA-750Ouachita Valley
OUT-510Outer Harbor Terminal Railway
OVE-600Overton County Railroad
OWE-125Owen Northern
OWE-875Owensboro Russellville Railroad
OWL-500Owl Bayou
OXF-865Oxford SC Oxford Coast Line Railroad
OYS-500Oyster Bay Extension
OZE-475Ozette Railway
PAC-008Paccar Incorporated
PAC-166Pacific Atlantic Railroad
PAC-196Pacific Car Foundry
PAC-322Pacific Eastern
PAC-367Pacific Fruit Express
PAC-461Pacific Idaho
PAC-530Pacific Interior
PAC-700Pacific Coast Coal Mines Ltd
PAC-750Pacific Pass Coal Fields Ltd
PAC-760Pacific Portland
PAC-826Pacific Short Line Railroad
PAC-848Pacific Southeastern
PAC-950Packers Car Line
PAD-111Paducah Elizabethtown Railroad
PAD-222Paducah Gulf
PAD-556Paducah Memphis Railroad
PAD-667Paducah Tennessee
PAD-778Paducah Tennessee Alabama Railroad
PAI-091Paiges Railroad
PAI-120Paine Inc
PAI-125Paine Wang
PAI-128Paine Wang Shelton Sleeping Car
PAI-528Painesville Wooster Ohio Railway
PAL-058Palace Poultry Car
PAL-375Palmer Amherst
PAN-222Pana Louisiana Railroad
PAN-240Pana Springfield Railroad
PAN-270Panama Canal Railway
PAN-444Panhandle Construction
PAN-570Panhandle Northern Railroad
PAN-585Panhandle Railroad
PAN-722Panther Creek Railroad
PAR-030Paradise Lake Railway Mill
PAR-061Paragould Buffalo Island Railway
PAR-152Paris Danville Railroad
PAR-242Paris Great Western
PAR-350Paris Subiaco Traction
PAR-364Paris Terre Haute
PAR-400Park Cliff House Railway
PAR-788Paroda Railroad
PAR-818Parr Terminal Railroad
PAR-970Partlow Lake Railroad
PAS-133Pascagoula Moss Point Northern
PAS-200Pascagoula Northern Railroad
PAS-333Paso Northeastern
PAS-400Paso Southern
PAS-867Passumpsic Railroad
PAT-276Paterson Extension Railroad
PAT-417Paterson New York
PAT-500Patchogue Coal Feed
PAT-550Patent Coal
PAT-641Paterson Passaic Horse Steam Railroad
PAT-667Paterson Potomac
PAT-908Patterson Corbin Car
PDY-500PDY Coal
PEA-275Peach Bottom Central Division
PEA-455Peacock Peterson
PEA-636Pearl Leaf Rivers
PEA-909Peaveys Street Railway
PEC-125Peckham Truck Spring
PEC-710Pecos Valley Lines
PEE-167Pe Ell Columbia River Railway
PEL-235Pelham Havana Railroad
PEL-490Pelican Valley Branch
PEL-575Pella New Sharon Railway
PEN-020Pencoyd Philadelphia Railroad
PEN-038Pendleton Fifth Street Market Place Street Passenger Railroad
PEN-040Pendleton Indianapolis
PEN-077Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board
PEN-089Peninsula Terminal
PEN-158Peninsular Deer Park Southern
PEN-170Penn Central Holding
PEN-200Penfield Coal
PEN-475Pennsylvania New England Construction
PEN-530Pennsylvania New York Connection
PEN-663Pennsylvania Poughkeepsie Northern
PEN-708Pennsylvania Section Erie Cleveland Rail Road
PEN-790Pennsylvania Virginia Iron Coal
PEN-792Pennsylvania Western Ohio River Connecting
PEN-861aPensacola Railroad
PEN-861bPensacola Railroad
PEN-881Pensacola Andalusia Railroad
PEN-921Pensacola Louisville
PEN-931Pensacola Mobile
PEN-960Pensacola Northern Alabama
PEN-970Pensacola Perdido Railroad
PEN-980Pensacola Selma
PEO-150Peoples Gas Motor Horse Railway
PEO-200Peoples Street Railway
PEO-299Peoples Wharf Railroad
PEO-324Peoria Atlanta Decatur Railroad
PEO-411Peoria Decatur Evansville Railroad
PEO-414Peoria Decatur Evansville Railway Evansville Division
PEO-415Peoria Decatur Evansville Railway Peoria Division
PEO-677Peoria Pekin Jacksonville Railway
PEO-820Peoria Rock Island Railroad
PEO-824aPeoria Rock Island Railway
PEO-975Peoria Traction
PEQ-500Pequest Walkill Railroad
PER-043Pere Marquette Equipment Trust
PER-136Peria Magnet Pacific
PER-182Peria Northern
PER-227Peria Princeton Southern
PER-474Perry Railroad
PER-818Pertle Springs
PER-955Peru La Salle Deer Park Railroad
PET-145Peterborough Hillsborough Railroad
PET-150Peterborough Port Hope Railway
PET-526Petersburg Asylum Railway
PET-684Petersburg Weldon
PET-737Petersburg Western
PHI-350Philadelphia Delaware Railroad
PHI-917Philipsburg Railway Quarry
PHI-933Philipsburg Susquehanna Valley Railroad
PIC-250Pickens Addison Railway
PIC-375Pickens Hackers Valley Railroad
PIC-500Pickens Webster Springs Railroad
PIC-900Pico Electric Railway
PIE-154Piedmont Branch
PIN-137Pine Bluff Monroe New Orleans Railroad
PIN-172Pine Bluff Northern Railway
PIN-207Pine Bluff Sheridan Southern Railroad
PIN-241Pine Bluff Southwestern
PIN-448Pine Grove Lebanon
PIN-552Pine Mountain Railroad
PIN-600Pinnacle Coal Coke
PIN-828Pineville Prairie Farm
PIN-975Pinsly Railroad
PIO-167Pioche Pacific Railroad
PIO-250Pioche Pacific Transportation
PIO-540Pioneer Grain
PIO-727Pioneer Railroad Equipment Ltd
PIO-833Pioneer Valley Railroad Inc
PIQ-500Piqua Branch
PIT-020Pithole Valley
PIT-036Pittsboro Railroad
PIT-084Pittsburg Northern
PIT-303Pittsburgh Castle Shannon Washington Railroad
PIT-384Pittsburgh Columbus Railway
PIT-394Pittsburgh Columbus Cincinnati
PIT-424Pittsburgh Cross Creek
PIT-443Pittsburgh Eastern Railroad
PIT-470Pittsburgh Industrial Railroad Inc
PIT-500Pittsburgh Coal New Jersey
PIT-527Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad Equipment Trust
PIT-535Pittsburgh Lake Erie West Virginia
PIT-545Pittsburgh Lake Erie Western
PIT-575Pittsburgh Marion Chicago Railroad
PIT-646Pittsburgh Mount Vernon Springfield
PIT-677Pittsburgh New York
PIT-687Pittsburgh Northeastern
PIT-697Pittsburgh Northeastern Terminal
PIT-707Pittsburgh Northern Railroad
PIT-717Pittsburgh Northern Terminal
PIT-737Pittsburgh Ohio Valley Railway
PIT-768Pittsburgh Railroad Canal
PIT-833Pittsburgh Summersville Clarion Railroad
PIT-899Pittsburgh Washington Baltimore
PIT-970Pittsford Rutland Railroad
PLA-143Placerville Lake Tahoe Railroad
PLA-429Plant City Arcadia
PLA-500Plant City Arcadia Gulf
PLA-571Plant System
PLA-708Platte Country Railroad
PLA-714Platte County Railroad
PLA-786Platte Valley Trolley
PLE-400Pleasant Valley Railroad
PLE-500Pleasant Valley Coal
PLY-429Plymouth Middleborough
PLY-714Plymouth South Braintree
PLY-857Plymouth Vineyard Southbound
POC-200Pocahontas Railroad Improvement
POC-400Pocahontas Western
POI-333Point Pleasant Adelphi Northern
POI-444Point Pleasant Buckhannon Tygarts Valley Railroad
POI-556Point Pleasant Northern
POI-667Point Pleasant Northwestern
POL-090Poland St Railway
POM-600Pomeroy Ohio River
POM-800Pomeroy State Line
PON-083Ponaganset Railroad
PON-500Ponupo Mining transportation
POR-008Port Angeles Pacific Railroad
POR-018Port Angeles Western Railroad
POR-032Port Authority Transit Corp Pennsylvania New Jersey
POR-037Port Arthur Duluth Western
POR-087Port Chester Terminal
POR-102Port Clinton Short Line
POR-134Port Edwards Centralia Northern Railroad
POR-142Port Everglades
POR-150Port Everglades Belt Line Railway
POR-165Port Hope Petersburg
POR-205Port Huron Saginaw
POR-291Port Astoria Belt Line
POR-295Port Palm Beach District
POR-339Port Royal Western Carolina Railway
POR-351Port Shirley Street Railway
POR-354Port St Joe Dock Terminal Railway
POR-405Port Townsend Pacific Railroad
POR-410Port Townsend Puget Sound Railway
POR-415Port Townsend Railroad
POR-420Port Townsend Southern Railroad
POR-449Portage Creek Rich Valley Railroad
POR-484Portage Stevens Point Superior
POR-488Portage Superior
POR-496Portage Winnebago Superior
POR-504Porter Bell
POR-520H K Porter Inc
POR-576Portland Railroad
POR-627Portland Chicago Mount Scott Railway
POR-691Portland Nehalem Seacoast
POR-698Portland Northern
POR-738Portland Rochester Railroad
POR-786Portland Southeastern
POR-802Portland Southwestern Railroad
POR-833Portland Transfer
POR-853Portland Vancouver St Johns Railway
POR-889Portsmouth Columbus Michigan
POR-929Portsmouth Great Falls Conway Railroad
POR-952Portsmouth Newmarket Concord
POR-992Portsmouth Tygart Valley
POT-250Potomac Railroad
POT-333Potomac Edison
POT-500Potosi Central Railroad
POW-450Powells Valley
POW-500Powellton Pocahontas
POW-600Power Ballaster
PRA-260Prairie du Chien Austin Railroad
PRA-270Prairie du Chien Cedar Valley Railroad
PRA-280Prairie du Chien Mankato Railroad
PRA-750Pratt Letchworth Ltd
PRE-200Prescott Glengarry Counties Junction Railway
PRE-313Prescott Reader
PRI-280Prince Edward County
PRI-377Prince Edward Island Railway
PRI-474Prince George Chesterfield
PRI-889Princeton Western Railway
PRO-105Profile Arizona Central
PRO-215Progressive Rail Inc
PRO-526Providence Cable Tramway
PRO-632Providence Danielson Railway
PRO-700Prowagstepp Coal Coke
PRO-737Providence Springfield Railroad
PRO-750Providence Stonington Railroad
PRO-895Providence Webster Springfield Railroad
PUB-250bPublic Belt Railroad Aassociation
PUL-190Pullman Standard Car Manufacturing
PUL-191Pullman Standard Car Export
PUR-300Puritan Anthracite Corporation
PUT-500Putnam Dutchess
QUE-155Quebec Gatineau Railway
QUE-400Queen Crescent Route
QUE-519Quebec Saguenay
QUE-852Queen City Cable
QUE-865Queen City Electric Railway
QUE-963Quemahoning Branch Railroad
QUI-136Quincy Bay Terminal
QUI-174Quincy Carrollton St Louis
QUI-217Quincy Carthage
QUI-261Quincy Chicago
QUI-325Quincy IL Mississippi Missouri Railroad
QUI-336Quincy Keokuk Chicago Railroad
QUI-575Quincy Payson Southeastern Railway
QUI-690bQuincy Railroad
QUI-913Quincy Western Railroad
RAB-500Rabun Gap Short Line
RAC-100Race Vine Streets Passenger Railway
RAI-086Rail Unlimited Inc unltd
RAI-152Railroad Bridge Terminal
RAI-505Railway Crossing
RAI-796Railways Light America
RAL-357Raleigh Charleston Southern
RAL-429Raleigh Charlotte Southern
RAL-643Raleigh Pocahontas
RAL-857Raleigh Springs Street Railway
RAL-929Raleigh Western
RAN-364Randolph County
RAN-455Randolph Cumberland Railway
RAP-430Rapid Transit Passenger Railway
RAR-667Raritan Terminal Transportation
RAW-333Rawhide Western
RAY-700Raymondville Waddington
REA-300.5Reading Railroad
REA-300zReading Railroad
REA-308Reading Belt Railroad
REA-692Reading Marietta Hanover Railroad
RED-120Red Creek
RED-171Red Lake Northern Railway Construction
RED-200Red Lake Transportation
RED-371Red River
RED-400Red River Beattyville Southern
RED-543Red River Rocky Mountain
RED-600Red River Valley Railroad
RED-629Red River Valley Railroad
RED-686bRed River Valley Western Railroad
RED-771Red Springs Northern
RED-785Red Valley Railroad
RED-800Redford Willis Southern
RED-815Redmont Railway Inc
RED-886Redstone Central Railroad
REG-500Regional Transportation Authority
REG-750Register Glenville
REI-667Reidsville Southeastern
REN-100Rends Railway
REN-600Reno Suburban Railway
REP-111Reppardia Buffalo
REP-333Republic Kettle River Railway
REP-467República Republica Guatemala FerroCarril Norte
REQ-500Request Walkill Railroad
REX-500Rex Carbon Coal
REY-500Reynoldsville Falls Creek Railroad
RHO-250Rhode Island Central
RHO-300Rhode Island Coal
RHO-740Rhode Island Locomotive Works
RHO-751Rhode Island Massachusetts Railroad in Massachusetts
RHO-752Rhode Island Massachusetts Railroad in Rhode Island
RHY-500Rhymney Railway
RIC-100Rich Patch
RIC-160Richibucto St Louis
RIC-260Richmond Allegheny Ohio Central
RIC-330Richmond Car Corp
RIC-398Richmond Danville Extension
RIC-420Richmond Danville Piedmont
RIC-480Richmond Louisville
RIC-747Richmond Rappahannock River
RIC-755Richmond Standard Steel Spike Iron
RIC-781Richmond Street Railway
RIC-800Richmond Terminal
RIC-802Richmond Terminal Railway
RIC-820Richmond Toledo Chicago
RIC-940Richmond York River Chesapeake Railroad
RIC-960Richwood Gauley Railroad
RIN-500Ringling Eastland Gulf Railway
RIO-107Rio Grande Branch Line Railroad
RIO-178Rio Grande Eagle Pass Railroad
RIO-330Rio Grande Holdings Inc
RIO-340Rio Grande Industries
RIO-572Rio Grande Pecos Valley Railway
RIO-643Rio Grande Ripley Mill Creek Valley
RIO-714Rio Grande Santa Fe Railway
RIO-821Rio Grande Southwestern Railroad
RIO-857Rio Grande Southwestern Railroad
RIO-970Rio Valley Switching
RIP-100Rip Van Winkle Sleeping Car
RIP-667Ripon Wolf River
RIS-500Rison Mount Elba
RIV-118River Falls
RIV-460Riverport Railroad LLC
RIV-524Riverside Great Northern Railway
RIV-571Riverside Harlem
RIV-590Riverside Horse Railway
RIV-714Riverside Rialto Pacific Railroad
ROA-333Roanoke Botetourt
ROA-466Roanoke Railroad
ROA-485Roanoke River Railway
ROA-900Roaring Camp Santa Cruz Railroads
ROA-933Roaring Fork
ROB-133Robbins Railroad
ROB-333Robeline Sabine Pass
ROB-867Robinson Radial Car Truck
ROC-019Rochelle Western
ROC-044Rochester Corning Elmira Traction
ROC-287Rochester Syracuse Direct Railroad
ROC-327Rock Castle
ROC-354Rock Island
ROC-425Rock Island Lines
ROC-498Rock Island Southern Railway System
ROC-526Rock Rail Inc
ROC-529Rock River Railroad
ROC-532Rock River Valley Union Railroad
ROC-572Rockaway River Montville Railroad
ROC-622Rockbridge Alum Springs Goshen
ROC-710Rockford Central
ROC-738Rockford Northern
ROC-804Rockland Central Extension Railroad
ROC-839Rockport Northern Central
ROC-843Rockton Rion Railway
ROC-884Rockwell Sac Dakota Railway
ROC-888Rockwood Bakersville
ROC-897Rockwood Tennessee River Railroad
ROC-925Rocky Hill Kingston
ROC-940Rocky Mountain Northern
ROC-965Rocky Mountain Railway Montana
ROD-600Rodgers Ballast Car
ROG-222Rogers Locomotive Machine Works
ROG-444Rogers Run
ROG-556Rogers Southwestern
ROG-889Rogue River Valley Railway
ROL-333Rolfe Forest City
ROL-500Rolfe Northern
ROM-500Rome Northern Railroad
ROM-565Rome Railway Light
ROM-660dRome Watertown Ogdensburgh Railroad
RON-333Rondout Oswego Railroad
ROO-500Roosevelt Western
ROO-833Root River Valley Southern Minnesota
ROS-188Rose Creek
ROS-400Rosby Rock Coal Coke
ROS-438Rosedale Mississippi Central Valley
ROS-750Roslyn Huntington
ROY-100Royal Blue Line
RTW-500R T Woodruff
RUD-333Ruddock Bonnet Carre Northern Railroad
RUR-500Rural Valley Railroad
RUS-250Rushville Shelbyville
RUS-500Rush Run Coal Coke
RUT-500Rutland Toluca Northern Railroad
RUT-857Rutledge Julian
S&P-500S&P Railroad
SAB-596Sabine Pass Sioux City Duluth Railroad
SAB-909Sabula Ackley Dakota Railway
SAC-059Sac City Wall Lake Railroad
SAC-294Sackets Harbor Rome New York
SAF-425Safe Handling Rail Inc
SAG-500Saginaw Ouachita River
SAG-565Saginaw Southern Railroad
SAL-017Sal Gaines Midland
SAL-034Salamanca Air Line
SAL-237Salem Pacific Coast
SAL-356Salina Santa Fe Railway
SAL-391Salina Sterling El Paso Railway
SAL-407Salina Valley
SAL-412Salinas Railroad
SAL-424Saline Bayou
SAL-441Saline River
SAL-492Salineville Branch
SAL-627Salmon Creek Railway
SAN-122San Bernardino Mountain
SAN-171San Diego Cuyamaca Railway
SAN-186San Diego Gila Southern Pacific Atlantic Railroad
SAN-195San Diego Imperial Valley Railroad
SAN-311San Francisco Municipal Street Railway
SAN-495San Luis Mexico Tramways Ltd
SAN-523San Manuel Arizona Railroad
SAN-524San Manuel Arizona Railway
SAN-564San Pedro Southwestern Railway
SAN-567San Pete Valley Railroad
SAN-579San Rafael San Anselmo Valley
SAN-603Sanborn Cooperstown Turtle Mountain Railroad
SAN-722Sandwich Windsor Passenger Railway
SAN-781Sanford Lake Eustis Railway
SAN-796Sanford Troy Railroad
SAN-810Sanoody Valley Railroad
SAN-841Santa Clara County Transportation Agency
SAN-896.0Santa Fe Grand Canyon Railroad
SAN-896.1Santa Fe Grand Canyon Railroad Bondholders
SAN-896.2Santa Fe Grand Canyon Railroad Reorganization Committee
SAN-915Santa Fe Northern Railroad
SAN-921Santa Fe Northwestern Railway
SAN-926aSanta Fe Pacific Corporation
SAN-927Santa Fe Pacific Railroad
SAN-951Santa Fe San Juan Northern Railroad
SAN-962Santa Fe Southern Railroad
SAN-963aSanta Fe Southern Railway
SAN-965Santa Fe Street Railway
SAN-967Santa Fe Street Juarez Avenue Railway
SAN-970Santa Fe Tie Lumber Preserving
SAN-988Santa Western
SAR-640Saratoga Springs Schuylerville Railroad
SAR-667Saratoga St Lawrence Railroad
SAR-857Sardis Delta Railroad
SAT-500Satsop Railroad
SAU-750Sault Ste Marie Northwestern
SAV-038Savage River
SAV-077Savannah Albany
SAV-231Savannah Atlantic Railroad
SAV-269Savannah Augusta Northern Railroad
SAV-423Savannah Griffin North Alabama Railroad
SAV-462Savannah Hinesville Western Railroad
SAV-500Savannah Memphis Railroad
SAV-577Savannah River Terminal
SAV-654Savannah Southern
SAV-768Savannah Tybee Railroad
SAV-962Savannah Western Railway
SAY-525Sayre Southwestern Railroad
SCH-256Schenectady Utica River
SCH-872Schuylkill Upper Hudson
SCI-050Scipio Township NY Lake Ontario Auburn New York
SCO-182Scotland Mont Alto
SCO-273Scotland Neck
SCO-364Scott Bearskin Lake
SCO-636Scott City Northern
SCO-909Scottdale Connecting Railroad
SCR-917Scranton Summonsville
SCR-929Scranton Transit
SEA-255Seagraves Whiteface Lubbock Railroad
SEA-339Seashore Railway
SEB-333Sebastian Cincinnatus Farms
SEC-144Second Avenue Railroad Corp
SEL-625Selma Meridian Railroad
SEL-750Selma Montgomery
SEM-330aSeminole Gulf
SEM-667Seminole Logging Railroad
SEN-250Seneca County
SEN-525Seneca Falls Watson Railroad
SEN-750Seneca Lake Branch
SEQ-200Sequatchie Valley
SEW-200Sewannee River Railway
SHA-032Shade Creek Railroad
SHA-060Shade Gap Railroad
SHA-250Shade Smokeless Coal
SHA-475Shamokin Coal
SHA-484Sharon Connecting
SHA-575Sharon Terminal
SHA-700Shawneetown Coal Mining Manufacturing
SHA-774Shawmut Branch Railroad
SHA-806Shawmut Connecting
SHA-968Shawtown Branch
SHE-040Shebelin Railroad
SHE-110Sheboygan Milwaukee
SHE-185Sheffield Coal Iron
SHE-200Sheffield Spring Creek Railroad
SHE-340Shelby Iron Company's Railway
SHE-376Shelby Railroad
SHE-420Shelbyville Bloomfield
SHE-440Shelbyville Bloomfield Ohio
SHE-460Shelbyville Lateral
SHE-500Shelton South Western Washington southwestern
SHE-520Shelton Southwestern
SHE-548Shenandoah Lincoln Railway
SHE-553Shenandoah Sidney Pacific Railroad
SHE-705Shepherd Automatic Switch
SHI-775Shippers Refrigerator Car Line
SHO-190Shore Line Railroad
SHO-650Short Electric Railway
SHO-900Shoshone Clearwater
SHR-222Shreveport Alexandria Southwestern Railway
SHR-333Shreveport Bridge Terminal
SHR-444Shreveport Houston Railway
SHR-667Shreveport Jonesboro Natchez
SHR-778Shreveport Noble Southern
SHR-895Shreveport Southwestern Rio Grande Consolidated Railroad
SHU-333Shubuta Southwestern Railroad
SID-667Sidney Louisburg
SIL-200Silver City Northern Railroad
SIL-205Silver City Northwestern Railroad
SIL-250Silver City Pinos Altos Mogollon Railroad
SIL-325Silver Creek Harlan Northern Railway
SIL-549Silver Lake Railway
SIL-550Silver Lake Railway Timber
SIL-700Silver Springs Western
SIN-250Sinaloa Durango
SIN-300Single Track Trailway
SIN-500Sinnemahoning Portage
SIO-090Sioux City Bismarck Fort Benton Railway
SIO-115Sioux City Chicago Baltimore Railway
SIO-125Sioux City Columbus Railroad
SIO-137Sioux City Council Bluffs Railroad
SIO-190Sioux City Moines Railway
SIO-200Sioux City Electric Railway
SIO-210Sioux City Floyd Valley Street Railway
SIO-220Sioux City Ireton Railroad
SIO-275Sioux City North Eastern Railroad northeastern
SIO-325Sioux City Northwestern Railway
SIO-475Sioux City RaIroad Contracting
SIO-600bSioux City St Paul Railroad
SIS-500Sisseton Southern
SKO-680Skowhegan Norridgewock Street Railway
SLA-125Slackwater Connecting
SLA-875Slate Run Railroad
SLI-333Slidell Bayou Lacombe
SME-100Smethport Railroad
SMI-540Smith Porter
SMI-600Smithfield Masontown
SMI-650Smithfield Terminal
SMI-850Smithport Olean
SMS-500SMS Rail Service
SMY-470Smyrna Delaware Railroad
SMY-525Smyrna Station Smyrna
SNA-500Snake River Valley
SNO-091Snohomish Skykomish Spokane Railway
SNO-636Snow Shoe Little Sandy
SNO-727Snowbird Valley
SOC-300Societe Charbonnages Petroles L'isthme Panama
SOC-600Societe Societe Tramways Port au Prince
SOC-620Société Francaise Chemins Fer Navires societe
SOD-330Sodus Bay Corning New York Railroad
SON-300Sonoma County Sonoma County Railroad
SON-630Sonoma Valley Prismoidal Railway
SOO-502Soo Line Railroad Equipment Trust
SOU-008Souhegan River Railroad
SOU-028South Atlantic Ohio Railroad
SOU-064aSouth Branch Railroad
SOU-088South Brunswick Railway
SOU-132South Carolina Public Railways Commission
SOU-137South Carolina State Blue Ridge Railroad
SOU-146South Central Tennessee Railroad
SOU-160South Chicago Western Indiana
SOU-165South Dakota Central Railway
SOU-175South Carrollton Coal
SOU-183South East St Louis Railway southeast
SOU-232South Georgia Florida
SOU-250South Fork Coal Iron
SOU-255South Missouri Arkansas
SOU-265South Mountain Iron Railroad
SOU-268South Mountain Railway Mining
SOU-283South North Carolina
SOU-299South Orient Railroad
SOU-300South Penn Collieries
SOU-303South Pacific Railway
SOU-320South Pennsylvania Ohio Railway
SOU-325South Pittsburg Tennessee River
SOU-335South Plains Lamesa Railroad Ltd
SOU-355South Shore
SOU-360Southern Anthracite Corp
SOU-385South Vandalia Flatstone
SOU-387South Vandalia State Line
SOU-398South Western southwestern
SOU-405South Western Arkansas Indian Territory Railroad southwestern
SOU-415South Wilmington Southern
SOU-448Southeastern Atlantic
SOU-470Southeastern Railway
SOU-485.5Southern Railway in Kentucky
SOU-500Southwestern Coal Improvement
SOU-503.5Southern Boulevard Railroad New York City
SOU-507Southern California Rapid Transit District
SOU-544Southern Freight Railroad
SOU-586Southern Iowa Cedar Rapids Railroad
SOU-610Southern Kansas Railway Harper Western Division
SOU-615Southern Kansas Panhandle Railroad
SOU-660Southern Monon
SOU-710Southern Ontario Railway
SOU-717Southern Oregon Railroad
SOU-743Southern Pacific Lines Texas Louisiana
SOU-768Southern Pacific Coast
SOU-773.5Southern Pacific Lines Texas Louisiana
SOU-774Southern Pacific Santa Fe Railway
SOU-783bSouthern Pacific Transportation Company
SOU-802Southern Railroad Association
SOU-807Southern Railway Navigation
SOU-809Southern Rail Link
SOU-812Southern Railway System
SOU-822Southern Switching
SOU-824Southern Tank Car Line
SOU-842Southern Transportation
SOU-853Southern Wisconsin Railroad
SOU-886Southwest Connecting
SOU-900Southwest Pennsylvania Railroad
SOU-906Southwest Rio Grande
SOU-967Southwestern Michigan
SOU-980Southwestern Pacific Railroad
SPA-164Sparks Moultrie Gulf
SPA-231Sparks Western Railroad
SPA-335Sparta Northwestern
SPA-462Sparta St Genevieve
SPA-615Spartanburg Terminal
SPE-490Spencer Southeastern Railway
SPE-810Sperry Rail Service
SPI-485Spirit Lake Emmetsburg Fort Dodge Railroad
SPI-490Spirit Lake Okoboji Rapid Transfer
SPI-495Spirit Lake Sioux City Railroad
SPI-500Spirit Lake Transfer Railway
SPI-510Spirit Lake Western Railroad
SPL-500Split Rock Northern
SPR-038Spring Canyon Branch
SPR-058Spring Creek Railway
SPR-115Spring Garden Connecting
SPR-200Spring Mountain Coal
SPR-212Springdale Long Lake Railroad
SPR-250Springfield Athol North eastern Railroad northeastern
SPR-414Springfield Illinois Easton Railroad
SPR-519Springfield Northampton
SPR-538Springfield North eastern Railroad northeastern
SPR-577Springfield North Western Railroad northwestern
SPR-578Springfield North Western Railway northwestern
SPR-596Springfield Pana
SPR-692Springfield Stamford New Canaan
SPT-500SPTC Holding Inc.
SQU-500Squankum Freehold
STA-036St Andrews Bay Railway Terminal
STA-173Stable Car
STA-188Staley System Electrified Railway
STA-256Standard Car Truck
STA-330Standard Motor Truck
STA-345Standard Railway Timber
STA-364Standard Steel Car
STA-382Standard Truck
STA-455Stanton Northern
STA-520Star Lake Railroad
STA-564State Belt Railroad California
STA-636State Line Covington
STA-655State Line Erie
STA-901Staten Island Rapid Transit Operating Authority
STB-333St Bernard
STB-667St Bonaventure
STC-100St Charles Air Line
STC-190St Charles Huron River
STC-210St Charles Railroad
STC-344St Clair Railroad Coal
STC-633St Clairsville Railway
STC-900St Croix Duluth Railway
STC-975St Croix Valley Railroad
STE-075Stearns Manufacturing
STE-172Steer Creek Railroad
STE-533Steubenville Canton Cleveland Railway
STE-550Steuben Coal
STE-585Steubenville Extension Railroad
STF-333St Francis River
STF-500St Francis Valley
STF-667St Francisville Lawrenceville Railroad
STI-150Stillwater Central Railroad
STJ-019St Joe Railway
STJ-038St John Bridge Railway Extension
STJ-072St John Maine Railway
STJ-125St John River Extension
STJ-135St John Valley
STJ-404St Joseph Atchison
STJ-520St Joseph Denver City Railroad Eastern Division
STJ-521St Joseph Denver City Railroad Western Division
STJ-538St Joseph Loge Railway
STJ-635St Joseph Kansas Texas Pacific
STJ-654St Joseph Lead
STJ-673St Joseph Marysville
STJ-712St Joseph Pacific Railroad
STJ-826St Joseph St Louis Santa Fe Railroad
STL-024St Lawrence Atlantic Railway
STL-045St Lawrence Ottawa Railway
STL-053St Lawrence Ottawa
STL-105St Louis Arkansas Pacific
STL-174St Louis Bridge Tunnel Railroad
STL-187St Louis Cable Western Railroad
STL-241St Louis Central Illinois Railroad
STL-278St Louis Cincinnati
STL-298St Louis Council Bluffs Omaha Railroad in Iowa
STL-335St Louis Dressed Beef Provision Refrigerator Line
STL-346St Louis Eastern
STL-353St Louis Edwardsville
STL-366St Louis Electric Street Railway
STL-376St Louis Emporia Railroad
STL-384St Louis Fort Scott Wichita Railway
STL-422St Louis Iowa Dakota Railway
STL-425St Louis Iowa Minnesota Railroad
STL-426St Louis Iowa Pacific Railroad
STL-554St Louis Malvern Avoca Railway
STL-586St Louis Mississippi Valley Transportation
STL-609St Louis Mount Carmel
STL-617St Louis Mount Carmel New Albany
STL-639St Louis O'Fallon OFallon Railway
STL-673St Louis Oklahoma Texas Air Line
STL-692St Louis Paducah
STL-699St Louis Peoria
STL-707St Louis Peoria Northern Railway
STL-729St Louis Quincy Springfield
STL-734St Louis Refrigerator Car
STL-768St Louis Rocky Mountain Pacific Railway
STL-804dSt Louis San Francisco Railroad New Orleans Extension
STL-804eSt Louis San Francisco Railroad St Louis Memphis Southeastern Railroad
STL-842St Louis Southeastern
STL-861St Louis Southwestern Railway Lines
STL-863aSt Louis Southwestern Railway System
STL-955St Louis Vandalia Terre Haute Indianapolis Railroad
STL-962St Louis Wabash Gulf
STL-966St Louis Water Works Railway
STL-977St Louis Wellsville Southern
STM-200St Marks West Coast
STM-467St Marys Eastern
STM-600St Marys Lake City Gulf
STM-733St Marys Southwestern
STM-800St Marys Western
STM-933St Maurice Valley
STO-057Stockton City Stockton Visalia Railroad
STO-065Stockton Darlington Railroad
STO-206Stockyards Terminal
STO-353Stone Canon Canon
STO-382Stone Canon Canon Pacific
STO-648Stony Brook Rail road Corp
STO-780Storrs Sedamville Street Railroad
STO-941Stouts Mountain
STO-971Stouts Mountain Hanceville
STP-182St Paul Dakota
STP-364St Paul Iowa Southwestern Railway
STP-593St Paul Pacific Railroad First Division
STP-773St Paul Stillwater
STP-818St Paul Stillwater Taylors Falls Railroad
STR-165Straitsville Railroad
STR-438Strawn Indiana State Line Railroad
STS-400St Simons Railway
SUF-600Suffolk Carolina Railroad
SUF-601Suffolk Carolina Railway
SUF-801Suffolk Lumber Railroad
SUG-625Sugar Pine Railway
SUL-357Sullivan Erie
SUL-360Sullivan Erie Coal Railway
SUL-429Sullivan Hill
SUL-643Sulphur Mines
SUL-714Sulphur Mining Railroad
SUL-929Sultan Railway Timber
SUM-188Summerville St Johns Railroad
SUM-438Summit Railroad Mining
SUM-500Summit Coal
SUM-875Sumter Short Line
SUN-500Sunday Creek Coal
SUN-615Sunset Central Lines
SUN-624Sunset Railroad
SUN-630Sunset Route
SUN-885Sunset Valley Railroad
SUN-938Sunset Western Railway
SUP-500Superior Pocahontas Coal
SUP-700Superior Southeastern Railway
SUP-812Superior Steel Plant Transportation
SUR-500Surry Sussex Southampton Railway
SUS-250Susquehanna Buffalo
SUS-438Susquehanna Eagles Mere Railroad
SUS-625Susquehanna River Western Railroad
SUS-688Susquehanna Southern
SUS-769Susquehanna Western Railroad
SUS-814Sussex Railway
SUS-825Sussex Blairstown Railways
SUW-667Suwannee San Pedro
SWA-571Swan River
SWA-786Swartz Ouachita City
SYR-480Syracuse Milford
SYR-679Syracuse Ontario New York Railroad
TAL-357Tallahassee Gulf
TAL-429Tallahassee Montgomery
TAL-500Tallahassee Northern
TAL-714Tallahassee St Marks Railroad
TAL-857Tallapoosa Lumber Manufacturing Tramway
TAL-893Talleyrand Terminal Railroad Inc
TAM-386Tampa Gulf Coast Railway
TAM-830Tampico Electric Light Power Traction Ltd
TAN-250Tanana Mines Railroad
TEA-667Teanaway Logging Railroad
TEC-400Teche Railroad Sugar
TEL-750Tellico Railway
TEN-105Tennessee Alabama Central
TEN-158Tennessee Alabama Mineral
TEN-368Tennessee Cortland Decatur Railroad
TEN-421Tennessee Dayton Pikeville
TEN-474Tennessee Kentucky
TEN-500Tennessee Kentucky Northern Railroad
TEN-525Tennessee Midland Railroad
TEN-551Tennessee North Carolina Railroad
TEN-553Tennessee North Carolina Railway
TEN-632Tennessee Ohio Railway
TEN-658Tennessee Pacific Railroad
TEN-711Tennessee River Ashville Coosa Railroad
TEN-737Tennessee Sequatchie Valley Railroad
TEN-763Tennessee Southern Railroad
TEN-868Tennessee Western Railroad
TEN-890Tennis Railway Equipment
TEN-921Tensas Gulf
TEN-947Tensaw Monroeville
TER-010Terminal Building Dallas
TER-481Terre Haute Brazil Eastern
TER-889Terre Haute Vincennes
TER-926Territory Alaska
TEX-020Texarkana Ashdown Nashville
TEX-156Texas City Terminal
TEX-235Texas FasTrac Inc
TEX-294Texas High Speed Rail Joint Venture
TEX-449Texas New Mexico Railroad
TEX-482Texas Northeastern Railroad
TEX-549Texas Oklahoma Eastern Railroad
TEX-567Texas Pacific Railroad
TEX-647Texas Pacific Western
TEX-707Texas Santa Fe Northern Railway
TEX-843Texas TGV Corp
TEX-852Texas Tie Lumber Preserving
TEX-902Texas Transportation
TEX-941Texas Valley Northern
THA-500Thayer Coal Coke
THA-750Thayer Junction
THE-500Thermal Coal
THE-500Thermal Belt Railway
THO-067Thomas Railroad
THO-201Thomas Log Lumber Railroad
THO-250Perley Thomas Car
THO-267Thomas Sayreton
THO-300Thomaston Tramway
THO-400Thomas Love Coal Coke
THO-468Thompson Run Coal Railroad
THR-250Three Lakes
THR-750Through Short Line
TIA-500Tiadaghton Fahnastalk
TIA-600Tiara Tidewater Railroad
TIE-500Tierra Amarilla Southern Railway
TIF-615Tifton Moultrie
TIF-769Tifton Northwestern
TIL-800Tilton Belmont
TIM-250TimberRock Railroad
TIO-364Tioga Elmira State Line Railroad
TIO-545Tioga Southeastern
TIO-727Tionesta Valley Railway
TIO-909Tionesta Valley Salmon Creek
TIP-700Tipton What Cheer Railroad
TIS-550Tishomingo Railroad
TIT-175Titan Rail Services
TIT-500Titusville Cambridge Springs
TIT-750Titusville Oil City
TOL-023Toledo Ann Arbor RailRoad
TOL-026Toledo Ann Arbor Railway Mt Mount Pleasant Branch
TOL-118Toledo Bowling Green North Baltimore
TOL-153Toledo Charleston St Louis
TOL-192Toledo Cincinnati St Louis Railroad St Louis Division
TOL-250Toledo Delphos Trust
TOL-400Toledo Indianapolis Railroad
TOL-429Toledo Logansport Northern Indiana Railroad
TOL-435Toledo Logansport Pacific
TOL-518Toledo Northern Michigan
TOL-540Toledo Northwestern Railway
TOL-566Toledo Ohio Central Railway Equipment Trust
TOL-618Toledo Oskaloosa Western Railway
TOL-682Toledo Rossford
TOL-729Toledo Siletz Railroad
TOL-741Toledo Siletz Railroad Navigation
TOL-765Toledo Southeastern
TOL-776Toledo Southwestern
TOM-091Tomah Lake Superior
TOM-182Tomahawk Eastern
TON-462Tonawanda Wiscoy Genesee Valley Railroad
TON-775Tonopah Greenwater Railroad
TON-923Tony Northeastern Railway
TOO-525Tool Railway Specialty Manufacturing
TOO-550Toolesborough Western Railway
TOP-250Topeka Okmulgee Gulf
TOP-500Topeka Western Marquette
TOP-625Topeka Western Maysville
TOP-750Topeka Westmoreland Marysville
TOR-325Toronto Knoxville Western Railroad
TOR-471Toronto Niagara Western
TOW-500Towanda Coal
TRA-050Tracy City Branch
TRA-175Trailer Train
TRA-177Trailers y Tanques de Aluminio Sociedad Anonima de Capital Variable
TRA-400Transcontinental Short Line
TRA-630Tranvia Catago
TRA-641Tranvia para Izalco/Tramway
TRA-649Tranvia San Jose
TRA-655Tranvias Concepción Concepcion Occidental
TRA-688aTranvias San Salvador Santa Tecla
TRA-688bTranvias San Salvador Santa Tecla
TRA-850Traverse Bay Copper Range
TRE-105Tredegar Branch
TRE-500Trenton Coal
TRE-895Trevorton Susquehanna
TRI-040Trilby San Antonio Cypress Railroad
TRI-082Tri City Street Railway
TRI-167Tri County Metropolitan Transportation District
TRI-680Trinity Industries Incorporated TrinityRail
TRO-030Trojan Car Coupler
TRO-475Troy Coach Car Factory
TRO-920Troy Union Railroad Depot
TUC-182Tuckaseegee Southeastern Railway
TUC-550Tucson Globe Northwestern Railroad
TUL-800Tulsa Union Depot
TUN-250Tunesassa Bradford Railroad
TUR-175Turcot Car Works
TUR-270Turkey Valley Railroad
TUR-375Turners Falls Branch
TUR-500Turkey Knob Coal
TUS-200Tuscarawas Electric Railway
TUS-875Tussey Mountain Grafton Canyon
TYL-750Tylerdale Belt Line
TYR-165Tyrone Clearfield Railroad
TYS-833Tyson Creek
UBE-500Ubehebe Copper Mines Smelter
ULT-650Ultima Arkansas Mississippi
UMA-500Umatilla Central
UND-405Underground Railway Construction
UNE-500Uneedus Houltonville
UNI-009Unicoi Railway
UNI-125Union Central Coal Iron Railroad
UNI-170Union Depot
UNI-213Union Foundry Pullman Car Wheel Works
UNI-223Union Fuel
UNI-236Union Iron Works
UNI-286baUnion Pacific System
UNI-298Union Pacific Chicago Railroad
UNI-324Union Pacific Reorganization Committee
UNI-330Union Passenger Depot Galveston
UNI-337Union Passenger Railway
UNI-345Union Passenger Street Railway
UNI-366Union Point White Plains Railroad
UNI-387Union River Logging Railroad
UNI-391Union Railroad Elevator Transportation
UNI-438Union Railway Terminal
UNI-480United Bituminous Coal
UNI-520Union Tank Line
UNI-570Union Track Railway
UNI-673Union Plank Walk Railroad
UNI-677Uniontown Lick Run
UNI-755United Railways Gold Trust Certificate
UNI-780United Grain Growers Terminal
UNI-800United Power Transportation
UNI-830United States Air Brake
UNI-841United States Avenue Railway
UNI-848United States Canada Railroad
UNI-869United States Construction
UNI-884United States Government Railroad
UNI-895United States Railroad Administration
UNI-897United States Railroad Screw Spike
UNI-970United Transfer
UNI-985Unity Railways
UNI-995Universal Smoke Separating
UPP-260Upper Coos Hereford
UPP-280Upper Moines Valley Railroad
USI-510Usine St Angeline
USR-500US Railway Manufacturing
UTA-316Utah Fuel Railroad
UTA-370Utah Idaho Central Railway
UTA-500Utah Fuel Iron
UTA-895Utah Southern Railroad
UTA-898Utah Southern Railroad Extension
VAI-500Vail Southern
VAL-100Valasco Suburban Belt Line
VAL-200Valdosta Fort Gaines Montgomery
VAL-233Valdosta Moultrie Western Railroad
VAL-500Valier Coal
VAL-687Valley Connecting
VAL-746Valley Railroad Connecting
VAL-775Valley River Railroad
VAL-804Valley River Southern
VAL-833Valley Siletz Railroad
VAL-867Valley Stream
VAL-900Valley Terminal
VAN-211Van Buren Tahlequah Junction City
VAN-478Van Wert Paulding Michigan
VAN-581Vancouver Klickitat Yakima Railroad
VAN-789Vancouver Westminster Yukon Railway
VAN-800Vancouver Wharves
VAN-841Vandalia Line
VAN-947Vans Harbor Western
VAR-500Varner Branch
VER-144Vera Cruz Terminal Ltd
VER-225Verde Canyon Railroad
VER-692Vermont New York
VER-808Vermont Southern
VER-852Vermont Valley Sullivan County Railroad
VIC-143Vicksburg Bridge Terminal
VIC-275Vicksburg Electric Railroad
VIC-333aVicksburg Meridian Railroad
VIC-790Victoria Railroad
VIL-333Vilas County
VIN-833Vineland Sound
VIN-850Vineyard Highlands Horse Railroad
VIR-082Virginia Blue Ridge Railway
VIR-210Virginia Carson Truckee Railroad
VIR-330Virginia Kentucky Ohio N G Railroad Narrow Gauge
VIR-361Virginia Maryland
VIR-443Virginia North Carolina Construction
VIR-444Virginia North Carolina
VIR-450Virginia North Carolina Wheel
VIR-605Virginia Railway Express
VIR-667Virginia Southern Railroad
VIR-694Virginia Southwest
VIR-750Virginia Tidewater Coal
WAB-250Wabash Eastern Railroad
WAB-616Wabash St Louis Pacific Railway Cairo Division
WAB-620Wabash St Louis Pacific Railway Eastern Division
WAB-621Wabash St Louis Pacific Railway Company Indianapolis Division
WAB-622Wabash St Louis Pacific Railway Havana Division
WAB-692Wabash Valley
WAD-250Wadley Mount Vernon Extension
WAI-333Wainhurst Railway
WAL-115Waldo Fort Smith
WAL-183Walkersville Ireland Railroad
WAL-298Walking Horse Eastern
WAL-885Waluskie Railroad
WAP-475Wapsie Valley Railroad
WAP-480Wapsie Valley Railway
WAP-510Wapsipinicon St Peters Valley Railroad
WAR-132Wareton Railroad
WAR-184Warm Springs Branch
WAR-211Warm Springs Valley Branch
WAR-395Warren Creek Railroad
WAR-474Warren Franklin
WAR-737Warrensburg Pertle Springs
WAR-868Warsaw Goshen White Pigeon
WAR-895Warsaw Peoria
WAR-947Warwick Oakland Beach
WAS-025N Washburn
WAS-026Washburn Bayfield Iron River Railroad
WAS-077Washington Baltimore
WAS-140Washington Central Railroad
WAS-154Washington Chesapeake
WAS-167Washington Chesapeake Bay
WAS-178Washington Choctaw Railroad
WAS-179Washington Choctaw Railway
WAS-192Washington City Point Lookout Railroad
WAS-385Washington Hope Railway
WAS-410Washington Idaho Montana Railway
WAS-465Washington Marengo North Western Railroad northwestern
WAS-631Washington Railway
WAS-692Washington Railway Navigation
WAS-718Washington Southern Railroad
WAS-731Washington Southern Railroad
WAS-910Washington Western Railway
WAS-936Washington Western Maryland Railroad
WAS-962Washougal Railroad
WAT-036Watauga Railway
WAT-071Watauga Valley
WAT-145Watchung Electric Railway
WAT-250Waterboro Western
WAT-268Waterbury Meridian Connecticut River Railroad
WAT-360Waterloo Belle Plaine North Missouri Railway
WAT-470Waterloo Pella Southwestern Railway
WAT-540Watertown City WI Milwaukee Watertown
WAT-590Watertown Litchfield Tramway
WAU-200Waukee Branch Railroad
WAU-909Waupaca Green Bay Railway
WAV-225Waverly Northern Railroad
WAY-364Waycross Southern Railroad
WAY-455Waycross Western Railroad
WAY-727Waynesburg Monon City
WCT-500WCTU Railway
WEB-667Webster City Crooked Creek Railroad Coal
WEB-842Webster County Mining Railroad
WEL-100Welchs Mill Centreville
WEL-152Welland Railway
WEL-333Wellington Grey Bruce Railway
WEL-667Wellsburg State Line
WEL-800Wellsville Addison Galeton Railroad Corp
WEL-905Wellsville Buffalo
WEL-952Wellsville Coudersport Pine Creek Railroad
WEN-167Wenatchee Southern Railway
WEN-333Wenatchee Valley Northern Railway
WES-094West East Railroad
WES-122West End Interurban
WES-127West End Narrow Gauge Railroad
WES-179West Jersey Camden Atlantic
WES-196West Liberty Street Railway
WES-201West Memphis
WES-203West Memphis Belt Line
WES-208West Michigan Railroad
WES-216West Nashville Branch Railroad
WES-278West Point Hanover Junction
WES-282West Reading
WES-302West Second Street Railroad
WES-315West Shore Hudson River Railroad
WES-375West Texas Lubbock Railroad
WES-409West Virginia Kentucky
WES-415bWest Virginia Midland Railway
WES-425West Virginia Northern
WES-431West Virginia Pineville Tennessee Railroad
WES-442West Virginia Short Line Railroad
WES-468West Wisconsin Railroad
WES-580Western Dominion Colliers Ltd
WES-605Western Branch Railway
WES-628Western Central Railroad
WES-649Western Fruit Express
WES-653Western Illinois Railroad
WES-671Western Indiana
WES-673Western Iowa Interurban Railroad
WES-678Western Iowa Platte Valley Railroad
WES-706Western Maryland Lines
WES-748.3Western New York Pennsylvania Railroad
WES-762Western New York Pennsylvania Transportation
WES797Western Pacific Industries Incorporated
WES-809Western Passenger Railway
WES-818Western Pine Lumber Railroad
WES-820Western Rail Switching Inc
WES-822Western Railroad Properties Inc
WES-836Western Redwood Lumber Railroad
WES-901Westfield Railroad
WES-906Westfield Chautauqua
WES-910Westmoreland Coal
WES-914Westfield Street Railway
WES-950Westwood Coal
WES-955Weston Buckhannon Railroad
WES-956Weston Centreville Railroad
WES-967Weston West Fork Railroad
WET-250Wetumpka Branch
WFE-500WFEC Railroad
WHE-400Wheeling Cincinnati Mineral Railway
WHE-667eWheeling Lake Erie Railway Equipment Trust
WHI-096White Bear Branch
WHI-114White Black River Valley Railroad
WHI-168White City Refrigerator Despatch
WHI-173White City Terminal Utilities
WHI-231White Columbia Rivers Railroad
WHI-269White Deer Loganton Railway
WHI-338White Line Street Railway
WHI-635White Sulphur Springs Yellowstone Park Railway
WHI-654White Top
WHI-841Whitman Western
WHI-865Whitney Engineering
WHI-875Whitney Railroad
WIC-500Wichita Midland
WIC-583Wichita Northwestern Railway
WIC-625Wichita Northwestern
WIC-834Wichita Western Railway
WIC-917Wickford Railroad
WIC-957Wicomico Pocomoke Railroad
WIL-035Wilcox Howard Hill Development Railroad
WIL-060Wilcox Rocky Run
WIL-070Wild Goose Railroad
WIL-207Willamette Iron Steel Works
WIL-300Willamina Grand Ronde Railway
WIL-340Willapa Harbor Coal Line
WIL-350Willapa Harbor Eastern
WIL-380Willapa Logging Railroad
WIL-420Williams Mills Little Black River
WIL-600Willingham Black Lake Isabella
WIL-660Wilmington Brunswick Southern Railroad
WIL-680Wilmington Charlotte
WIL-750Wilmington Newbern
WIL-750Wilmington Coal Mining Manufacturing
WIL-760Wilmington Newbern Norfolk Railroad
WIL-765Wilmington Newcastle Southern Railroad
WIL-780Wilmington Onslow East Carolina
WIL-815Wilmington Railway Bridge
WIL-980Wilton Branch
WIN-046Winchester Alabama Railroad
WIN-108Winchester Branch Manassas Gap
WIN-123Winchester Craig Junction
WIN-138Winchester Eastern
WIN-431Winlock Toledo Logging Railroad
WIN-590Winnsboro Granite Corp Railroad
WIN-662Winona Mankato New Ulm Railway
WIN-670Winona Marshalltown Southern Railroad Coal
WIN-723Winona St Paul
WIN-800Winslow Petersburg
WIN-831Winston Bone Valley
WIN-862Winston Railroad Lumber
WIR-500Wiregrass Central Railroad
WIS-075Wisconsin Bee Line Superior
WIS-128Wisconsin Central Lines
WIS-225Wisconsin Inland Lakes Chicago
WIS-277Wisconsin Iowa Southwestern Railway
WIS-425Wisconsin Midland
WIS-575Wisconsin Northwestern
WIS-725Wisconsin Ruby Southern Railroad
WIS-775Wisconsin St Paul
WIS-825Wisconsin Superior Railroad
WIS-975Wise Terminal
WOD-500Wodegan Coal
WOL-857Wolfeborough Railroad
WOO-200Wood River
WOO-360Woodlands Avenue West Side Street Railway
WOO-533Woodstock Branch
WOO-733Woodsville Southern
WOO-815Woodward Avenue Railway
WOR-846Worthington Sioux City Railroad
WYA-308Wyandotte Kansas City Missouri Railroad
WYA-615Wyandotte Southeastern
WYE-500Wye Transportation
WYO-150Wyoming Coal
WYO-308Wyoming Eastern Railway
WYO-355Wyoming Improvement
WYO-385Wyoming Missouri
WYO-462Wyoming Missouri River Railroad
WYO-525Wyoming Valley Coal
WYO-538Wyoming Montana
WYO-615Wyoming Montana Pacific
WYO-692Wyoming North South Railroad
WYO-854Wyoming Railway
YAL-250Yalaha Western Railroad
YAN-600Yankton Western
YAQ-667Yaquina Northern
YAT-500yates Coal Cor
YOR-062York Railway
YOR-675York River Railroad
YOR-813York Terminal
YOR-888York Wrightsville Electric Railway
YOS-333Yosemite Mountain Sugar Pine Railroad
YOS-835Yosemite Valley Railway
YOU-146Youghiogheny Northern Railway
YOU-429Youngstown Connotton Valley Railroad
YOU-952Youngstown Western
YRE-510Yreka Western Railroad
ZAC-500Zachary Northeastern
ZAN-544Zanesville Ohio River Railroad
ZEI-500Zeigler Extension
ZER-500Zerbe Valley
ZUN-500Zuni Mountain Railroad
ZUN-502Zuni Mountain Railway
ZWO-550Zwolle Rail Car


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