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Areas of the world covered

I try to list every certificate for every railroad in North America.

"North America" includes the land mass north of Panama border with Colombia, including all the Caribbean islands north of the South American coast, Hawaii and Greenland. This area encompasses 23 countries and several British, Dutch and French protectorates.

Catalog numbers are assigned to certificates based on company name, I maintain a list of every railroad and railroad-related company I have ever found reference to.

Regardless of origin, companies that operated (or intended to operate) outside of North America are beyond the scope of this project. However, if foreign companies laid track anywhere in North America, or were otherwise involved in North American railroading, I try to include them. Of particular note are Dutch stock-holding consortiums that were very instrumental in American railroad finance.

Please contact me if you specialize in non-U.S. countries and have special knowledge of rail companies in your area of interest. I particularly need help with Central American countries south of Mexico.

Here is a census of all railroad companies recorded in North America as of Friday, December 2, 2022.

0Anguilla (UK)
0Antigua and Barbuda
0Aruba (NLD)
0Bahamas, The Commonwealth of the
0Belgium, The Kingdom of
2Bermuda (UK)
0Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba (NLD)
0British Honduras (see Belize)
40Canada & United States of America
0Cayman Islands, The (UK)
11Costa Rica, The Republic of
93Cuba, The Republic of
0Curaçao, The Country of (NLD)
0Dominica, The Commonwealth of
6Dominican Republic, The
9El Salvador, The Republic of
6France, The French Republic
4Germany, The Federal Republic of
0Greenland (DNK)
0Guadeloupe (FRA)
11Guatemala, The Republic of
6Haiti, The Republic of
17Honduras, The Republic of
0Martinque (FRA)
14Mexico & United States of America
0Montserrat (UK)
65Netherlands, The Kingdom of the
5Nicaragua, The Republic of
2Panamá, The Republic of
2Puerto Rico, The Commonwealth of
0Saint Barthélemy, The Collectivity of (FRA)
2Saint Kitts and Nevis
0Saint Lucia
0Saint Martin, The Collectivity of (FRA)
0Saint Pierre and Miquelon, The Overseas Collectivity of (FRA)
0Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
0Sint Maarten (NLD)
0Switzerland (The Swiss Confederation)
2Trinidad and Tobago, The Republic of
0Turks and Caicos Islands, The (UK)
7United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island, The
26,328United States of America
0Virgin Islands of the United States, The (US)
0Virgin Islands, The (UK)


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