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Known autograph occurrences
on collectible certificates

This represents a full listing of railroad-related certificates
known to exist with the celebrity autograph of:

Depew, Chauncey Mitchell
New York Secretary of State (1863-65); attorney for Vanderbilt railroad interests (1866 on); President New York Central & Hudson River (1885-1899); Chairman New York Central & Hudson River (1899-1911); Director of all Vanderbilt railroads, Boston & Albany, Wagner Palace Car; US Senator (R-New York, 1899-1911); renowned speaker and wit.

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Battle Creek & Sturgis Railway CoBAT-760-S-55stockholder
(The) Beech Creek Railroad CoBEE-333-B-40apresident
(The) Beech Creek Railroad CoBEE-333-B-60
(The) Beech Creek Railroad CoBEE-333-S-40stockholder
Carthage & Adirondack Railway CoCAR-881-B-50trustee
Carthage Watertown & Sackets Harbor Railroad CoCAR-940-S-45president
The Central Dock & Terminal Railway CoCEN-361-S-50president of New York Central & Hudson River RR
(The) Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Rail Road (Railroad) CoCHI-600-B-42a
(The) Cincinnati & Springfield Railway CoCIN-836-S-50witness
Columbus Chicago & Indiana Central Railway CoCOL-625-S-50stockholder
The Gouverneur & Oswegatchie Railroad CoGOU-667-S-10president
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad CoIND-230-B-40executor
The Jersey Shore Pine Creek & Buffalo Railway CoJER-813-B-54trustee
(The) Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway CoLAK-627-B-35executor
The Mahoning Coal Rail Road (Railroad) CoMAH-364-S-85
Michigan Air Line Rail Road (Railroad) CoMIC-053-S-50
Michigan & Canada Bridge & Tunnel CoMIC-100-S-05stockholder
The Michigan Central Rail Road CoMIC-182b-B-11bexecutor
The Mohawk & Malone Railway CoMOH-538-B-51
The Mohawk & Malone Railway CoMOH-538-S-21president
New Jersey Junction Railroad CoNEW-227-S-50president
New Jersey Junction Railroad CoNEW-227-S-50stockholder
New Jersey Shore Line Railroad CoNEW-248-S-50president
New Jersey Shore Line Railroad CoNEW-248-S-50stockholder
The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (Rail Road) CoNEW-533a-B-20president
The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (Rail Road) CoNEW-533a-B-21president
The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (Rail Road) CoNEW-533a-B-36president
The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (Rail Road) CoNEW-533a-B-40president
The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (Rail Road) CoNEW-533a-B-50president
The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (Rail Road) CoNEW-533a-S-26bpresident
The New York Central & Hudson River Railroad (Rail Road) CoNEW-533a-S-35president
New York Central Niagara River Railroad CoNEW-539-S-50president
New York Central Sleeping Car CoNEW-545-S-40bstockholder
New York Central Sleeping Car CoNEW-545-S-41stockholder
New York & Fort Lee Railroad CoNEW-597b-S-60stockholder
New York Ontario & Western Railway CoNEW-712-S-75stockholder
New York State Realty & Terminal CoNEW-788.5-S-30stockholder
Niagara Falls Branch Railroad CoNIA-182-S-50president
The Ottawa & New York Railway CoOTT-389-S-45attorney
The Pine Creek Railway CoPIN-414-B-50
The Pine Creek Railway CoPIN-414-B-50trustee
The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rail Road (Railroad) CoPIT-525-S-40atrustee
The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rail Road (Railroad) CoPIT-525-S-40aexecutor
The Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Rail Road (Railroad) CoPIT-525-S-40btrustee
The Pittsburgh McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad CoPIT-616-S-60stockholder
The Pittsburgh McKeesport & Youghiogheny Railroad CoPIT-616-S-60trustee
The Pullman CoPUL-140-S-30aexecutor
Raquette Lake Railway CoRAQ-500-S-50stockholder
Rocky River Railway CoROC-991-S-50stockholder
The Spuyten Duyvil & Port Morris Railroad CoSPU-500-S-50trustee
The Terminal Railway of BuffaloTER-034-S-50stockholder
The Terminal Railway of BuffaloTER-034-S-50president
Troy Union Rail-Road CoTRO-917-S-50stockholder
West Shore Railroad CoWES-304-B-51president
West Shore Railroad CoWES-304-B-55a
West Shore Railroad CoWES-304-B-56apresident
West Shore Railroad CoWES-304-B-56a
West Shore Railroad CoWES-304-B-58apresident
West Shore Railroad CoWES-304-B-59apresident
West Shore Railroad CoWES-304-S-10trustee

Autograph samples

Please note: I do NOT authenticate autographs. These samples were provided
by collectors and dealers who had evidence to believe these are valid
signatures. Please contact me if you discover evidence to the contrary.

DateAutograph sampleSource
1882Collector Contribution
1885Collector Contribution
1885Collector Contribution
1885Collector Contribution
1885William Knadler
1892Collector Contribution
1892Collector Contribution
1893Collector Contribution
1893William Knadler
1893Collector Contribution
1893Collector Contribution
1897Collector Contribution
1897Collector Contribution
1900Collector Contribution
1902Collector Contribution
1926Collector Contribution

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the signature. Since handwriting changes with age,
please include the date of the autograph.

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