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Why do some prices seem out of line with the numbers of serial numbers recorded?

As explained elsewhere, it is crucial to understand that demand establishes price, NOT rarity.

Nonetheless, there are numerous examples in this database where prices seem abnormally low relative to the numbers of serial numbers recorded. There are a number of possible reasons:

  • Price usually reflects desirability, meaning that:
    • Generic certificates rarely attract high prices,
    • Intricate vignettes attract higher prices,
    • Certificates from heavily populated states attract lower prices.
  • Many more certificates are known to exist, but their serials have not been reported.
  • I do not record items priced below $19.50.
  • Items might be known only from ebay sales where prices tend to be abnormally low.
  • There are great disparities between listed prices, real prices and collector's estimates.
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(Last updated Sep 13, 2014)


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