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Certificates of deposit

Please note: A small number of "certificates of deposit " are known with handwritten railroad company names. Certificates like this were commonly pre-printed generic forms created by ordinary print shops. Some of these kinds of documents are scarce and historic. However, because they were pre-printed, they were designed to have been used by ANY type of company, not just railroads. I generally do not list certificates of deposit unless they show pre-printed company names.

"Certificates of deposit" are among the most confusing of all peripheral certificates collected as related to railroad stocks and bonds.


In some cases, CDs represented receipts for money deposited with companies to be applied toward the purchase of stocks or bonds.

More often, CDs represented receipts for stocks or bonds deposited with banks or trust companies during periods of corporate reorganization or bankruptcy. Most of the CDs you will encounter come from companies that successfully reorganized and redeemed the certificates.

Normally, certificates of deposit carry sufficient text to illuminate their original purposes.


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