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Celebrity autographs

NOTICE: The autographs listed here are signatures of celebrities known to have signed stocks and bonds from North American railroads.

Click on any autograph to see a short biography and a list of all known occurrences on railroad-related stocks and bonds.

Autograph samples are available for some, but not all, celebrities. Please help by sending additional examples you may have.

Do you believe other autographs should be listed here? See my extended discussion of selection critera. Please remember, this is a project about collectible railroad stocks and bonds, not autographs.

See about autographs for a discussion about the general features of autographs and autograph collecting. Keep perspective. Remember, only a TINY percentage of signatures have collectible value. Also remember, famous last names do not necessarily confer importance to children, siblings, parents, or distant relatives.

Please understand that autograph collecting is a hobby separate from collecting stocks and bonds. If you need authentication, be sure you check with dealers and authentication services in that hobby. Because I lack specialized knowledge about autographs, I DO NOT and WILL NOT authenticate autographs under any circumstances.

Adams, Alvin   (Signature sample available)1804-1877 
Adams, Charles Francis Jr   (Signature sample available)1835-1915 
Adams, Llewelyn Sherman1899-1986 
Addams, Jane1860-1935 
Akerman, William K1832-1905 
Alexander, Edward Porter1835-1910 
Allan, Sir Hugh Andrew Montagu1860-1951 
Allen, Horatio 1802-1899 
Allison, William Boyd   (Signature sample available)1829-1908 
Almonte, Juan Nepomuceno   (Signature sample available)1803-1869 
Ames, Frank Morton   (Signature sample available)1833-1898 
Ames, Frederick Lothrop1876-1921 
Ames, Oakes   (Signature sample available)1804-1873 
Ames, Oliver   (Signature sample available)1807-1877 
Ames, Oliver II   (Signature sample available)1831-1895 
Andrews, Wallace Corydon   (Signature sample available)1833-1899 
Archbold, John Dustin1848-1916 
Armour, Herman Ossian1837-1901 
Astor, John Jacob   (Signature sample available)1763-1848 
Astor, John Jacob III1822-1890 
Astor, John Jacob IV   (Signature sample available)1864-1912 
Astor, William Backhouse1792-1875 
Astor, William Waldorf   (Signature sample available)1848-1919 
Auchincloss, John W1810-1876 
Averell, William Woods1832-1900 
Bache, Jules Semon   (Signature sample available)1861-1944 
Baer, Max1909-1959 
Baker, George Fisher1840-1931 
Baldwin, Matthias1795-1866 
Bancroft, George   (Signature sample available)1800-1891 
Banks, Robert Tunstall   (Signature sample available)1822-1901 
Barger, Samuel F1832-1914 
Baring, Thomas Charles1831-1891 
Barker, Edward Livingston1814-1878 
Barney, Charles Dennis1844-1895 
Barron, Clarence Walker1855-1928 
Baruch, Annie Griffen1872-1938 
Baruch, Bernard Mannes1870-1965 
Beach, Alfred Ely1826-1896 
Beauregard, Gen Pierre Gustave Toutant   (Signature sample available)1818-1893 
Beecher, Henry Ward1813-1887 
Belmont, August   (Signature sample available)1813-1890 
Belmont, August Jr1853-1924 
Berlin, Irving1888-1992 
Berwind, Edward Julius1848-1936 
Bierstadt, Albert1830-1902 
Billings, Frederick H   (Signature sample available)1823-1890 
Bishop, Heber Reginald1840-1902 
Blair, John Insley   (Signature sample available)1802-1899 
Bliss, George Jr.1793-1873 
Bliss, William1834-1907 
Boeing, William Edward1881-1956 
Borel, Antoine Auguste1840-1915 
Bowdoin, George Sullivan1833-1913 
Boyce, George1805-1885 
Bradlee, Nathaniel Jeremiah1829-1888 
Brady, Anthony Nicholas1841-1913 
Branch, Lawrence O'Bryan   (Signature sample available)1820-1862 
Brandeis, Louis Dembitz1856-1941 
Brewster, Benjamin   (Signature sample available)1828-1897 
Brisbin, John1818-1851 
Brooks, John Woods1819-1881 
Brown, John Sidney1833-1913 
Browning, Matthew Sandifer1859-1923 
Brundage, Avery1887-1975 
Bull, William Lanman1844-1914 
Bullock, Rufus Brown   (Signature sample available)1834-1907 
Burnside, Ambrose Everett   (Signature sample available)1824-1881 
Butler, Benjamin Franklin1818-1893 
Butler, Charles   (Signature sample available)1802-1897 
Butterfield, John   (Signature sample available)1801-1869 
Cable, Ransom Reed1834-1909 
Cannon, Anthony McCue1839-1895 
Carnegie, Andrew   (Signature sample available)1835-1919 
Casement, John Stephen   (Signature sample available)1829-1909 
Cass, George Washington Jr1810-1888 
Cassatt, Alexander Johnston1839-1906 
Chaffee, Jerome Bunty1825-1886 
Chapin, Chester William1798-1883 
Clark, Charles Peter1836-1901 
Clark, Horace Francis   (Signature sample available)1815-1873 
Clark, Silas Henry H.1836-1900 
Clark, William Andrews   (Signature sample available)1839-1925 
Clarke, James C1824-1902 
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne   (Signature sample available)1835-1910 
Clews, Henry   (Signature sample available)1834-1923 
Clews, James Blanchard1864-1934 
Clifford, John Henry1809-1876 
Cody, William Frederick   (Signature sample available)1946-1917 
Cole, Edmund W1827-1839 
Colfax, Schuyler   (Signature sample available)1823-1885 
Colgate, James Boormanunk-unk 
Cooke, Jay   (Signature sample available)1821-1905 
Cooke, Jay Jr1845-1912 
Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson1831-1920 
Cooper, Edward1824-1905 
Cooper, Peter   (Signature sample available)1791-1883 
Corbin, Austin   (Signature sample available)1827-1896 
Corbin, Daniel Chase1832-1918 
Cornell, Ezra   (Signature sample available)1807-1874 
Cornell, Thomas1814-1890 
Corning, Erastus   (Signature sample available)1794-1872 
Corse, John Murry   (Signature sample available)1835-1893 
Cox, Kenyon1831-1911 
Cox, William Ruffin1832-1919 
Crocker, Charles   (Signature sample available)1822-1888 
Crocker, Charles Frederick Jr   (Signature sample available)1854-1897 
Crocker, Uriel   (Signature sample available)1796-1887 
Cruft, Charles1826-1883 
Cummins, Albert Baird1850-1926 
Cushman, Charlotte Saunders   (Signature sample available)1816-1876 
Darrow, Clarence Seward1857-1938 
Dawes, Charles Gates1865-1951 
de Mille, Cecil Blount1881-1959 
Delano, Franklin Hughes   (Signature sample available)1813-1893 
Delano, Frederic Adrian1863-1953 
Delano, Warren III1852-1920 
Denison, John Newton1811-1898 
Depew, Chauncey Mitchell   (Signature sample available)1834-1928 
Devereux, John Henry   (Signature sample available)1832-1886 
Dillon, Sidney   (Signature sample available)1812-1892 
Disston, Frank1879-1937 
Dix, John Adams   (Signature sample available)1798-1879 
Dodge, Grenville Mellen   (Signature sample available)1831-1916 
Dodge, William Earl   (Signature sample available)1805-1883 
Douglas, John1819-1891 
Dows, David1814-1890 
Drake, Francis Marion   (Signature sample available)1830-1903 
Drayton, Thomas Fenwick   (Signature sample available)1808-1891 
Drew, Daniel1797-1879 
Drexel, Anthony Joseph1826-1893 
Dropsie, Moses Aaron   (Signature sample available)1821-1905 
Duke, James Buchanan   (Signature sample available)1856-1925 
duPont, Alexis Felix   (Signature sample available)1879-1948 
duPont, Alfred Irénée1864-1935 
duPont, Charles Irénée1859-1902 
duPont, Eugene Eleuthere1882-1854 
duPont, Francis Irénée1873-1942 
duPont, Henry Algernon   (Signature sample available)1838-1926 
duPont, Isabella Mathieu1882-1946 
duPont, Jessie Dew Ball1884-1970 
duPont, Philip Francis1878-1928 
duPont, Pierre Samuel1870-1954 
duPont, Thomas Coleman1863-1930 
Durant, Charles Wright 1821-1885 
Durant, Thomas Clark (Doc)   (Signature sample available)1820-1885 
Earl, George Hunk-unk 
Eastman, George1854-1932 
Echols, John   (Signature sample available)1823-1896 
Edison, Thomas Alva1847-1931 
Eldredge, Horace Sunderlin1816-1888 
Eldridge, John S   (Signature sample available)1818-1876 
Elkins, William Lukens   (Signature sample available)1832-1903 
Endicott, William Crowninshield Jr   (Signature sample available)1860-1936 
Evans, John1814-1897 
Evarts, William Maxwell1818-1901 
Fairbanks, Charles Warren   (Signature sample available)1852-1918 
Fairbanks, Horace1820-1888 
Fargo, James Congdell Strong1829-1915 
Fargo, James Francis1857-1937 
Fargo, William George   (Signature sample available)1818-1881 
Farnam, Henry   (Signature sample available)1803-1883 
Field, Cyrus West   (Signature sample available)1819-1892 
Field, Marshall1835-1906 
Fillmore, Millard   (Signature sample available)1800-1874 
Fish, Hamilton   (Signature sample available)1808-1893 
Fish, Stuyvesant   (Signature sample available)1851-1923 
Fisk, James   (Signature sample available)1834-1872 
Flagg, Azariah Cutting1790-1873 
Flagler, Henry Morrison   (Signature sample available)1830-1913 
Fleming, Robert1845-1933 
Flower, Roswell Pettibone1835-1899 
Forbes, John Murray   (Signature sample available)1813-1898 
Forrest, Nathan Bedford   (Signature sample available)1821-1877 
Frankfurter, Felix1882-1965 
Frelinghuysen, Frederick Theodore   (Signature sample available)1817-1885 
Fremont, John Charles   (Signature sample available)1813-1890 
Frick, Henry Clay   (Signature sample available)1849-1919 
Fyffe, Edward Pierce1810-1867 
Gallatin, James1796-1876 
Garfield, James Randolph1865-1950 
Garrett, John Work   (Signature sample available)1820-1884 
Garrett, Robert1875-1961 
Gary, Elbert Henry   (Signature sample available)1846-1927 
Gates, John Warne1855-1911 
Gerlinger, Louis1853-1841 
Gilman, Daniel Hunt1845-1913 
Gilmore, Addison1804-1851 
Goodyear, Anson1877-1964 
Goodyear, Charles 1800-1860 
Goodyear, Frank H Jr1891-1930 
Gould, Edwin   (Signature sample available)1866-1933 
Gould, George Jay   (Signature sample available)1864-1923 
Gould, Jay   (Signature sample available)1836-1892 
Gowen, Francis Innes1855-1927 
Grace, William Russell1832-1904 
Grant, Frederick Dent1850-1911 
Green, Edward Howland Robinson1868-1936 
Green, Henrietta (Hetty) Howland Robinson1834-1916 
Grinnell, George Bird1849-1938 
Griswold, John Noble Alsop1822-1909 
Grow, Galusha Aaron   (Signature sample available)1824-1907 
Guggenheim, Meyer1828-1905 
Guggenheim, Murray1858-1939 
Hamlin, Hannibal   (Signature sample available)1809-1891 
Hanna, Marcus Alonzo1837-1904 
Harkness, Charles William1860-1916 
Harkness, Stephen Vanderburgh1818-1888 
Harriman, Edward Henry   (Signature sample available)1848-1909 
Harriman, Oliver1829-1904 
Harris, Robert1830-1894 
Hatch, Rufus1832-1893 
Hathaway, Horatio1831-1898 
Haupt, Herman1817-1905 
Hendricks, Thomas Andrews1819-1885 
Herreshoff, Nathaniel Greene 1848-1938 
Hewitt, Abram Stevens1822-1903 
Hewitt, Peter Cooper1861-1921 
Hill, James Jerome   (Signature sample available)1838-1916 
Hill, James Norman   (Signature sample available)1870-1932 
Hillegas, Michael1729-1804 
Hobart, Garret Augustus   (Signature sample available)1844-1899 
Holliday, Cyrus Kurtz   (Signature sample available)1826-1900 
Holmes, Oliver Wendell Jr1841-1935 
Hopkins, Johns1795-1873 
Houston, Henry Howard1820-1895 
Hoyt, Colgate   (Signature sample available)1849-1922 
Hubbard, Gardiner Greene1822-1897 
Huntington, Collis Potter   (Signature sample available)1821-1900 
Husted, James1833-1892 
Ingalls, Melville Ezra   (Signature sample available)1842-1914 
Innis, George1825-1895 
Insull, Samuel   (Signature sample available)1859-1938 
Insull, Samuel Jr   (Signature sample available)1901-1983 
Irving, Washington   (Signature sample available)1783-1859 
Ives, Brayton C1840-1914 
Jackson, Henry Rootes1820-1898 
Jackson, William Henry1843-1942 
Javits, Jacob Koppel1904-1986 
Jay, Peter Augustus1776-1843 
Jeffery, Edward Turner1843-1927 
Jerome, Addison G1811-1864 
Jerome, Leonard Walter1817-1891 
Jervis, John Bloomfield   (Signature sample available)1795-1885 
Jesup, Morris Ketchum   (Signature sample available)1830-1908 
Jewett, Hugh Judge1817-1898 
Johnston, Harriet Lane1830-1903 
Johnston, Joseph E.unk-unk 
Jones, Benjamin Franklin1824-1903 
Joy, James Frederick   (Signature sample available)1810-1896 
Judah, Theodore Dehone1826-1863 
Judd, Norman Buell   (Signature sample available)1815-1878 
Keep, Henry   (Signature sample available)1818-1869 
Kennedy, John Stewart   (Signature sample available)1830-1909 
Kent, Rockwell1882-1971 
Kent, William1868-1928 
Ketchum, Morris1796-1880 
Kidder, Henry Purkitt1823-1886 
Kimball, Frederick J.1844-1903 
Kipling, Mrs Caroline Starr Balestier1862-1939 
Kneas, Strickland   (Signature sample available)1821-1884 
Kress, Samuel Henry1863-1955 
Lamont, Daniel Scott1851-1905 
Lanier, Charles D   (Signature sample available)1837-1926 
Lanier, James Franklin Doughty1800-1881 
Ledyard, Henry Brockholst1844-1921 
Lincoln Jr, Levi1782-1868 
Lincoln, Daniel Waldo1911-1883 
Lincoln, Robert Todd   (Signature sample available)1843-1926 
Lipper, Arthurunk-unk 
Lippincott, Joshua Ballinger1813-1886 
Little, Jacob   (Signature sample available)1797-1865 
Livingston, Crawford1846-1925 
Lodge, Henry Cabot   (Signature sample available)1850-1924 
Logan, Thomas Muldrup   (Signature sample available)1840-1914 
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth   (Signature sample available)1807-1882 
Longstreet, James   (Signature sample available)1821-1904 
Loree, Leonor Fresnel   (Signature sample available)1858-1940 
Lorillard, Pierre1833-1901 
Loveland, William Austin Hamilton   (Signature sample available)1826-1894 
Low, Seth1850-1916 
MacKenzie, Sir William   (Signature sample available)1849-1923 
Mahone, William   (Signature sample available)1826-1895 
Mann, Colonel William D'Alton   (Signature sample available)1839-1920 
Mann, Sir Donald1853-1934 
Mason, Roswell B1805-1892 
Mayer, Louis Burt1885-1957 
McAdoo, William Gibbs   (Signature sample available)1863-1941 
McComb, Colonel Henry Simpson1825-1881 
McGowen, Franklin Benjamin1836-1889 
McKim, Charles Follen1847-1909 
McLane, Louis1786-1857 
Mears, Otto   (Signature sample available)1840-1931 
Mellen, Charles Sanger   (Signature sample available)1851-1927 
Mellon, Andrew William   (Signature sample available)1855-1937 
Mellon, Richard Beatty1858-1932 
Mellon, William Larimer1868-1949 
Memminger, Christopher Gustavus1803-1888 
Mergenthaler, Ottmar1854-1899 
Mills, Darius Ogden   (Signature sample available)1825-1910 
Mills, Ogden Livingston1884-1937 
Mink, Oliver W1850-1926 
Moffat, David Halliday   (Signature sample available)1839-1911 
Morgan, Edwin Denison1811-1883 
Morgan, John P Jr1867-1943 
Morgan, John Pierpont   (Signature sample available)1837-1913 
Morgan, Junius Spencer   (Signature sample available)1813-1890 
Morris, Gouverneur Jr1813-1888 
Morrow, Jeremiah1771-1852 
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese1791-1872 
Morton, Levi Parsons   (Signature sample available)1824-1920 
Myers, General William1830-1887 
Nathan, Seixas1785-1852 
Negley, James Scott   (Signature sample available)1826-1901 
Negley, James Scott Jr   (Signature sample available)1854-1889 
Nelson Cromwell1854-1948 
Nettleton, George H1831-1896 
Newberry, Truman Handy1864-1945 
Newell, John1830-1894 
Oakes, Thomas Fletcher1843-1919 
Opdyke, George1805-1880 
Oppenheimer, Henry   (Signature sample available)1865-1958 
Oppenheimer, Julius Robert1904-1967 
Osborn, William Henry1821-1894 
Packer, Asa1805-1879 
Page, Richard Lucian1807-1901 
Paine, Charles   (Signature sample available)1799-1853 
Palmer, William Jackson1836-1909 
Parsons, Joseph Clark1814-1886 
Patten, James A1852-1928 
Payne, Oliver Hazard1839-1917 
Peabody, Francis Howard1831-1905 
Peabody, George Foster   (Signature sample available)1852-1938 
Peabody, Oliver White1834-1896 
Peake, Amasa Parker1861-1935 
Penrose, Spencer1865-1939 
Perkins, Charles Elliott1840-1907 
Perry, John Dietz1815-1895 
Pershing, John Joseph1860-1948 
Phipps, Henry1839-1930 
Pidgeon, Walter   (Signature sample available)1898-1984 
Pillsbury, John Sargent1827-1901 
Pioche, Francois Louis Alfred1818-1872 
Platt, Thomas Collier   (Signature sample available)1833-1910 
Pomeroy, Marcus Mills (Brick)   (Signature sample available)1833-1896 
Pond, Charles Floyer1809-1867 
Poole Bancroft1835-1928 
Poor, Henry Varnum1812-1905 
Porter, Henry H1835-1910 
Porter, Horace   (Signature sample available)1837-1921 
Porter, James Davis   (Signature sample available)1828-1912 
Powderly, Terence1849-1924 
Pratt, Charles1830-1891 
Pratt, Enoch1808-1896 
Procter, William Cooper   (Signature sample available)1862-1934 
Pruyn, John Van Schack Lansing1811-1877 
Pullman, George Mortimer   (Signature sample available)1831-1897 
Pullman, Harriet (Hattie) Sanger1842-1921 
Quincy, Josiah Jr   (Signature sample available)1772-1864 
Rea, Samuel1855-1929 
Reed, Simon G1830-1895 
Reynolds, Richard Joshua1850-1918 
Rice, William Marsh1816-1900 
Richardson, Edmund1818-1886 
Richmond, Dean1804-1866 
Ringling, John1866-1936 
Roberts, George Brooke   (Signature sample available)1833-1897 
Robinson, Edward Mott1800-1865 
Rockefeller, Franklin   (Signature sample available)1845-1917 
Rockefeller, James Stillman   (Signature sample available)1902-2004 
Rockefeller, John Davison   (Signature sample available)1839-1937 
Rockefeller, John Davison Jr1874-1960 
Rockefeller, Percy A1878-1934 
Rockefeller, William   (Signature sample available)1841-1922 
Roebling, Charles Gustavus1849-1918 
Roebling, Emily Warren1843-1903 
Roebling, Karl Gustavus1873-1921 
Roebling, Washington Augustus   (Signature sample available)1837-1926 
Rogers, Henry Huttleston1840-1909 
Roman, André Bienvenu1795-1866 
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano   (Signature sample available)1882-1945 
Roosevelt, James Alfred1825-1898 
Roosevelt, James Roosevelt1854-1927 
Roosevelt, John Aspinwall1916-1981 
Roosevelt, Sara Delano   (Signature sample available)1854-1941 
Root, Amos1839-1923 
Root, John M1824-1901 
Rossiter, Edward Van Wyck1844-1910 
Rothschild, Edmond de1845-1934 
Rothschild, Nathan Mayer1840-1915 
Rothschild, Ottounk-unk 
Rothschild, Solomonunk-unk 
Rumrill, James Augustus1837-1909 
Rutter, James Henry1836-1885 
Ryan, Thomas Fortune1851-1928 
Sachs, Paul Joseph1878-1965 
Sage, Russell   (Signature sample available)1816-1906 
Saks, Andrew1847-1912 
Sayre, Robert Heysham   (Signature sample available)1824-1907 
Schell, Augustus   (Signature sample available)1812-1884 
Schiff, Jacob1847-1920 
Schliemann, Heinrich (Henry)1822-1890 
Schurz, Carl1829-1906 
Schuyler, Robert (Livingston?)   (Signature sample available)1798-1855 
Schwab, Charles Michael1862-1939 
Scott, Thomas Alexander   (Signature sample available)1823-1881 
Scribner, Arthur H   (Signature sample available)1859-1932 
Scribner, Charles1854-1930 
Searles, Dennis   (Signature sample available)1874-1916 
Seibert, Henry1833-1902 
Seligman, Isaac Newton1855-1917 
Seney, George Ingraham   (Signature sample available)1826-1893 
Seward, William Henry Jr   (Signature sample available)1839-1920 
Sharon, William   (Signature sample available)1821-1885 
Shedd, John Graves1850-1926 
Sherman, William Tecumseh1820-1891 
Sickel, Horatio Gates1817-1890 
Sloan, Emily Thorn Vanderbilt   (Signature sample available)1852-1946 
Sloan, Samuel   (Signature sample available)1818-1907 
Smith, Caleb Blood   (Signature sample available)1808-1864 
Smith, Elijah1840-1912 
Smith, Gerrit1797-1874 
Smith, John Gregory1818-1891 
Smith, Orland   (Signature sample available)1825-1903 
Smith, Platt1813-1882 
Snyder, Simonunk-unk 
Spreckels, Claus   (Signature sample available)1828-1908 
Stager, Anson1825-1885 
Stanford, Leland1824-1893 
Stedman, Edmund Clarence1833-1908 
Steinway, William1835-1896 
Stetson, Francis Lynde   (Signature sample available)1846-1920 
Stevens, Edwin Augustus   (Signature sample available)1795-1868 
Stevens, Robert Livingston1787-1856 
Stickney, Alpheus Beade1840-1916 
Stillman, James   (Signature sample available)1850-1918 
Stone, Amasa1818-1883 
Stone, Lucy1818-1893 
Stratton, Winfield Scott1848-1902 
Strong, William Barstow   (Signature sample available)1837-1914 
Swann, Thomas1809-1883 
Swift, Charles M1854-1929 
Swift, William Henry1800-1879 
Sykes, Martin Luther1826-unk 
Szechenyi, Countess Gladys Moore Vanderbilt Laszlo1886-1965 
Taft, Charles Phelps1843-1929 
Taussig, Dr William   (Signature sample available)1826-1913 
Taylor, Moses   (Signature sample available)1803-1882 
Teller, Henry Moore1830-1914 
Tennant, Sir Charles Clow1823-1906 
Thaw, Harry Kendall1871-1947 
Thaw, William   (Signature sample available)1818-1889 
Thompson, James Walter1847-1928 
Thomson, John Edgar   (Signature sample available)1808-1874 
Tiffany, Louis Comfort1848-1933 
Tilden, Samuel Jones   (Signature sample available)1814-1886 
Touzalin, Albert Edward1842-1889 
Tracy, John A1798-1875 
Trask, Spencer   (Signature sample available)1844-1909 
Treat, Charles 1859-1941 
Tunney, James Joseph (Gene)1898-1978 
Twichell, Ginery1811-1883 
Twombly, Florence Adelaide Vanderbilt1855-1953 
Twombly, Hamilton McKown   (Signature sample available)1849-1910 
Tyson, George1831-1881 
Van Horne, Sir William Cornelius   (Signature sample available)1843-1915 
van Nortwick, John1809-1890 
van Sweringen, Mantis James1881-1935 
van Sweringen, Otis Paxton1879-1936 
Vanderbilt III, William Henry1901-1981 
Vanderbilt, Alfred Gwynne1877-1915 
Vanderbilt, Alice Gwynne   (Signature sample available)1845-1934 
Vanderbilt, Alva Erskine Smith1853-1933 
Vanderbilt, Cornelius 'Commodore'1794-1877 
Vanderbilt, Cornelius II   (Signature sample available)1843-1899 
Vanderbilt, Edith Stuyvesant Dresser   (Signature sample available)1873-1958 
Vanderbilt, Frederick William   (Signature sample available)1856-1938 
Vanderbilt, George Washington   (Signature sample available)1862-1914 
Vanderbilt, Harold Stirling   (Signature sample available)1884-1970 
Vanderbilt, Howard Cunk-unk 
Vanderbilt, Jacob Hand   (Signature sample available)1807-1893 
Vanderbilt, Louise Holmes Anthony   (Signature sample available)1844-1926 
Vanderbilt, Margaret Emerson McKim   (Signature sample available)1884-1960 
Vanderbilt, Maria Louisa Kissam1821-1896 
Vanderbilt, O de G.unk-unk 
Vanderbilt, Reginald Claypoole1880-1925 
Vanderbilt, Virginia1875-1935 
Vanderbilt, William Henry   (Signature sample available)1821-1885 
Vanderbilt, William Kissam   (Signature sample available)1849-1920 
Vanderbilt, William Kissam Jr   (Signature sample available)1878-1944 
Vassar, John Guy   (Signature sample available)1811-1888 
Vassar, Matthew1809-1881 
Vassar, Matthew Jr1811-1888 
Vibbard, Chauncey1811-1891 
Victor, Emanuel1898-1960 
Villard, Henry   (Signature sample available)1835-1900 
Wade, Jeptha Homer   (Signature sample available)1811-1890 
Wadsworth, James S1807-1864 
Wagner, Webster   (Signature sample available)1817-1882 
Walker, James Monroe1820-1881 
Wanamaker, John1838-1922 
Ward, Samuel G1817-1907 
Warden, William Gray1831-1895 
Warner, Adoniram Judson1834-1910 
Warren, General Augustus Edmundunk-unk 
Washburn, William Drew1831-1912 
Watrous, George Henry1829-1889 
Watson, Thomas John1874-1956 
Webb, William Seward   (Signature sample available)1851-1926 
Weed, Thurlow1797-1882 
Wells, Henry   (Signature sample available)1805-1878 
West, Absolom Madden   (Signature sample available)1818-1894 
Weyerhaeuser, Frederick1834-1914 
Weyerhaeuser, Frederick E Jrunk-unk 
Wheeler, William Almon   (Signature sample available)1819-1887 
Whitney, George1885-1963 
Whitney, Gertrude Vanderbilt1875-1942 
Whitney, Harry Payne   (Signature sample available)1872-1930 
Whitney, William Collins1841-1904 
Widener, George Dunton   (Signature sample available)1862-1912 
Widener, Peter Arrell Brown   (Signature sample available)1834-1915 
Wilder, Gaston Hillary1814-1873 
Willard, Daniel1861-1942 
Williams, James Bunk-unk 
Windom, William1827-1891 
Winslow, Edward Francis1837-1914 
Withers, Jones Mitchell1814-1890 
Wolcott, Henry Roger1846-1921 
Woodruff, Jonah   (Signature sample available)1809-1876 
Wool, John Ellis1789-1869 
Wright, Charles B1822-1898 
Wrigley, William, Jr1861-1932 
Yerington, Henry Marvin   (Signature sample available)1828-1910 
Young, Bennett Henderson1843-1919 
Young, Charles G1816-1871 
Young, Jonathan Willard   (Signature sample available)1844-1924 
Yulee, David Levy1810-1886 
Zimmerman, Eugene   (Signature sample available)1845-1914 

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