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Currency (bank notes)


Obsolete currency from the Madison & Indianapolis Railroad

I apologize, but I do not have time to answer inquiries about currency. While I love currency, it is no longer my key area of expertise.

Foreign currency

If you want to learn more about currency collecting, or get estimates of value, please contact dealers who specialize in your particular type of currency. Major areas of collector interest include:

  • United States Paper Money:
    • Large Size
    • Small Size
    • Fractional Currency
    • National Currency
  • Military Payment Certificates
  • Colonial Currency
  • Continental Currency
  • Obsolete Currency
  • Confederate Currency
  • Foreign currency

National currency

Currency on parchment paper - Approximately 90%! of the inquiries I get concern paper money printed on parchment paper.

Reproduction note

Money printed on parchment paper is always printed on one side. The paper is usually orangish brown and looks old. Rub the paper between your fingers and it will feel somewhat "lumpy". The paper is very crisp, just like it was printed yesterday. Look carefully at the printing and you will notice that the handwriting, serial numbers and printing is all the same color.

If your note is printed on parchment paper, there is near certainty that your note is a reproduction (also known as bogus, fake or facsimile currency.)

Search Google to learn more. Simply enter your serial number and the word "reproduction." Failing that, enter your serial number and a couple words of the title. Ron's Currency has an excellent list of known reproductions, fakes, and bogus notes. See also a small collection of typical bogus notes compared against their real counterparts.

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