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Known autograph occurrences
on collectible certificates

This represents a full listing of railroad-related certificates
known to exist with the celebrity autograph of:

Schuyler, Robert S
President New York & New Haven (1846-1854), New York & Harlem (1848-1853), Illinois Central (1851-1853), Sangamon & Morgan, Renssalaer & Saratoga. Director New York & New Haven, New York & Harlem, Illinois Central; later known as 'America's First Railroad King.'

Illinois Central Rail-Road CoILL-079a-B-45president
Illinois Central Rail-Road CoILL-079a-B-46president
Illinois Central Rail-Road CoILL-079a-B-46
Illinois Central Rail-Road CoILL-079a-B-50president
Illinois Central Rail-Road CoILL-079a-O-05president
Illinois Central Rail-Road CoILL-079a-O-06president
Illinois Central Rail-Road CoILL-079a-O-10president
New Haven & Northampton CoNEW-185-S-30transfer agent
The New York & Harlem Railroad CoNEW-609-O-08
The New York & Harlem Railroad CoNEW-609-O-08president
The New York & Harlem Railroad CoNEW-609-O-09stockholder
The New York & Harlem Railroad CoNEW-609-O-09astockholder
The New York & Harlem Railroad CoNEW-609-S-64president
New York & New Haven Rail Road (Railroad) CoNEW-685-S-09treasurer
New York & New Haven Rail Road (Railroad) CoNEW-685-S-10transfer agent
New York & New Haven Rail Road (Railroad) CoNEW-685-S-11transfer agent
Saratoga & Washington Rail-Road CoSAR-714-S-30register

Autograph samples

Please note: I do NOT authenticate autographs. These samples were provided
by collectors and dealers who had evidence to believe these are valid
signatures. Please contact me if you discover evidence to the contrary.

DateAutograph sampleSource
1852Engraved portrait
1852Thomas O'Shaughnessy
1852Engraved portrait

Please help by sending images of additional autographs, or
better images than those shown here. Scan them at high
resolution (about 300 dpi) with about one inch (2 cm) space around
the signature. Since handwriting changes with age,
please include the date of the autograph.

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