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Known autograph occurrences
on collectible certificates

This represents a full listing of railroad-related certificates
known to exist with the celebrity autograph of:

Dillon, Sidney
Experienced railroad construction work contractor who later secured the first contracts for building the Union Pacific Railroad. Participated in drivinig the Golden Spike at Promontory Summit. President of the Union Pacific Railroad 1874-1884 and 1890-1892. Close and long time associate of Jay Gould. Board member or president of many of Gould's roads.

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Bozeman Coal CoBOZ-500-S-30stockholder
Bozeman Coal CoBOZ-500-S-30
(The) Central Branch Union Pacific Rail Road (Railroad) CoCEN-270-S-20president
Chicago & Canada Southern Railway CoCHI-099-S-50president
Colorado Central Railroad (Rail Road) CoCOL-123-S-52president
Colorado Central Rail Road Co (of Wyoming)COL-125-S-30president
The Denver Texas & Fort Worth Railroad CoDEN-864-S-30president
The Denver Texas & Fort Worth Railroad CoDEN-864-S-31president
The Grays Peak Snake River & Leadville Railroad CoGRA-942-S-50president
Missouri Kansas & Texas Railway CoMIS-716-S-17stockholder
(The) Northern Pacific Railroad CoNOR-787-S-72bstockholder
The Oregon Short Line Railway CoORE-550-S-30president
Oregon & Transcontinental CoORE-745-S-50president
Oregon & Transcontinental CoORE-745-S-52president
Oregon & Transcontinental CoORE-745-S-52stockholder
Pullmans Palace Car CoPUL-833-S-49stockholder
St Joseph & Western Railroad CoSTJ-981-S-50stockholder

Autograph samples

Please note: I do NOT authenticate autographs. These samples were provided
by collectors and dealers who had evidence to believe these are valid
signatures. Please contact me if you discover evidence to the contrary.

DateAutograph sampleSource
1883Collector Contribution
1886Collector Contribution
1888Collector Contribution
1888Collector Contribution
1888Collector Contribution
1888William Knadler
prob late 1880s'Contemporary American Biography,' 1899

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better images than those shown here. Scan them at high
resolution (about 300 dpi) with about one inch (2 cm) space around
the signature. Since handwriting changes with age,
please include the date of the autograph.

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