Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads     by Terry Cox

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Here is a complete list of collectors who have helped with this project since inception

Private contributors

No project of this magnitude would have gotten very far, let alone survived this long, without a tremendous amount of help from collectors and professional dealers in North America and Europe. While this project has been the direct beneficiary or their help, indirect beneficiaries include everyone who has ever used this website or consulted my catalogs.

The first list below includes everyone who contacted me as a private collector and contributed some bit of information that I did not have before they made the effort of writing or emailing. Some contributors were "one and done." They were those who contributed one or two images, prices, serial numbers or facts and never wrote again. The majority corresponded several times contributed several times as much information over a period of two, three, maybe five years. And then there have been a handful of longtime correspondents who maintained ongoing relationships over a decade and more.

I have been at this long enough to have lost several friends to old age, a direction I, too, am headed. In most cases, we had the luxury of time in which to discuss things of mutual interest outside of the hobby. Of course, there have been a goodly number of correspondents who simply disappeared and stopped writing, and I always wonder how many dropped out of the hobby on purpose or by ill health.

One of the points I have argued over many, many years is that EVERY collector, from the rawest beginner onward, has something to offer. Something that they, and only they, can contribute to the hobby. It might not seem like a lot, and in fact, might seem utterly inconsequential to a collector afraid to write or "waste my time." But that is not how I see things. I want collectors to understand that this is a hobby where every collector has the opportunity to contribute. How many other hobbies can say that?

From my perspective, all of these collectors, no matter how large or small their collections, had something no other collector had. This project does not represent the collection of one individual. It represents the collections of hundreds. While this project might not seem significantly increased by the inclusion of "one more" certificate, it would nonetheless be decreased by the removal of one.

Sadly, this list is as complete as my records will allow, but there are another eight or ten contributors who never told me their names or supplied anything other than an email address or internet "handle." Like unmarked graves to genealogists, contributions from those collectors are now considered anonymous to this project.

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