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Abbreviations used for printers

This list of certificate printers is provided to help collectors identify certificate varieties. I'm sorry, but I do not collect information about printing companies. Therefore, I cannot provide any additional information.

Please note that the vast majority of generic certificates were (and still are) printed by Goes Lithographic Co. in Chicago. Most show the ellipse-shaped "GOES" logo in the lower left corner of the border. Many local printers bought Goes' certificates and then overprinted them with company names and other details. Some of those "secondary printers" added their own imprints as in the example below.

Following is a complete list of every printer name I have encountered on stocks and bonds from railroads and coal companies, current to the last database upload.

Printers were highly inconsistent in how they displayed their company names. The list below shows 'official' company names in the first column, or at least as 'official' as I can find on the web. The second column shows various 'aliases' as they appear on certificates.

Company name
  Names used on certificates
A Anderson & CoA. Anderson & Co. Lith.Portland, OR
A Banker & CoMessrs, A. Banker & Co., BankersLondon
A BrettA. Brett, Lith.Philadelphia
A Carlisle & CoA. Carlisle & Co.San Francisco
A E IversA. E. Ivers, Stationer and PrinterNew York
A G GedneyA. G. GedneyWashington, DC
A H & C BurleyA. H. & C. Burley, StationersChicago
A H LinaweaverA. H. Linaweaver, Commercial Printer and EngraverFindlay, OH
A HageboeckA HageboeckDavenport, IA
A Hoen & CoLith by A. Hoen & Co.Baltimore
A Hoen & CoA. Hoen & Co, Lith.Baltimore
A Hoen & CoA. Hoen & Co.Baltimore
A J BurkeA. J. Burke, PrinterCharleston, SC
A J EdwardsA. J. Edwards, StationerNY
A L Bancroft & CoA. L. Bancroft & Co. Lith.San Francisco
A L StintesA. L. Stintes, PrSalen, OR
A L WeiseA. L. Weise, Lith.Philadelphia
A O EvansA. O. Evans, Power Press PrinterHoboken
A S BodineA. S. BodineBridgeport, CT
A S Carter Stamps Seals & PrintingA. S. Carter Stamps, Seals and PrintingDenver
A T Zeising & CoA. T. Zeising & Co, Prs.Philadelphia
A VallenderA. VallenderCleveland, OH
A W Scribner & CoA. W. Scribner & Co, Printers
A Westbrook & CoA. Westbrook & Co, LithographersNew York
Acme Corporate Book & Seal CoAcme Corporate Book & Seal CoSkokie, IL
Acres Blackmar & CoAcres, Blackmar & Co., PrintersBurlington, IA
Adams & Grace CoAdams & Grace Co.New York
Advertiser PrintAdvertiser Print
Affleck & DoscherAffleck & DoscherNew York
Ager Hamblin & CoAger, Hamblin & Co., StationebankersNew York
Albert B KingLithographed A. B. KingNew York
Albert B KingA. B. KingNew York
Albert B KingAlbert B. King, Printer and SationerNew York
Albert B KingAlbert B. King & Co.New York
Albert J LeonAlbert J. LeonNew York
Albert Metz & CoAlbert Metz & Co. Printers & StationersNew York
AlesamlerAlesamler, PrinterPhiladelphia
Alex Wallace & CoAlex Wallace & Co.Mobile
AlexanderAlexander, PrinterPhiladelphia
Alexander & Cable CoAlexander & Cable Co.Toronto, ONT
Alexander CaloricAlexander, Caloric PrinterPhiladelphia
Alfred Mudge & SonMudge & Son, PrintersBoston
Alfred Mudge & SonAlfred Mudge & Son, PrintersBoston
Alfred Mudge & SonAlfred Mudge & Son, Printers & StationersBoston
Allen Lane & ScottAllen, Lane & Scott.Philadelphia
Allen Lane & ScottAllen, Lane & Scott, Lith.Philadelphia
All-State Legal Supply CoAll-State Legal Supply Co.Cranford, NJ
Altemus & CoAltemus & Co.Philadelphia
American Bank Note CoAmerican Bank Note Co.New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Ottawa
American Bank Note Co, FLB DivFranklin Lee Division - American Bank Note Co.
American Bank Note Co, IBN DivAmerican Bank Note Co, International Bank Note Co. Division
American Bank Note Co, WBNWestern Bank Note & Eng. Co. / Western Division American Bank Note Co.Chicago
American Oleo CoAmerican Oleo. Co.Chicago
American PrinteryAmerican PrinterySalt Lake City
American Promoting & Trust CoAmerican Promoting & Trust Co.Boston
American Railroad Journal PrintAmerican Railroad Journal PrintNew York
Armor Lithographing CoArmor Lithographing Co LtdPittsburgh
Arthur & BonnellArthur & BonnellNew York
Arthur & BurnetArthur & BurnetNew York
Arthur Gregory & CoArthur, Gregory & Co.
Arthur Mountain & CoArthur, Mountain & Co.New York
Arthur P BrownArthur BrownNew York
Arthur P BrownArthur P. BrownNew York
Ashby & VincentAshby & VincentErie, PA
Atlanta Lithographing & Printing CoAtlanta Litho. & Print Co.Atlanta
Atlanta Lithographing & Printing CoAtlanta Lith. & Print Co.Atlanta
August Gast & CoAugust Gast & Co.St Louis
August Gast & CoA. Gast & Co.St Louis
August Gast & CoGast & Co. Lith.St Louis
August Gast & CoGastSt Louis, New York & San Francisco
August Gast Bank Note CoA. Gast Bank Note & Litho. Co.St Louis
August Gast Bank Note CoAug. Gast Bank Note Co.St Louis
August Gast Bank Note CoA. Gast Bank Note Co.St Louis
B BannonB. Bannon, PrintPottsville, PA
B Bosqui & CoB. Bosqui & Co. Lith.San Francisco
B F Wade CoThe B. F. Wade Co., PrintersToledo
B Wilkins & CoB. Wilkins & Co.Boston
Bacon & CompanyBacon & Company, Printers
Baker & DuyckinckBaker & Duyckinck, StationersNew York
Baker & GodwinBaker & Godwin, PrintersNew York
Baker & RandolphBaker & RandolphIndianapolis
Bakewell & MarthensBakewell & Marthens, orintPittsburgh
Bald Cousland & CoBald & CouslandNew York
Bald Cousland & CoBald, Cousland & Co.New York & Philadelphia
Baldwin & Gleason CoBaldwin & Gleason Co LtdNew York
Baldwin Adams & CoBaldwin, Adams & Co.New York
Baldwin Bald & CouslandBaldwin, Bald & CouslandNew York
Baltimore Publishing CoThe Baltimore Publishing Co, PrintBaltimore
Bangor Publishing CoBangor Pub. CoBangor, ME
Bankers & Merchants Lithographing CoBankers & Merchants Litho. Co.Kansas City, MO
Bankers Stationery Supply CoBankers' Stationery Supply CoChicago
Bankers Supply CoBanker's Supply Co.Chicago
Banknote Corp of AmericaBanknote Corporation of America
Banner OfficeBanner OfficeAthens, GA
Bantz Clayton & BurtonBantz, Clayton & Burton Lith.Hamilton, Ont.
Barton-Gillet CoBarton-Gillet Co.Baltimore
Bazin & ChandlerBazin & Chandler, Printers
Beacon Lithographing CoBeacon Lith. Co.Boston
Beals & GreeneBeals & Greene, PrintersBoston
Bells Steam PrintBell's Steam PrintRoanoke, VA
Benjamin D BensonBenj. D. Benson, StationerNew York
Benjamin D Benson & SonBenj. D. Benson & Son LithographersNew York
Benjamin F CorliesBenj. F. Corlies, StationerNew York
Benjamin LevyBenjamin LevyNew Orleans
Bergess & TrippBergess & TrippNew York
Berry & HowellBerry & Howell, PrintersOrangeburg, SC
Biglow & BleekerBiglow & Bleeker, StationerNew York
Bingham Dodd & CoLith. of Bingham, Dodd & Co.Hartford, CT
Blade Printing & Paper CoBlade P. & P. Co.Toledo, OH
Blade Printing & Paper CoBlade Printing and Paper Co.Toledo, OH
Blakely Printing CoBlakely Printing Co.Chicago
Blakely-Marsh Printing CoThe Blakely-Marsh Printing Co.Chicago
Blelock & CoBlelock & Co, PrintersMemphis
Blundell TaylorBlundell Taylor
Bogardus & LewisBogardus & LewisBuffalo, NY
Border CoBorder Co.
Borough of New Hope PennsylvaniaBorough of New Hope, Pennsylvania
Boston Bank Note Lithographing CoBoston Bank Note & Lith'g Co.Boston
Boston Bank Note Lithographing CoBoston Bank Note Lith. Co.Boston
Boston PostBoston PostBoston
Boud & StockhausenBoud & Stockhausen
Boughman Thomas & CoBoughman, Thomas & CoWilmington, DE
Bowles Printing CorpBowles Ptg. Corp.San Fancisco
Bowne & HasbrouckBowne & HasbrouckNew York
Bradbury Wilkinson & Co LtdBradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd.New Malden, England
Bradbury Wilkinson & Co LtdBradbury Wilkinson & Co Ltd. EngraversLondon
Braden & Burford Steam LithoBraden & Burford Steam Litho. IndustriesIndianapolis, IN
Bradley & Gilbert CoBradley & Gilbert CoLouisville, KY
Bradley & Power PrintBradley & Power, Print.Cincinnati
Bradley & WebbBradley & Webb, Stationers and PrintersCincinnati
Brady Printing CoThe Brady Printing CoChattanooga
Braid & Hutton IncBraid & Hutton, IncSavannah, GA
BrandtBrandt, Printer
Breuker & Kessler CoBreuker & Kessler, Lith.Philadelphia
British American Bank Note CoBritish American Bank Note Co.Ottawa
Britton & CoBritton & Co.San Francisco
Britton & ReyBritton & ReySan Francisco
Britton & ReyLith Britton & ReySan Francisco
Brooks Bank Note CoBrooks Bank Note Co.New York
Brooks CoThe Brooks Co, Litho.Cleveland
Broun Green & AdamsBroun, Green & AdamsNew York
Broun-Green CoThe Broun-Green Co.New York
Browers BrosBrowers Bros. StationersNew York
Brown & WilsonBrown & WilsonNew York
Brown Eager & Hull CoThe Brown Eager & Hull Co.Toledo, OH
Brown Printing CoBrown Printing CoLittle Rock, AR
Brown Tracey & CoBrown Tracey & Co.St Paul
Bryon & SonBryon & Son, Printers and Stationers
Buffalo Bank Note CoBuffalo Bank Note Co.Nuffalo, NY
Bufford BrosBufford Bro'sNew York
Bugler Litho CoBugler Litho. Co.Milwaukee
Bullard Printing HouseBullard Printing HouseWheeling, WV
Burges & JamesBurges & James, prsCharleston, NC
Burk & McFetridge CoBurk & McFetridge Co., Lith.Philadelphia
Burk & McFetridge CoBurk & McFetridge Co., Prs.Philadelphia
BurleyBurley, Stationer
BurleyBurleys, StationersChicago
BurleyBurley & Co, StationersChicago
Burrows & CoBurrows & Co, PrintersDayton, OH
Busong & CoBusong & Co.Portland OR
Bussy Ellerman HarmsBussy Ellerman Harms B.V.Amsterdam
Bussy Ellerman HarmsDruk de Bussy Ellerman Harms BVAmsterdam
Butler & KelleyButler & KelleyNew York
Buxton & SkinnerBuxton & SkinnerSt Louis
Buxton & SkinnerBuxton & Skinner Lith.St Louis
C C Bowen & SonC. C. Bowen & Son
C C ChildsC. C. Childs, PrinterNew York
C C P MoodyC. C. P. Moody, PrinterBoston
C Clark & Co Ben Franklin Printing HouseC. Clark & Co. Ben Franklin Printing HouseCincinnati
C Clement PrinterC. Clement, PrinterRacine, WI
C DrewC. Drew, PrinterJacksonville, FL
C E KrackC. E. KrackNew York
C E O'SullivanC. E. O'Sullivan, Printer
C F Bradley & CoC. F. Bradley & Co. StationersCincinnati
C F Bradley & CoC. F. BradleyCincinnati
C F Bradley & CoC. F. Bradley & Co., PrintersCincinnati
C F Hoeckel B B CoThe C. F. Hoeckel B. B. Co.
C F Thomas & CoC. F. Thomas & Co.Wilmington, DE
C G BurgoyneC G BurgoyneNew York
C G Craford & CoC. G. Craford & Co., StationersNew York
C GutzmannImp. C. GutzmannParis
C JourgensenC. JourgensenNew York
C O JonesC. O. Jones, StationerNew York
C O JonesC. O. JonesNew York
C R HanlelterC. R. Hanlelter, PrinterAtlanta
C S AxtellC. S. AxtellSpringfield
C S Rice & CoC S Rice & CoDenver
C W BenedictC. W. BenedictNew York
C W BleekerC. W. Bleeker, StationerNew York
C W SherwoodC. W. Sherwood, Lith.Chicago
California Lithographing CoCalifornia Litho. Co.San Francisco
Calvert LithographyCalvert & Co. Lith.Detroit
Calvert LithographyThe Calvert Lith Co.Detroit
Cambridgeport Diary CoCambridgeport Diary Co, StationersBoston
Cameron Amberg & CoCameron, Amberg & Co.Chicago
Cameron Amberg & CoCameron, Amberg & Co. Stationers and PrintersChicago
Cameron Amberg & CoCameron, Amberg & Co. PrintChicago
Canada Bank Note CoCanada Bank Note Co, Ltd.Toronto
Canada Engraving & Lithographing CoThe Canada Eng. & Litho. Co., Ltd
Cargill CoThe Cargill Co.Houston
Caribbean Security PrintingCaribbean Security Ptg
Carl Schleicher & SchüllCarl Schleicher & SchüllDüren
Carson Appeal PrintCarson Appeal Print.
Carson& ArmstrongCarson& Armstrong StationersNew Orleans
Case Tiffany & CoCase, Tiffany & Co.Hartford, CT
Casilear Durand Burton & EdmondsCasilear, Durand, Burton & EdmondsNew York
Central Banknote CoCentral Banknote Co.
Century Lithographing CoCentury Lith. Co.Philadelphia
Champion PrintChampion PrintAtchison, KS
ChandlerChandler, PrPhiladelphia
Charles A SearingCharles A. SearingNew York
Charles A SearingCharles A. Searing, StationerNew York
Charles F Ketcham & CoChas. F. KetchamNew York
Charles F Ketcham & CoCharles F. Ketcham & CoNew York
Charles F Ketcham & CoChas. F. Ketcham, Stationer and PrinterNew York
Charles F Ketcham & CoCharles. F. KetchamNew York
Charles F Muntz & CoChas. F. Muntz & Co. Lith.Rochester, NY
Charles H Clayton & CoC.H. Clayton & Co.New York
Charles H Clayton & CoChas. H Clayton & Co., StationersNew York
Charles H Clayton & CoCharles H. Clayton & Co.New York
Charles H Elliott CoThe Chas. H. Elliott Co.Philadelphia
Charles I BarkerChas. I. Barker, Steam Printer
Charles M CornwellChas. M. Cornwell, StationerNew York
Charles M CornwellC. M. Cornwell, Lith.New York
Charles M CornwellCharles M. CornwellNew York
Charles M CornwellCharles M. Cornwell, LithographerNew York
Charles Shober & CoChas. Shober & Co.Chicago
Charles Shober & CoCharles Shober & Co.Chicago
Charles Shober & CoChas. Shober & Co. Props & Chicago Lithg. Co.Chicago
Charles SkipperCharles Skipper
Charles Skipper & EastCharles Skipper & East, PrintersLondon
Charles Skipper & EastCharles Skipper & EastLondon
Charles Toppan & CoCharles Toppan & Co.Philadelphia
Charleston Tribune Lithographing CoTribune Lith. Co.Charleston, WV
Chicago Daily DemocratChicago Daily Democrat
Chicago Lithograph CoChicago Lithograph Co.Chicago
Chipron Stamp CoChipron Stamp Co/Los Angeles
Chronicle & Sentinel PrintingChron. & Sent. Print.
Cincinnati Gazette PrintCincinnati Gazette Print.Cincinnati
Clarion Steam PrintClarion Steam PrintJackson, MS
Clark & RasserClark & RasserPhiladelphia
Clarke & CourtsClarke & Courts StationersGalveston
Clarke & CourtsClarke & Courts LithGalveston
Clarks, PrintersClarks, PrintersPhiladelphia
Clauder Printing CoClauder Printing Co.
Claudius Tidey CoClaudius Tidey Co.Norwich Ontario
Clay Cosack & CoClay Cosack & Co.Buffalo NY
Cleveland Herald PrintCleveland Herald PrintCleveland
Clifton & Hillburn Job PrintersClifton & Hillburn, Job PrintersEaston, PA
Col B B Mfg Co (secondary printer)The Col. B. B. Mfg. Co.
Cole Lithographing CoCole Litho Co.Chicago
Collier & CleavelandCollier & Cleaveland, Lith.Denver
Collier & CleavelandCollier & Cleveland, Lith. Co. Printers.Denver
Collins Bowne & CoCollins Bowne & Co.New York
Columbian Bank Note CoColumbian Bank Note Co.
Combe Printing CoCombe LithoSt Joseph, MO
Comlys Printers - Dayton Journal Job OfficeComlys Printers - Dayton Journal Job OfficeDayton
Commercial Advertiser PrintCom'l Adv. PrintBuffalo
Commercial PrintCommercial PrintToledo
Commonwealth Printing HouseCommonwealth Printing HouseTopeka, KS
Compañia Litografica de la HabanaCompañia Litografica de la HabanaHavana
Conrad LutzConrad LutzBurlington, IA
Continental Bank Note CoContinental Bank Note Co.New York
Cooke Bank Note CoCooke Bank Note Co.New York
Coolidge & WileyCoolidge & Wiley, Pr.
Co-operative Printing CoCo-operative Printing Co
Cootey CoThe Cootey CompanyMinnesapolis
Corlies Macy & CoR. P. Corlies & Macy, StationersNew York
Corlies Macy & CoCorlies, Macy & Co.New York
Corlies Macy & CoR. P. Corlies, Macy & Co., StationersNew York
Corlies Macy & CoCorlies, Macy & Co., StationersNew York
Corporation Supply Co (secondary printer)Corporation Supply Co.Chicago
Cosack & CoCosack & Co.Buffalo, NY
Cotton & GouldCotton & GouldBoston
Courier Job PressCourier Job Press
Courier PrintCourier PrintWinfield, KS
Courier-Journal LithographyThe Courier Lith. Co.Buffalo, NY
Courier-Journal LithographyCourier-Journal Lith.Louisville
Cowan McClure & CoCowan McClure & Co.
Craig Finley & CoCraig, Finley & Co.Philadelphia
Crawford & ReynoldsCrawford & ReynoldsNew York
Crissy & MarkleyCrissy & Markley, PrintersPhiladelphia
Crockers PrintCrocker's PrintSacramento
Culver Page Hoyne & CoCulver, Page, Hoyne, & Co. PrintersChicagp
Culver Page Hoyne & CoCulver, Page, Hoyne, & Co. StationersChicago
Cumberland Office Supply CoThe Cumberland Office Supply CoCumberland, MD
Cunnigham Curtiss & WelchCunnigham, Curtiss & Welch, StationersSan Francisco
Curtiss & WhiteCurtiss & WhiteUtica, NY
Cushungs & BaileyCushungs & BaileyBaltimore
Cutter Tower & CoCutter Tower & Co.Boston & New York
Cutter Tower & CoCutter Tower & Co.Boston
Cutter Tower & CoCutter Tower & Co., Stationers and PrintersNew York
D A WoodsworthD. A. WoodsworthNew York
D M HoganD. M. HoganPhiladelphia
D McLellanD. McLellan, Lith.New York
D Pelt & HosfordD. Pelt & HosfordNew York
Daggett Printing CoThe Daggett Printing Co.Charleston, SC
Daily and Weekly Delta OfficeThe Daily and Weekly 'Delta' OfficeNew Orleans, LA
Daily Freeman Steam PrintDaily Freeman Steam Print.Kingston, NY
Daily Messenger Book & JobDaily Messenger Book & JobOwensboro, KY
Damrell & MooreDamrell & Moore
Danforth Bald & CoDanforth Bald & Co.Philadelphia
Danforth Spencer & HuftyDanforth, Spencer & HuftyNew York
Danforth Wright & CoDanforth, Wright & Co.New York and Philadelphia
Daniel O'DonnelDan'l O'Donnel, lithPhiladelphia
Daniel O'DonnelDaniel O'DonnelPhiladelphia
Data Business FormsData Business Forms
David F Williamson CoDavid F. Williamson Co.Buffalo NY
David Felt & CoDavid Felt & CoNew York
David SteelDavid Steel successor to Himes the PrinterPortland, OR
Dayton GazetteDayton Gazette PrintDayton, OH
Dayton JournalDayton Journal Job OfficeDayton, OH
Dayton JournalDayton Journal PrintDayton, OH
de Brakke Grondde Brakke GrondAmstedam
de la Rue & Code la Rue & Co.
Dement Printing CoDement Printing Co.Meridian, MS
Democrat Lithography and Printing CoDemocrat Litho. and Print Co.St Louis
Democrat PrintDemocrat Print.
Democrat Steam PressDemocrat Steam PressGrand Rapids, MI
Democratic Press PrintDemocratic Press PrintChicago
Denison & SonDenison & SonNew York, Boston
Denison & SonDenison & Sons, LithoNew York
Denison Smith & CoDenison Smith & Co, StationersNew York
Dennison & BrownDennison & BrownNew York
Dennison & BrownDennison & Brown, Lith.New York
Denver Lithographing CoThe Denver Lith Co.Denver
Denver Lithographing CoDenver Litho. Co.Denver
Devoe & CramptonDevoe & Crampton, StationersRock Island, IL
Dewey & EakinsDewey & EakinsPhiladelphia
Doane & GreenoughDoane & GreenoughBoston
Dodge & GrattonDodge & GrattonNew York
Dodson & ScottDodson & Scott, PrintersAtlanta
Doherty & CoDoherty & Co. Printers
Doniat & ZastrowLith. by Doniat & ZastrowMilwaukee, WI
Dorsey Printing CoDorsey Printing CoDallas, TX
Dorsey-LithoDorsey-LithoDallas, TX
DouglassDouglass Pr.
Draper Toppan Carpenter & CoDraper Toppan Carpenter & Co.
Draper Toppan, Longacre & CoDraper, Toppan, Longacre & Co.Philadelphia, New York
Draper Underwood Bald & SpencerDraper Underwood Bald & SpencerPhiladelphia
Draper Welsh & CoDraper, Welsh & Co.Philadelphia
Durand Baldwin & CoDurand, Baldwin & Co.New York
Duross BrosDuross Bros. PrintersPhiladelphia
Dutton & WentworthDutton & Wentworth, PrintersBoston
Duval Williams & DuvalDuval, Williams & Duval, Lith.Philadelphia
Dwight & M H JacksonDwight & M. H. JacksonChicago
E A HammondE. A. Hammond, StationerBoston
E A Kingsland & CoE. A. Kingsland & CoNew York
E A Lewis & CoE. A. Lewis & Co, StationersBridgeport, CT
E A Wright Bank Note CoE. A. Wright Bank Note Co.Philadelphia
E B Claytons SonsE. B. Clayton's Sons, StationersNew York
E B Claytons SonsE. B. Clayton's SonsNew York
E B YoungE. B. YoungBaltimore
E C LockwoodE. C. LockwoodNew York
E G & H B StorerE. G. & H. B. Storer, PrintersNew Haven, CT
E G Christoph Lithographing CoE. G. Christoph Lith Co.Chicago
E H LiskE. H. Lisk, Printer and StationerTroy, NY
E I AguilarE. I. Aguilar
E Johns & CoE. Johns & Co.New Orleans
E KetterlinusE. Ketterlinus, Lith.Philadelphia
E L Freeman & SonE. L. Freeman & Son, StationersProvidence, RI
E M UzzellE. M. Uzzell, Printer and BinderRaleigh, NC
E M WaiteE. M. Waite, Steam PrinterSalem, OR
E N GrattonE. N. GrattonPhiladelphia
E N Moore & CoE. N. Moore & Co., Prs.Boston
E R Budden & SonBudden & Son, LithAtlanta
E R Budden & SonBudden & Son, LithographersAtlanta
E R Budden & SonE. R. Budden & SonAtlanta
E S Skinner & CoE. S. Skinner & Co.Chicago
E S Skinner & CoE. S. Skinner & Co, StationersChicago
E Sachse & CoSachse & Co. Lith.Baltimore
E ShepardE. Shepard, Pr.Cincinnati
E Wells SackettE. Wells SackettNew York
E Wells Sackett & BrotherE. Wells, Sackett & BroNew York
E Wells Sackett & RankinE. Wells, Sackett & RankinNew York
E. F. WeeksE. F. WeeksNew York
Eagle and EnquirerEagle and Enquirer, print.
Eagle Printing HouseEagle Printing HousePoughkeepsie, NY
Eastburns PressEastburn's PressBoston
Eastern Bank Note CoEastern Bank Note Co.Philadelphia
Eastman PrintEastman Print
Eaton Register PrintEaton Register Print
Eaton Weekly Register PrintEaton Weekly Register Print
Echo Steam Printing HouseEcho Steam Printing HouseKeyser, WV
Edgar C Rowe Co IncEdgar C Rowe Co. Inc.New York
Edward Denny & CoEdward Denny & Co, PrintersSan Francisco
Edward MendelEdw. MendelChicago
Edward MendelEd. MendelChicago
Edward V BrokawEdward V. BrokawNew York
Edward V Brokaw & BroEdward V. Brokaw & Bro.New York
Edwards & BroughtonEdwards & Broughton, PrintersRaleigh, NC
Edwards & Franklin CoEdwards & Franklin Co.Youngstown, OH
Egbert Fidland & ChambersEgbert Fidland & Chambers, Prs.Davenport, IA
Ehrgott & KrebsEhrgott & Krebs Lith.Cincinnati
Ehrgott Forbriger & CoEhrgott, Forbriger & Co.Cincinnati
Eichbaum PressThe Eichbaum PressPittsburgh
Eli MaynardEli MaynardUtica, NY
Ellerman Harms & CoEllerman, Harms & Co.Amsterdam, NED
ElletsonElletson, Pr.Parkersburg, WV
Endicott & CoEndicott & Co.New York
Enquirer PrintEnquirer Print
Enterprise Job PrintEnterprise Print (job printing office of Territorial Enterprise)(Nevada Territory)
Enterprise Job PrintEnterprise Job Print (Territorial Enterprise)(Nevada Territory)
Enterprise PrintEnterprise PrintDecatur City IA
Enterprise Steam PrintEnterprise Steam Print
Erastus F DunaErastus F. Duna, StationerRockland, ME
Estee & SmithEstee & SmithNew York
Eugene R Cole StationerEugene R. Cole, StationerNew york
EvansEvans Pr
EvansEvans, PrPhiladelphia
Evans & CogswellEvans & CogswellColumbia, SC
Evansville Journal Job OfficeEvansville Journal Job OfficeEvanville, IN
Evening Call PrintEvening Call Print.
Evening Post Job Printing OfficeEvening Post Job Printing OfficeNew York
Evening Post PrintEvening Post Print
Excelsior PrintExcelsior PrintQuincy, IL
Excelsior Printing WorksExcelsior Printing Works
Excelsior-Legal IncExcelsior-Legal Inc.Norcross, GA
F BourquinF. Bourquin
F C PaxsonF. C. PaxsonPhiladelphia
F L ButmanF. L. ButmanBoston
F MichelinLith. of F. MichelinNew York
F R WarleyF. R. WarleyNew York
F S Dodge & CoF. S. Dodge & Co., Printers & StationersNew York
F S Dodge & CoF. S. Dodge & Co.New York
F W GeoF. W. Geo.
Fairbank Benedict & CoFairbank, Benedict & Co., PrintersCleveland
Falconer CoThe Falconer Co.Baltimore
Falls City Lthograph & Job Printiing CoFalls City Ltho. Co.Louisville, KY
Falls City Lthograph & Job Printiing CoFalls City Lth. Co.Louisville, KY
Farmer Bank Note CoFarmer Bank Note Co.Boston
FassettFassett, PrinterSt Joseph, MO
Federated Banknote Printing CoFederated Banknote Co
Federated Banknote Printing CoFederated Banknote Printing Co.
Ferd J FickerFerd. J. FickerNew York
Ferdinand Mayer & CoFerd. MayerNew York
Ferdinand Mayer & CoFerd. Mayer & Co. Lith.New York
Ferdinand Mayer & CoFerd. Mayer & Co., LithographersNew York
Ferdinand Mayer & SonsFerd. Mayer & Sons, Gen'l Lithog.New York
Ferris BrothersFerris Bros.Wilmington, DE
Fisher & FieldFisher & FieldNew York
Floridian PrintFloridian PrintTallahassee, FL
Forbes CoForbes Co.Boston
Forman Basset CoForman Basset CoCleveland
Forman-Bassett-Hatch CoForman-Bassett-Hatch Co.Cleveland
Foster & EppleyFoster & EppleyNew York
Foster & Parkes CoFoster & Parkes Co.
Foster Gerrish & CoFoster, Gerrish & Co, PrintersPortland, ME
Foster Gerrish & CoFoster & Gerrish, PrintersPortland, ME
Francis & LoutrelFrancis & Loutrel, PrintersNew York
Francis & LoutrelFrancis & Loutrel, StationersNew York
Francis & LoutrelFrancis & LoutrelNew York
Francis & ValentineFrancis & Valentine, Printers and EngraversSan Francisco
Francis Hart & CoFrancis Hart & Co., Printers and StationersNew York
Francis Hart & CoFrancis Hart & Co, PrintersNew York
Francis Hart & CoHart, PrinterNew York
Frank G ReadFrank G. ReadNew York
Frank L ThresherFrank L. Thresher, PrinterMinneapolis, MN
Franklin Bank Note CoFranklin Bank Note Co.New York
Franklin Engraving & Printing CoFranklin Engraving & Printing Co.
Franklin Lee Bank Note CoFranklin Lee Bank Note Co.New York
Franklin PressFranklin PressPueblo, CO
Franklin Printing & Publishing CoFranklin Prtg. & Pub. Co.Atlanta
Franklin Printing CoFranklin Printing Co.Philadelphia
Franklin Printing HouseFranklin Printing HouseBoston
Franklin Printing HouseFranklin Prtg. HouseAtlanta
Franklin Printing RoomsFranklin Printing RoomsMadison, IN
Fredonian PrintFredonian PrintNew Brunswick, NJ
G A Spin & ZoonG. A. Spin & ZoonAmsterdam
G H DunstonG. H. Dunston, Lith.Buffalo, NY
G H IvesG. H. Ives, Pr.Philadelphia
G W & C B Colton & CoG. W. & C. B. Colton & Co.New York
G W GouldG. W. GouldAlbany, NY
GarfieldsGarfields, PrintersFitchburg, MA
Gary Clemmitt & JonesGary, Clemmitt & Jones, PrintersRichmond, VA
Gate City PrintGate City Pr.
Gavit & CoGavit & Co.Albany, NY
Gazette CoGazette Co, PrintersFort Wayne, IN
Gazette JournalLith. by Gazette JournalHastings, NE
Gazette JournalGazette JournalHastings, NE
Gebroeders BingerBoek-, Kunst- en Handelsdrukkerij v/h Gebroeders BingerAmsterdam
Gebroeders BingerBoekdruck van Gebroeders Binger
Gebroeders BingerGedrukt bij Gebroders BingerAmsterdam
General Lithographing & Printing CoGeneral Litho & Ptg Co.Seattle
Geo I StatesGeorge I. States, LithographerNew York
George C Rand & AveryGeo. C. Rand & Avery, PrintersBoston
George D Barnard & CoGeo. D Barnard & Co.St Louis
George E LeefeGeorge E. LeefeNew York
George E Marshall & CoGeo. E. Marshall & Co, StationersChicago
George F KellerGeo. F. KellerNew York
George F Nesbitt & CoGeorge F. Nesbitt & Co.New York
George F Nesbitt & CoGeorge F. Nesbitt, PrinterNew York
George F Nesbitt & CoGeorge F. Nesbitt, Stationer and PrinterNew York
George F Nesbitt & CoG. F. Nesbitt, Stationer and Printer
George F Nesbitt & CoGeo. F. Nesbitt & Co.New York
George H BakerGeo. H. Baker, Lith.San Francisco, CA
George H BakerGeo. H. BakerSan Francisco, CA
George H Denny & CoGeo. H. Denny & CoSt Louis
George H Ellis CoGeo. H. Ellis Co.Boston
George H Ellis CoGeo. H. Ellist, PrinterBoston
George L GarriguesGeorge L. Garrigues, Steam Print.Philadelphia
George MackGeo. MackNew York
George N NicholsGeo. N. NicholsSavannah, GA
George S Harris & SonsGeorge S Harris & Sons, Lith.Philadelphia
George Scott RoeGeorge Scott Roe, Stationer and PrinterNew York
George Scott RoeG. S. Roe, Stationer and PrinterNew York
George W AverellGeo. W Averell, Lith.New York
George W CraneGeo. W. Crane Publishing Co.Topeka
George W CraneGeo. W. Crane & Co., Printers and BindersTopeka
George W CraneGeo. W. Crane & Co.Topeka
George W CraneGeo. W. Crane, Printer, Binder and StationerTopeka
George W CraneThe Geo. W. Crane Publishing Co.Topeka
German & BrothersGerman & Bro. Lith.Louisville
Gibson & CoGibson & Co.Cincinnati, OH
Gibson BrothersGibson Bros. Prs.Washington
Gibson Miller & RichardsonGibson, Miller & Richardson, PrintersOmaha, NE
Gibson Miller & RichardsonGibson, Miller & RichardsonOmaha, NE
Gies & CoGies & Co.Buffalo, NY
Giesecke & DevrientGiesecke & DevrientBerlin, Leipzig
GilmoreGilmore PrinterDubuque, IA
Glass & PrudhommeGlass & Prudhomme, Printers and Lithos.Portland, OR
Globe Lithographing CoGlobe Litho Co.New York
Globe Stationers & PrintersGlobe Stationers & Printers
Glutas & DuttonGlutas & DuttonSan Francisco
Goes Lithographing CoGoes Lithographing CoChicago
Goodwin & DriskeGoodwin & Driske, PrintersBoston
Gotshall & MartinsGotshall & Martin's PrintingCanton, OH
Gould & HuttonGould & Hutton, Printers & Lithographers
Gould & HuttonGould & HuttonNew York
Gowdy-Simmons CoThe Gowdy-Simmons Co.Colorado Springs
Graham & Co.Graham & Co.New York
Grant & Sons LtdGrant & Sons LtdVancouver, BC
Gray Smallwood & CoGray, Smallwood & Co., PrintersHouston
Greenfield Vedette PrintGreenfield Vedette Print
Griffith & ByrneGriffith & Byrne
Griggs Watson & DayGriggs Watson & Day, PrintersDavenport, IA
Guardian PrintGuardian PrintPaterson, NJ
Guggenheimer & WeilGuggenheimer & Weil. Prs.Baltimore
Gugler Lithographic CoThe Gugler Litho. Co.Milwaukee, WI
H & E F JamesH. & E. F. James, PrintersWilmington, DE
H C Smith & CoH. C. Smith & Co.New York
H CogswellH. Cogswell & Co., StationersNew York
H CogswellH. Cogswell, Printer and StationerNew York
H CogswellH. Cogswell, StationerNew York
H D Angel CoH. D. Angel CoBoston
H D DumontH. D. Dumont, Lith.New York
H E Nelson & CoH. E. Nelson & Co.Newark, NJ
H FergusonH. FergusonAlbany, NY
H G LeisenringH. G. LeisenringSt Paul
H G LoisearingH. G. LoisearingPhiladelphia
H J Nale & SonH. J. Nale & SonNew York
H L PenfieldH. L. Penfield, LithNew York
H M Smyth Printing CoH. M. Smyth Print Co.St. Paul
H O MeekerH. O. MeekerNew York
H S CrockerLith. H. S. Crocker CompanySan Francisco
H S CrockerH. S. Crocker Co.San Francisco
H S CrockerH S CrockerSan Francisco
H S CrockerCrocker & Co. pt.San Francisco
H S CrockerCrocker & Co.San Francisco
H S Taylor PrinterH. S. Taylor, PrinterNew York
H W Rodman GazetteH. W. Rodman, GazetteSaybrook, IL
H Wade & CoH. Wade & Co.Memphis, TN
Haas & KelleyHaas & KelleyBuffalo, NY
HackettHackett Print.
Hal White CoHal White Co.Oakland, CA
Hall & O'Donald Lithographing CoHall & O'Donald Litho. Co, PrintersTopeka, KS
Hall Lithographing CoHall Litho. Co.Topeka
Hall, Clayton & MedoleHall, Clayton & Medole, PrintersNew York
Hamilton & AdamsHamilton & Adams Stationers & PrintersNew York
Hamilton Bank Note CoHamilton Bank Note Co.New York
Hanford & WoolHanford & Wool, Printers, Stationers, &e.
Hani Armor & FernhokeHani Armor & Fernhoke Lith.Pittsburgh
Hannum, PrinterHannum, PrinterWilkes-Barre, PA
HarperHarper, printersCincinnati
Harris Fairbanks & CoPress of Harris, Fairbanks & Co.Cleveland, OH
Harrison & SonsHarrison & Sons, Lith.London
Hart & MapotherHart & Mapother, Prs.Louisville, KY
Hasbrouck Thistle & CoHasbrouck, Thistle & Co.New York
Haskell Printing CoHaskell Printing Co.Atchison, KS
Hass & KleinHass & Klein, Prs.Buffalo
Hasslock & AmbroseHasslock & Ambrose, PrintersNashville, TN
Hatch & CoHatch & Co.New York
Hatch Lithographic CoThe Hatch Lithographic Co.New York
Haven PrintHaven, PrintPittsburgh
Hay Bros & HiltorffHay Bros. & HiltorffNew York
Heinicke-Fiegel Lithographing CoHeinicke-Fiegel Lithographing Co.St. Louis
Heinicke-Fiegel Lithographing CoHeinicke-Fiegel Lith. Co.St Louis
Heinicke-Fiegel Lithographing CoHFLCo (Heinike-Fiegel Litho. Co.)St. Louis
Helfenstein & LewisHelfenstein & Lewis, Lith.Philadelphia
Helfenstein Lewis & GreeneHelfenstein, Lewis & Greene, LithPhiladelphia
Henderson Lithographic CoThe Henderson Litho Co.Cincinnati
Henderson-Achert-Krebs Lithographing CoThe Henderson-Achert-Krebs Lith. Co.Cincinnati
Henry Anstice & CoHenry Anstice & Co, StationersNew York
Henry Anstice & CoHenry Anstice & Co.New York
Henry K BrewerH. K. Brewer & CoNew York
Henry K BrewerH. K. BrewerNew York
Henry K BrewerHenry K. Brewer & Co., StationersNew York
Henry Seibert & Brothers CoHenry Seibert & BrosNew York
Henry Seibert & Brothers CoHenry Seibert & Bro. EngraversNew York
Henry Seibert & Brothers CoHenry Seibert & Bro. Lith.New York
Henry Seibert & Brothers CoHenry Seibert & Bro. Co.New York
Heppenheimer & MaurerHeppenheimer & MaurerNew York
Herald PressHerald PressOmaha
Herald PrintHerald PrintCleveland
Herald PrintHerald PrintDallas
Herald Steam PrintHerald Steam Print
Herline & CoHerline & Co., Lith.Philadelphia
Hess & BrennanHess & Brennan, PrintersTerre Haute, IN
Hobbs & Warren CoHobbs & Warren Co.Boston
Hogan & BechtelHogan & Bechtel Stationers
Hogan & ThompsonHogan & ThompsonPhiladelphia
Homer LeeHomer LeeMansfield OH
Homer Lee Bank Note CoHomer Lee Bank Note Co.New York
Hooper Lewis & CoHooper, Lewis & Co.Boston
Horace DrewHorace DrewJacksonville, FL
Hosford & CoHosford & Co.New York
Hosford & KetchumHosford & KetchumNew York
Hosford & SonsHosford & Sons, PrintersNew York
Hosford & SonsHosford & SonsNew York
Hosford & SonsHosford & Sons, LithographersNew York
Hosford & SonsHosford & Sons, Stationers and PrintersNew York
Howell Lithographing CoHowell Lith. Co.Hamilton, ONT
Huber & WalterHuber & WalterPaterson, NJ
Hudden & SonHudden & SonAtlanta
Hudson-Kimberly Publishing CoHudson-Kimberly Pub. Co.Kansas City, MO
Humming Bird PrintHumming Bird Print
Huston Ashmead & CoHuston, Ashmead & Co.Philadelphia
Huston Ashmead Smith CoHuston, Ashmead, Smith Co. Ltd.Philadelphia
I GuyotI. Guyot, Typ. et Lih.Brussels
I N Jones & SonI. N. Jones & Son PrintRichmond, VA
Ihling Brothers & EverardIhling Bros. & EverardKalamazoo, MI
Indiana State Journal Steam PressIndiana State Journal Steam Press
Inquirer Job Printing OfficeInquirer Job Printing OfficePhiladelphia
Intelligencer PressIntelligencer Press(prob WV)
International Bank Note CoInternational Bank Note Co.New York
Inter-State Publishing CoThe Inter-State Pub. Co.Kansas City, MO
Iredell Express Job OfficeIredell Express Job OfficeStatesville, NC
Irwin-Hudson CoThe Irwin-Hudson Co.Portland, OR
Isaac FriedenwaldI. Friedenwald Lith.Baltimore, MD
Ives & WalstromIves & Walstrom
J A H HasbrouckJ. A. H. HasbrouckNew York
J B Lippincott & CoJ. B. Lippincott & Co.Philadelphia
J B Wood Jr & CoJ. B. Wood Jr & Co, PrintersGreat Falls
J BienJ. BienNew York
J C & W L PowersJ. C. & W. L. Powers StationersNew York
J C Graham & CoJ. C. Graham & Co., PrintersSalt Lake City
J C Hall CoThe J. C. Hall Co.Providence, RI
J C HammettJ. C. HammettChicago
J C Lutz & CoJ.C. Lutz & Co.Springfield, MA
J D HammersleyJ. D. HammersleyRichmond, VA
J ErnestJ. ErnestNew York
J F FinkeldyJ. F. Finkeldy, Agt. Lith.Philadelphia
J F FinkeldyJ. F. Finkeldy, Lith. ofPhiladelphia
J Frank & SonsJ. Frank & SonsNew York
J G von ArxJ. G. von Arx Litho.New York
J Griffins PressJ. Griffin's Press
J H BuffordBufford Lith.Boston
J H BuffordJohn H. Bufford's Lith.Boston
J H BuffordJ. H. Bufford's Lith.Boston
J H Buffords SonsJ. H. Bufford's Sons Lith.Boston
J H Buffords SonsThe Bufford's Sons, LithoBoston
J H de BussyJ H van Druk de BussyAmsterdam
J H de BussyDruk van J. H. De BussyAmsterdam
J H de BussyDruk de BussyAmsterdam
J H Warner & John BenyJ. H Warner and John Beny
J H Warner CoJ. H. WarnerNew York
J H Warner CoJ. H. Warner Co.New York
J HaehalenJ. HaehalenPhiladelphia
J HaehalenHaehalen, Pr.Philadelphia
J HuftyJ. Hufty, StationerPhiladelphia
J HukenJ. Huken, Printer
J J ByersJ. J. Byers, Printer & StationerSan Francisco
J J EvansJ. J. Evans, Stationer & PrinterSan Francisco
J Knaurer & CoJ. Knaurer & CoMilwaukee, WI
J L FairbanksJ. L. Fairbanks, StationerBoston
J LirmanJ. Lirman, GraveurParis, France
J M RichardsJ. M. RichardsAugusta GA
J M W JonesJ. M. W. Jones StationerChicago
J M W JonesJ. M. W. Jones Sty & Ptg CoChicago
J M W JonesThe J. M. W. Jones Stationery & Printing Co.Chicago
J M W JonesThe J. M. W. Jones Stt & Ptg CoChicago
J MeyersJ. Meyers IncNew York
J MeyersJ. Meyers, Stat. & Ptg. Co.New York
J O Seymour & CoJ. O. Seymour & CoNew York
J O Seymour Kennard & HayJ. O. Seymour, Kennard & HayNew York
J O'FlynJ. O'FlynNew York
J P MurphyJ. P. Murphy, Pr.Philadelphia
J RobinsonJ. Robinson, Printer
J S BabcockJ. S. BabcockNew York
J T BronsseanJ. T. BronsseanQuebec
J T HammondJ. T. HammondNew Orleans
J T McCartyJ. T. McCarty, Printer
J T Paterson & CoJ. T. Paterson & Co.
J T PrinceJ. T. PrinceBoston
J W Burke & CoJ. W. Burke & Co, printersMacon, GA
J W Middleton & CoJ. W. Middleton & Co.Chicago
J. H. LyonJ. H. Lyon Printer
J. W. Franks & SonsJ. W. Franks & SonsPeoria, IL
JacksonJackson, Pr.Philadelphia
Jacob & HolmesJacob & Holmes PrintersChicago
Jacob SeibertJacob SeibertNew York
Jacques SandmeyerJacques Sandmeyer, Lith.New York
James & WebbJames & WebbWilmington, DE
James Buckley & CoJames Buckley & Co., Ltd.New Orleans
James Buckley & CoJames Buckley & Co.New Orleans
James J LangdonJas. J. LangdonChicago
James LucasJames Lucas
James Lucas & SonJ. S. Lucas & Son. Print
James Lucas & SonJas. Lucas & Son, Prs.
James Lucas & SonLucas and Son, PrsBaltimore, MD
James Lucas & SonJas. Lucas & Son's Steam Press
James M Anderson & SonJames M. Anderson & SonBaltimore
James McGuiganJames McGuigan, Litho.Philadelphia
James P Harrison & CoJas. P. Harrison & Co.Atlanta
Jeffries Banknote CoJeffries Banknote Co.
Jeffries Banknote CoJeffries Bank Note Co.Los Angeles
Jennings BrothersJennings Bros., Printers and Blank Book MakersMarshall, TX
Joh EnschedéJoh. EnschedéHaarlem, Netherlands
John A Lowell & CoJohn A. Lowell & CoBoston
John A Lowell & SonJohn A. Lowell & Son
John A Lowell Bank Note CoJohn A. Lowell Bank Note Co.Boston
John B JudsonJohn B. JudsonGloversville, NY
John C BealeJ. C. BealeNew York
John C BealeJohn C. BealeNew York
John C ClarkJohn C. ClarkPhiladelphia
John C ClarkJohn C. Clark, PrinterPhiladelphia
John C Rankin CoJohn C. Rankin Co.New York
John C Rankin JrJohn C. Rankin, Jr.New York
John F Eby & CoJohn F. Eby & Co., PrintersDetroit
John F TrowJohn F. Trow, PrinterNew York
John Ford & SonJohn Ford & Son, PrintersCambridge, MA
John H DuyckinckJohn H. Duyckinck StationerNew York
John H HallJohn H. HallAlbany, NY
John HamiltonJohn Hamilton, StationerNew York
John HamiltonJohn Hamilton Stationer and PrinterNew York
John J BloomfieldJohn J. Bloomfield, StationerNew York
John J CaulonJohn J Caulon, PrinterNew York
John M BurnetJohn M. Burnet
John MarshJohn MarshBoston
John Morris CoLith. John Morris Co.Chicago
John Morris CoJohn Morris Co.Chicago
John P MortonJohn P. Morton, PrintersLouisville
John PartridgePress of John PartridgeSan Francisco
John Polhemus Printing CoJohn Polhemus, Printer and Mf'g StationerNew York
John Polhemus Printing CoJohn Polhemus Printing Co.New york
John R McFetridge & SonsJohn R. McFetridge & Sons, Lith.Philadelphia
John SpencerJohn Spencer, Printer & BookbinderPhiladelphia
John W AmermanJohn W. Amerman, PrinterNew York
John Y SlaterJohn Y. Slater, printerBaltimore
JohnsonJohnson, Printer
JohnstonsJohnstons Print
Jonathan EllisJno. Ellis, EngraverToronto
Jones & WiliamsJones & Wiliams Lith.New York
Jordan Stationery CoJordan Stationery Co.New York
Joseph Eichbaum & CoJos. Eichbaum & Co, Print
Joseph Fachbaum & CoJos. Fachbaum & Co.Pittsburgh
Joseph R Matthwes & CoJos. R. Matthwes & CoPittsburgh
Journal CoJournal Co, Printer and BindersEvansville, IN
Journal Job PrintJournal Job PrintNorfolk, VA
Journal PressJournal Press
Julian B RobinsonJulian B. RobinsonWilmington
Kansas Publishing HouseKansas Publishing HouseTopeka
Kellogg & Bulkeley CoKellogg & BulkeleyHartford, CT
Kellow & BrownKellow & BrownLos Angeles
Kelly Piet & CoKelly & Piet, PrintBaltimore
Kelly Piet & CoKelly, Piet & Co.Baltimore
Kendall Bank Note CoKendall Bank Note Co.New York
Kennard & HayKennard & HayNew York
Kennard & HayKennard & Hay Stationery, Mfg & Printing Co.New York
Kent & NormanKent & Norman PrintersNew Albany, IN
Kentucky Lithographing CoKentucky Litho Co.Louisville
Kenyons PressKenyon's PressDes Moines
Kihn BrothersK. B.New York
King Fowle & KatzKing, Fowle & Katz, Printers
King PressThe King PressNew York
Klauprech & MezselKlauprech & Menzel's Lith.Cincinnati
Klim Linder & Bauer Lithographing CoKlin, Linder & Bauer, Litho Co.New York
Klopp & Bartlett CoKlopp & Bartlett Co. Litho.Omaha, NE
Knapp CoThe Knapp Co.New York
Knickerbocker Lithographing CoKnickerbocker Litho. Co.New York
Knight & LeonardKnight & Leonard, PrintersChicago
Korff Brothers & CoKorff BrothersNew York
Korff Brothers & CoKorff Bros. & Co.New York
Koues BrothersKoues BrothersNew York
Krebs Lithographing CoKrebs Lithographing Co.Cincinnati
L F Lawrence & CoL. F. Lawrence & Co.Boston
L F Lawrence & CoL. F. Lawrence & Co., Printers
L F Lawrence Adams & CoL. F. Lawrence, Adams & Co.Boston
L H BiglowL. H. Biglow & Co.New York
L H BiglowL. H. Biglow & Co., Printers & StationersNew York
L K Strouse & CoL. K. Strouse & Co.New York
L M GristL. M. Grist, PrinterYorkville, SC
L N RosenthalL. N. Rosenthal, lith.Phildelphia
L N RosenthalRosenthal Lith.Philadelphia
L S FosterL. S. Foster, StationerNew York
L W LawrenceL. W. LawrenceNew York
Lambert & LaneLambert & LaneNew York
Lane S HartLane S Hart, PrHarrisburg, PA
Langdon & RoundsLangdon & Rounds, Printers
Lansing Daily JournalLansing Daily Journal, Steam Printing HouseLansing, MI
Latimer Brothers & SeymourLatimer Brothers & Seymour, StationersNew York
Le Count BrothersLe Count Bros.San Francisco
Ledger Printing HouseLedger Printing HouseEmporia, KS
Legal Stationery CoLegal Stationery CoNew York
Lehman & BoltonLehman & Bolton, PrintersPhiladelphia
Lehman & BoltonLehman & Bolton, Inc.Philadelphia
Lehman & BoltonLehman & BoltonPhiladelphia
Lehman & BoltonLehman & Bolton, Lith.Philadelphia
Leopold Gast & Brother Lighograph CoLeop. Gast & Brother, Lith.St Louis
Leopold Gast & Brother Lighograph CoL. Gast & Bro.St Louis
Levison & BlytheLevison & BlytheSt Louis
Levison & BlytheLevison & Blythe, Staty Co.St Louis
Levison & BlytheLevison & Blythe, Prs.St Louis
Levison & BlytheLevison & Blythe, StationersSt Louis
Lewis & Dryden Lithographing CoLewis & Dryden Lith. Co.Portland, OR
Lewis & GreeneLewis & Greene, LithPhiladelphia
Lewiston Falls JournalLewiston Falls JournalLewiston Falls, ME
Lipman & RiddleLipman & Riddle, Lith.Milwaukee, WI
Lipman & RiddleLipman & Riddle, PtrMilwaukee, WI
Lisk & BarnumLisk & Barnum, PrintersTroy, NY
Lit Debray SucsLit Debray SucsMexico
Lon M MillerLon. M. Miller
Loring Short & HarmonLoring, Short & Harmon, StationersPortland, ME
Loring Short & HarmonLoring, Short & HarmonPortland, ME
Los Angeles Lithographic CoLos Angeles Lithographic Co.Los Angeles
Louisville Lithographing CoLouisville Lith. Co.Louisville, KY
Louisville Lithographing CoLouisville Lithographing Co.Louisville, KY
Louisville Steam Lithographing CoLouisville Steam Lithographing Co.Louisville, KY
Lucien Sanderson & CoLucien Sanderson & Co.Boston
Ludwig & KeatingeLudwig & Keatinge EngrsRichmond, VA
Luse & BrotherLuse & Bro., prLafayette, IN
Luse & GriggsLuse & Griggs, PrintersDavenport, IA
Lyman B BrooksLyman B. BrooksBoston
M Bradley & CoM. Bradley & Co.Springfield, MA
M Burr KeimM. Burr KeimPhiladelphia
M Cullaton & CoM. Cullaton & Co, PrintersRichmond, IN
M D Rider & CoM. D. Rider & Co, StationersChicago
M E Cunningham & CoM. E. Cunningham & Co.Pittsburg, PA
M H TraubelM. H. Traubel, Lith.Philadelphia
M K PelletreauM. K. PelletreauNew York
M Laughlin Brothers CoM. Laughlin Bros. CoPhiladelphia
M P FosterM. P. FosterNew York
M R DennisM R DennisNewark, NJ
M R WarrenM. R. Warren, StationerBoston
Macbrair Lithographing CoMacbrair Lith. Co.Cincinnati
Mackenzie Davis Lithographing CoMackenzie Davis Litho. Co.Pittsburgh
Macoy & HerewigMacoy & Herewig, StationersNew York
Mail Printing CoMail Printing Co.
Major & Knapp Engraving Manufacturing & Lithographic CoThe Major & Knapp Eng. Mfg. & Lith. Co.New York
Manhattan EngravingManhattan EngravingNew York
Mann Stearns & BealeMann, Stearns & BealeNew York
Marcel Charles Verneau & CieMarcel Charles Verneau & Cie.Paris, France
Markley & SonMarkley & Son Prs.Philadelphia
Mart & MapotherMart & Mapother, PrintersLouisville
Martin's Steams Printing HouseMartin's Steams Printing HouseNew York
Marx-Lyons CompanyMarx-Lyons CompanyPhiladelphia
MatchettMatchett, printer
Matthias PlumMatthias PlumNewark, NJ
Maverick & WissingerMaverick & WissingerNew York
Maverick Stephan & CoMaverick, Stephan & Co.New York
Mayer Merkel & Ottmann, Lithographing CoMayer, Merkel & Ottmann, Lith.New York
McEwan & FeildMcEwan & Feild Printers (spelling?)Provo, UT
McIlroy & EmmetMcIlroy & EmmetNew York
McKee Printiing CoMcKee Printiing CoButte, MT
McManusMcManus, Lith.Philadelphia
McNeil BrothersMcNeil Bros PrintSan Jose, CA
Memphis Eagle and EnquirerMemphis Eagle and EnquirerMemphis, TN
Mendle Printing CoMendle Printing CoSt Louis
Mercantile Printing CoMercantile Printing Co.Chicago
Metropolitan Bank Note CoMetropolitan Bank Note Co.New York
Meyercord CoThe Meyercord Co.Chicago
Middleton Strobridge & CoMiddleton Strobridge LithCincinnati
Middleton Strobridge & CoMiddleton Strobridge & Co.Cincinnati
Middleton Wallace & CoMiddleton & Wallace Litho.Cincinnati
Middleton Wallace & CoMiddleton Wallace & Co, Lith.Cincinnati
Miles StricklandM. Strickland Lith.Galveston
Millard & DeckerMillard & Decker, StationersChicago
Mills & CoMills & Co. LithDes Moines, IA
Mills & CoMills & Co., PrintersDes Moines, IA
Mills Engraving CoMills Engraving Co., Printers
Mills Knight & CoMills, Knight & Co.Boston
Milwaukee Lithographing & Engraving CoMilwaukee Litho. & Engr. Co.Milwaukee
Milwaukee SentinelMilwaukee Sentinel
Mingays Job PrintMingay's Job Print
Mobile Register PrintMobile Register Print.
Moers IncMoers IncDetroit
Monash Lithography CoMonash Litho. Co.Minneapolis
Monitor Printing CoThe Monitor Printing Co.Fort Scott, KS
Monitor Publishing HouseMonitor Publishing HouseFort Scott, KS
Monitor Steam PrintMonitor Steam PrintFort Scott, KS
Moore Wilstach & BaldwinMoore, Wilstach & Baldwin, StationersCincinnati
Moore Wilstach Keys & CoMoore, Wilstach Keys & Co, PrintersCincinnati
Morgan Lithographing CoMorgan Lith. Co.Cleveland
Morrell BrothersMorrell Bros.Philadelphia
Morrill & SilsbyMorrill & Silsby, Agents, Printers
Morris Clawson & CoMorris Clawson & Co.
Morrison & BidlandMorrison & Bidland, StationersNew York
Morse & TuttleMorse & Tuttle, EngraversBoston
Morton & GriswoldMorton & Griswold, PrintersLouisville
Moss & CoMoss & Co.Philadelphia
Mount & CoMount & Co.Cleveland
Mudge & CorlissMudge & Corliss, PrintersBoston
MurphyMurphy, prBaltimore
Murphy & CoMurphy & Co.Baltimore
Murphy & CoMurphy & Co., Printers, Publishers, Booksellers & StationersBaltimore
Mutual Label & Lithographic CoMutual Label & Lith. Co.San Francisco
Myers Schoyer & CoMyers Schoyer & Co.Pittsburgh
Mysell Rollins CoThe Mysell Rollins Co.
Nathan Lane & CoNathan Lane & Co.New York
National Bank Note CoNational Bank Note Co.Cleveland
National Bureau of EngravingNational Bureau of EngravingPhi
Nesbitt & CoNesbitt & Co., PrintersNew York
Nesbitt & CoNesbitt & Co., Print.
Nesbitt & CoNesbitt & Co., Printers and StationersNew York
Nevada PressNevada PressCarson City
New Albany Daily LedgerNew Albany Daily Ledger Print
New England Bank Note CoNew England Bank Note CoBoston
New England Lithography CoNew England Lith. Co.Boston
New York Bank Note CoNew York Bank Note Co.New York
New York Engraving & Printing CoNew York Engraving & Printing Co.New York
New York Lithographing & Engraving CoNew York Lith. & Eng. Co.New York
New York Printing CoNew York Printing Co.New York
News Printing CoNews Printing CoDenver
North Pacific Bank Note CoN. P. Bank Note Co.Seattle
North Pacific Bank Note CoNorth Pacific Bank Note Co.
Northern Bank Note CoNorthern Bank Note Co.Chicago
not statednot stated
O LederleO. Lederle, LithographerMemphis
Observer Office PrintObserver Office PrintUtica, NY
Ohio State JournalOhio State JournalColumbus, OH
Ohio Valley PressOhio Valley PressCincinnati
Oliver HolmanOliver HolmanBoston
Omaha Printing CompanyOmaha Printing CompanyOmaha
Omaha Republican PrintOmaha Republican PrintOmaha
Orcutt CoOrcutt Co Lith.Chicago
Otto KrebsOtto Krebs LithPittsburgh
Otto ZimmermanZimmerman Lith.Cincinnati
Out West Printing & Stationery CoOut West Pt'g & Sta'y CoColorado Springs
Oval & Koster Lithographing CoOval & Koster LithIndianapolis
Owman & RanfordOwman & Ranford, Litho.Seattle
P A Mesier & CoP. A. Mesier & Co. LithNew York
P F Pettibone & CoP. F. Pettibone & Co, Stationers and PrintersChicago
P S Duval & SonP. S. Duval & Son, Lith.Philadelphia
P. S. M. MunroP. S. M. Munro, Typographer and DesignerNew York
Payot-Upham & CoPayot-Upham & Co.San Francisco
Pearre E Crowl CoPearre E. Crowl Co., PrintersBaltimore
Pelletreau & ColePelletreau & ColeNew York
Pelletreau & RaynorPelletreau & Raynor Lith.New York
Pelton & KingPelton & King, Print.
Pentagon PressPentagon PressHudson, OH
Perkins Brothers CoPerkins Bros. Co.Sioux City, IA
Pernau Publishing CoPernau Publishing Co
Pernau-Walsh Printing CoPernau-Walsh Printing Co.San Francisco
Pettibone Wells & CoPettibone Wells & CoChicago
Pharos Job OfficePharos Job Office
Philip & SolomonsPhilip & Solomons, PrintersWashington, DC
Pickford & CoPickford & Co StationersNew York
Pioneer Press CoPioneer PressSt Paul, MN
Pioneer Press CoLith. Pioneer Press Co.St Paul, MN
Pioneer Press CoThe Pioneer Press Mfg. DeptsSt Paul, MN
Poole BrothersPoole Bros.Chicago
Post PrintPost Print.Santa Fe, NM
Press of Edward Stern & CoPress of Edward Stern & Co.
Press of the Unionist-GazettePress of the Unionist-Gazette
Press Printing HousePress Printing House
Progress PrintProgress Print
Pudney & RussellPudney & RussellNew York
Pueblo Lithographing & Printing CoThe Pueblo Litho. & Print. Co.Pueblo, CO
Punderson & CrisandPunderson & CrisandNew Haven, CT
Quayle & SonQuayle & SonNew York, Albany
R A Supply CoR. A. Supply Co.Boston
R C PearsonR. C. Pearson, Litho.London
R C Root Anthony & CoR. C. Root & Anthony Co.New York
R C Root Anthony & CoR. C. Root, Anthony & Co.New York
R C Root Anthony & CoR. C. Root, Anthony & Co.StationersNew York
R C Root Anthony & CoR. C. Root & AnthonyNew York
R D Richardson & CoR. D. Richardson & CoWinnipeg
R E PendergastR. E PendergastScranton, PA
R E PrendergastR. E. PrendergastScranton, PA
R F Seudley & CoR. F. Seudley & Co.St Louis
R H GreenR.H. Green, Ltho.
R J Boyer PrinterR. J. Boyer, PrinterLebanon, PA
R P Snadley CoR. P. Snadley Co. Lith.St Louis
R P Studley & CoThe R. P. Studley Co, PrintersSt. Louis
R P Studley & CoR. P. Studley & Co
R P Studley & CoR. P. Studley & Co. Lith.St. Louis
R P Studley & CoR. P. Studley Co. Lith.St. Louis
Radcliffe & CoRadcliffe & Co.New York
Raeder Lithographing CoThe Raeder Litho. Co.Wilkes-Barre, PA
Railway & Bankers Engraving & LithographingRailway & Bankers Eng. & Lith. Co.New York
Railway Storm Printing WorksRailway Storm Printing WorksBoston
Rand Avery & CoRand Avery & Co.Boston
Rand Avery & CoRand Avery & Co. PrintersBoston
Rand Avery & CoRand Avery Supply Co.Boston
Rand McNally & CoRand McNally & Co.Chicago
Randolph & EnglandRandolph & EnglandRichmond, VA
Rawdon Clark & CoRawdon Clark & Co.Albany, NY
Rawdon Wright & HatchRawdon, Wright & HatchNew York
Rawdon Wright, Hatch & EdsonRawdon, Wright, Hatch & EdsonNew York
Rees Printing and Lithographing CoRees Print. & Litho. Co.Omaha
Register & ExaminerRegister & ExaminerWest Chester, PA
Register Job OfficeRegister Job OfficePiqua, OH
Register PrintRegister Print.
Reporter Job PrintReporter Job Printthree Rivers, MI
Republic Bank Note CoRepublic Bank Note Co.Pittsburgh
Republic Bank Note CoRepublic Bank Note Co. division of Security Bank Note Co.Pittsburgh
Republic Bank Note CoRepublic Bank Note Co.New York
Republican Print (Waverly)Republican PrintWaverly, IA
Republican Print (West Chester)Republican Pr.West Chester, PA
Review & HeraldReview & Herald Steam PressBattle Creek, MI
Rich & LoutrelRich & Loutrel Lith.New York
Richard DavisRichard DavisBoston
Richards & Shaver CoRichards & Shaver Co., PrintAugusta, GA
Richmond & Backus CoThe Richmond & Backus Co.Detroit
Ridge & CoRidge & Co. Lith.Cincinnati
Riordan Printing CoRiordan Printing CoNashville
Ritchie & DunnavantRitchie & DunnavantRichmond, VA
Robert Clark & CoRobt. Clarke & Co Prs.
Robert D Patterson Stationery CoRobt. D. Patterson Staty. CoSt Louis
Roberts & BokeeRoberts & Bokee
Roberts & SonRoberts & Son Lith.Birmingham
Robertson & SeibertRobertson & SeibertNew York
Robertson Seibert & ShearmanRobertson Seibert & ShearmanNew York
Rocky Mountain Bank Note CoRocky Mountain Bank Note Co.Denver, Salt Lake, Pueblo
Rogers & Smith CoRogers & Smith Co, PrintersChicago
Rolph Smith & CoRolph, Smith & Co.Toronto, ONT
Rosebuntz & CoRosebuntz & Co, Lith.Boston
Rosser Spring & CoRosser, Spring & Co. Prs.La Fayette, IN
Roudebush Publishing CoRoudebush Pub. Co.Topeka, KS
Rounds & JamesRounds & James, PrintersChicago
Rufus Adams & CoRufus Adams & Co., StationersNew York
Russells Steam Printing HouseRussell's Steam Printing HouseNew York
Ryan West Banknote CoRyan West Banknote Co., Inc.New York
S Benedicts & CoS Benedicts & CoNew York
S C LawS. C. LawNew York
S C Toof & CoS. C. Toof & Co.Memphis
S C Toof & CoS. C. Toof & Co., Prs. & Liths.Memphis
S D Childs & CoS. D. Childs & Co., PrintersChicago
S N Dickinson Printing HouseS. N. Dickinson, PrinterBoston
S N Dickinson Printing HouseDickinson Printing HouseBoston
S S MotleyS. S. Motley, StationerNew York
S Stiles & CoS. Stiles & Co.New York
S Stiles Sherman & SmithS. Stiles, Sherman & SmithNew York
Sackett & CobbSackett & CobbNew York
Sackett & CobbSackett & Cobb, Print.
Sackett & MackaySackett & MackayNew York
Sackett & Wilhelms Lithographing & Printing CoSackett & Wilhelms Litho. Co.New York
Sage Sons & CoSage, Sons & Co.Buffalo, NY
Salt Lake Lithographing CoSalt Lake LithoSalt Lake City
Samuel Hobbs & CoSamuel Hobbs & Co., Prs.
Samuel Hobbs & CoSamuel Hobbs & Co. Lith.Boston
Samuel Hobbs & CoS. Hobbs & Co., Prs.Boston
Samuel Ward CoSamuel Ward CoBoston
Sanford & CoSanford & CompanyCleveland
Sanford & HaywardSanford & Hayward, Prs.Cleveland
Sanford & HaywardSanford & Hayward's PrintCleveland
Sanford & HaywardSanford & Hayward, PrintersCleveland
Sanford & HaywardLith by Sanford & HaywardCleveland
Sarony & MajorSarony & Major Lith.New York
Schaerff & BrotherSchaerff & Bro. Lith.St Louis, MO
Schmidt Lithograph CoSchmidt Lith. & LabelSan Francisco
Schmidt Lithograph CoSchmidt Label & Lith. Co.San Francisco
Schmidt Lithograph CoSchmidt Lithograph Co.San Francisco
Schmidt Lithograph CoSchmidt Lith.San Francisco
Schmidt Lithographing CoSchmidt Litho. Co.San Francisco
SchraderSchrader Lith.St Louis
Schuchman & HaunleinSchuchman & HaunleinPittsburg
Schwabacher Frey Stationery CoSchwabacher Frey Stationery CoSan Francisco
Scranton Lithographing CoScranton Litho. Co.Scranton, Pa
Scranton RepublicanScranton Republican PrintScranton, NY
Scranton RepublicanScranton Republican Lith.
Searing & HydeSearing & Hyde, StationersNew York
Searing & WatsonSearing & Watson, StationersNew York
Sears & ColeSears & Cole, Stationers and PrintersNew York
Sears & ColeSears & Cole, StationersNew York
Sears BrothersSears BrothersNew York
Sears BrothersSears Brothers Stationers & PrintersNew York
Sears PrintingSears Printing
Security Banknote CoSecurity Banknote Co.Philadelphia
Security Banknote CoSecurity Bank Note Co.Philadelphia
Security-Columbian Bank Note CoSecurity-Columbian Bank Note Co.Philadelphia
Security-Columbian U S Bank Note CoSecurity-Columbian U. S. Bank Note Co.
Security-Columbian U S Bank Note CoSecurity-Columbian United States Banknote CorpNew York
Semi-Weekly FloridianSemi-Weekly Floridian Steam Power Press Print.
Shaw & Borden CoShaw & Borden Co
Shawmuut Lithographic CoShawmut Lith. Co.Boston
Shober & Carqueville Lithographing CoShober & Carqueville Lith. Co.Chicago
Short & FormanShort & FormanCleveland, OH
Siebling BrosSiebling Bros.Philadelphia
Singerly & MeyorsSingerly & Meyors Lith.Harrisburg, PA
Skinner & Kennedy Stationery CoSkinner & Kennedy Stat. Co.St Louis
Slote & JanesSlote & JanesNew York
Slote & JanesSlote & Janes, StationersNew York
Smith & ThomsonSmith & ThomsonNew York
Smith BrooksSmith BrooksDenver
Smith BrooksThe Smith Brooks PressDenver
Smith-Wehner Lithographing CoSmith-Wehner Litho. Co.Pittsburgh
Snyder & BlackSnyder & Black Lith.New York
Snyder & BlackSnyder & BlackNew York
Snyder Black & SturnSnyder, Black & SturnNew York
Southern BannerSouthern Banner Job Office Print
Southern StampSouthern Stamp & Stat'y Co PrintRichmond, VA
Southern StampSouthern Stamp Printers
Southern Weekly PostSouthern Weekly Post
South-WesternSouth-Western Print
Spalding Cotton & CoSpalding, Cotton & Co.
Spangler & DavisSpangler & DavisPhiladelphia
Spear Johnson & CoSpear, Johnson & Co.Toledo
Spectator PrintSpectator PrintFranklin, PA
Spokane Lithographing Co.Spokane Litho. Co.
Spring Robertson & WarwickSpring, Robertson & Warwick's PrintLafayette, IN
Springfield TimesSpringfield TimesSpringfield, MO
Springfield TimesPrinted at the Springfield Times OfficeSpringfield, MO
St Albans Messenger CoSt Albans Messenger Co., Print.
St Albans Messenger CoSt Albans Messenger Co, Print.
St ClairSt. Clair, PrinterWytheville, VA
St Joseph Steam Printing CoSt Joseph Steam Print'g Co.St Joseph, MO
St Joseph Steam Printing CoSt Joseph Steam Printing Co.St Joseph, MO
St Louis Bank Note CoSt Louis Bank Note CoSt Louis
St Louis Bank Note CoSt Louis Bank Note EngraverSt Louis
St Louis Democrat Lithographing & Printing CoSt Louis Democrat Litho. & Printing Co.
St Paul Printing CoSt. Paul Printing Co.St. Paul, MN
Stacy & RichardsonStacy & RichardsonBoston
Stadley & CoStadley & Co.St Louis
Stafford CoStafford Co, Printers
Standard Printing CoStandard Prtg. Co., Lith.Hannibal, MO
Standard Publishing CoStandard Publishing CoSyracuse, NY
Standard Stationery CoStandard Stationery Co.New York
Star OfficeStar Office
Starrs Job OfficeStarrs Job OfficeMilwaukee
State Journal CoState Journal CoLincoln, NE
State Journal Steam PressState Journal Steam PressIndianapolis
State Publishing CoState Publishing Co.
State Register Printing HouseState Register Printing HouseDes Moines, IA
Stearns-BealeStearns-BealeNew York
Stecher Lithographing CoStecher Lith Co.Rochester, NY
Steng & PaxsonSteng & PaxsonPhiladelphia
Stephen GreenStephen Green. Lith.Philadelphia
Stephens Hayler & CoStephens Hayler & CoLondon
Stephens Lithograph & Engraving CoStephens Litho. & Eng. Co.St Louis
Stephens Lithographing & Engraving CoStephens Litho & Engraving Co.St Louis
Stewart Haring & WarrenStewart Haring & WarrenNew York
Stewart Warren & Benson CorpStewart Warren & Benson CorpNew York
Stewart Warren & CoStewart Warren & Co. LithNew York
Stowe & WrightStowe & Wright, PrintersBaltimore
Strobridge Lithographing CoLith. by Strobridge Co.Cincinnati
Strobridge Lithographing CoStrobridge & Co, Lith.Cincinnati
Strobridge Lithographing CoStrobridge Lith Co.Cincinnati
Strobridge Lithographing CoStrobridge Co.Cincinnati
Styles & CashStyles & CashNew York
Sudhaus & ErlenkoetterSudhaus & ErlenkoetterNew York
Sullivan & BrownSullivan & BrownZanesville, OH
Sun Job PrintSun Job PrintBaltimore, MD
Sun PrintSun PrintGeorgetown, TX?
T A BradleyT. A. BradleyPhiladelphia
T BonerT. Boner
T Fitzwilliam & CoT. Fitzwilliam & Co Stationers & LithographersNew Orleans
T Fitzwilliam & CoT. Fitzwilliam & Co. Ltd.New Orleans
T J Groves & CoT. J. Groves & Co, Staam (sic) Book & Job PrintersEvansville, IN
T R HollandT. R. Holland Lith.Boston
T SinclairT. Sinclair's Lith.Philadelphia
T SinclairT. Sinclair LithPhiladelphia
T TigarT. Tigar, PrinterFt. Wayne
T V Kraft & CoT. V. Kraft & Co.New York
T WoodT. BoodNew York
T WrightsonT. Wrightson, PrinterCincinnati
Tappan Whittmore & MasonTappan, Whittmore & Mason, BooksellersBoston
Tavel Eastman & HowellTavel, Eastman & Howell, Print.Nashville, TN
Telegraph PressTelegraph Press
Thalmessinger & MeintheimThalmessinger & MeintheimNew York
Thayer & Jackson Stationery CoThayer & Jackson Stationery Co.Chicago
Theodore Leonhardt & SonTheo. Leonhardt & SonPhiladelphia
Thomas GilbertThos. Gilbert PrinterColumbus, GA
Thomas Groom & CoT. Groom & Co., StationersBoston
Thomas Groom & CoThos. Groom & Co.Boston
Thomas J HamThomas J. HamHonesdale, PA
Thurber Koch & SchueleThurber, Koch & Schuele PrintHelena, MT
ThurstonThurston, PrinterPortland, ME
Thurston Foster & CoThurston, Foster & Co, PrintersPortland, ME
Tiernans Fast Job PrintTiernan's Fast Job PrintLeavenworth, KS
Tiffany & CoTiffany & Co.New York
Times & Reformer PrintTimes & Reformer PrintWatertwon, NY
Times PrintTimes PrintWillkes-Barre, PA
Times Publishing CoTimes Publ'g Co.Bethlehem, PA
Times-Mirror PrintTimes-Mirror Print
Toppan Carpenter & Casilear & CoToppan Carpenter & Casilear & Co.Philadelphia, New York
Toppan Carpenter & CoToppan Carpenter & Co.Cincinnati
Toronto Lithographing CoToronto Lith. Co. Ltd.Toronto
Torrey Barden & CoTorrey, Barden & Co.New York
Troy Times Art PressTroy Times Art PressTroy, NY
Truax & CompanyTruax & Company, PrintersBellows Falls, VT
True Republican OfficeTrue Republican OfficeHudson, WI
Trujillo SanchezTrujillo SanchezHabana
TuckerTucker, PrinterPortland, ME
Tucker Hanford CoTucker, Hanford Co.Seattle
Turner & CoTurner & Co.Boston
Tuttle & CoTuttle & CoRutland, VT
Tuttle & CoThe Tuttle Co.Rutland, VT
Tuttle Morrhouse & TaylorTuttle, Morrhouse & Taylor, Printers
TwitchellTwitchell, PrinterBoston
Typographie CuretTypographie CuretWashington DC
U S Bank Note CoU. S. Bank Note Co.Indianapolis
U S Corporation CoU. S. Corporation Co.New York
U S Steel & Litho CoU. S. Steel & Litho. Co.
Underwood Bald Spencer & HuftyUnderwood, Bald, Spencer & HuftyPhiladelphia
Union Bank Note CoUnion Bank Note Co.Kansas City, MO
Union Bank Note CoUnion Bank Note Co.Newark, NJ
Union Lithographing CoUnion Lithographing Co.
Unz & CoUnz & Co
Urz & CoUrz & Co.New York
Utah Lithographing CoUtah Lithographing Co.Salt Lake City
V M Ramée JrV. M. Ramée Jr., Stationer and PrinterNew York
V M Ramée JrV. M. Ramée Jr., StationerNew York
Van Norden & AmermanVan Norden & Amerman, PrintersNew York
Van Norden & KingVan Norden & KingNew York
VanBeck Barnard & TinsleyVanBeck, Barnard & TinsleySt Louis
W B Carpenter & CoW B Carpenter & Co, PrintersCincinnati
W BoellW. BoellPhiladelphia
W E BadeauW. E. BadeauNew York
W E SibellW. E. SibellNew York
W E Stephens & CoW.E. Stephens & Co.St Louis
W F RobertsW. F. RobertsWashington, DC
W F Robinson & CoW. F. Robinson & Co., PrintDenver
W Felt & CoW. Felt & Co, StationersNew York
W Felt & CoFelt & Co., LithNew York
W G Johnston & CoW. G. Johnston & Co., Print
W G PerryW. G. Perry
W H Arthur & CoW. H. Arthur & Co. StationersNew York
W H Arthur & CoW. H. Arthur & Co. Stationer and PrinterNew York
W H Arthur & CoWm. H. Arthur & Co.New York
W H Arthur & CoW. H. Arthur & Co.New York
W H Forbes & CoW. H. Forbes & Co.
W H HebertW.H. HebertNew York
W H Kistler Stationery CoThe W. H. Kistler Stationery Co.Denver
W H Perrin & CoW. H. Perrin & Co.New York
W H ShurtzW. H. Shurtz, PrinterNewark, NJ
W H Stanage & CoW. H. Stanage & Co.Cincinnati
W J Morgan & CoW. J. Morgan & Co Lith.Cleveland
W J Morgan & CoW. J. Morgan & Co.Cleveland
W KearneyW. Kearney, StationerNew York
W Reid GouldW. Reid GouldNew York
W S DrummondW. S. Drummond, PrinterBoston
W S RobisonW. S. RobisonCleveland
W T Berry & CoW. T. Berry & Co.Nashville
W T NormanW. T. Norman, eng.Hudson, OH
W T SeamanW. T. SeamanOmaha, NE
W W Roberts CoW. W. Roberts Co., StationersPortland, ME
W W WheildonW. W. Weildon, Printer
W W WheildonW. W. Wheildon, Printer
W W WilsonW. W. Wilson, Engraver & PrinterBoston
W. M. Arthur & CoW. M. Arthur & CoNew York
W. W. WhiteW. W. White, Stationer and PrinterNew York
WagrumWagrumNew York
Walker Evans & Cogswell CoWalker, Evans & Cogswell Co.Charleston, SC
Walker Young & CoWalker, Young & Co.Boston
Wallace D BarkleyWallace D. BarkleyNew York
Wallace D BarkleyW. D. BarkleyNew York
Walle & Co LtdWalle & Co, Ltd.New Orleans
Warner & PoorWarner & PoorNew York
Warrensburg Journal PrintWarrensburg Journal Print
Watchman Printing HouseWatchman Printing HouseBellefonte, PA
Waterlow & SonsWaterlow & Sons, LtdLondon
Waterlow Brothers & LaytonWaterlow Bros. & LaytonLondon
Waters & SonWaters & Son
Weaver BrothersWeaver Brothers, PrintersMinerva, OH
Weed Parsons & CoWeed Parsons & Co.Albany, NY
Wellstood Hay & WhitingWellstood, Hay & WhitingNew York
Wemple Kronheim & CoWemple, Kronheim & Co., Lith.New York
Werner-AkronWerner-AkronAkron, OH
Western Bank Note CoWestern Bank Note Co.Chicago
Western Bank Note CoWestern Bank Note & Engraving Co.Chicago
Western Bank Note CoWestern B N & Engraving Co.Chicago
Western Engaving CoWestern Engaving CoChicago
Western Printing & Publishing CoWestern Printing & Publishing Co.Dayton, OH
Western Printing CoWestern Printing CoSalt Lake
Western Publishing & Engraving CoWestern Publishing & Engraving Co.Detroit
Western Texan PrintWestern Texan Print
Wheeling News Lithographic CoWheeling News Litho. Co.Wheeling, WV
Wheeling News Lithographing CoWheeling News Lith. Co.Wheeling, WV
WhiteWhite, Pr.Boston
White & BrayleyWhite & Brayley, Lith.Buffalo & Chicago
Wichita Eagle Job OfficeWichita Eagle Job OfficeWichita, KS
Wilbur & HastingsWilbur & HastingsNew York
Wilbur & HastingsWilbur & Hastings LithNew York
William A Carrie & CoWm A Carrie & Co., Lith.Boston
William A Throop & CoWm. A. Throop & Co., StationersDetroit
William A WheelerWilliam A WheelerNew York
William B BurfordWilliam B. Burford Lith.Indianapolis
William B BurfordWilliam B. Burford, PrinterIndianapolis
William ChadwickChadwick, PrinterBoston
William ChadwickWilliam Chadwirck, PrinterBoston
William ChadwickWilliam ChadwickBoston
William E & J SibellWilliam E. & J. SibellNew York
William F Murphys Sons CoWilliam F. Murphy's SonsPhiladelphia
William F Murphys Sons CoWilliam F. Murphy's Sons Co.Philadelphia
William F Murphys Sons CoWm. F. Murphy's SonsPhiladelphia
William F TuckerW. F. TuckerPhiladelphia
William F TuckerWm. F. TuckerPhiladelphia
William H Brett Engraving CoThe Wm. H. Brett Eng. Co.Bostom
William H HoskinsHoskinsPhiladelphia
William H HoskinsWm. H. HoskinsPhiladelphia
William H HoskinsWilliam H. HoskinsPhiladelphia
William J KeslWm. J. KeslSt Louis?
William M ChristyWm. M. Christy, Stationer and PrinterPhiladelphia
William Mann & Merkel CoWm. Mann & Merkel CoPhiladelphia
William Mann CoWm. Mann, PrinterPhiladelphia
William Mann CoWm. Mann, Steam-Power PrinterPhiladelphia
William Mann CoMann, Steam-Power PrinterPhiladelphia
William Mann CoWm. Mann, Steam-Power Printer & StationerPhiladelphia
William Mann CoMann, StationerPhiladelphia
William Mann CoWilliam Mann Co.Philadelphia
William Martin CoWm. Martin Co., PrintersPhiladelphia
William SchuchmanWm. Schuchman, LithPittsburgh
William Schuchman & BrothersWm. Schuchman & Bros, Lith.Pittsburgh
William Van NordenWm. Van NordenNew York
William W RoseWilliam W. Rose, Lith.New York
William W RoseWm. W. Rose, Lith.New York
William Zeuch & CoWm. Zeuch & Co. LithographersChicago
Wilstach Baldwin & CoWilstach, Baldwin & Co, StationersCincinnati
Wimsley Thorp & DresserWimsley, Thorp & Dresser
Winkley Dresser & CoWinkley Dresser & CoBoston
Woeltie & CuttingWoeltie & Cutting, StationersNew York
Wood & BrothersWood & Brothers
Woodward & TiernanWoodward & Tiernan Prtg. Co.St Louis
Woodward & TiernanWoodward & Tiernan Ptg. Co.St Louis
Woodward & TiernanWoodward & TiernanSt Louis
Woodward Tiernan & HaleWoodward, Tiernan & HaleSt Louis
Wright & Potter, PrintersWright & Potter, PrintersBoston
Wycliffe Press CorporationWycliffe Press Corporation StationersNew York
Yerkes PrintingYerkes PrintingWoodward & Tiernan
Zanesville CourierZanesville Courier, Job Print.Zanesville, OH


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