Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads     by Terry Cox

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Search the Coxrail database for descriptions of 23,700+ certificates from over 7,400 North American railroad companies.

Non-railroad certificates

I focus exclusively on North American railroads. (See Companies included.)

That is the extent of my expertise.

Many of you have questions about certificates from other types of companies. Here is how to learn more.

"Do my certificates have value as securities?" "Do the companies that issued my certificates still exist?"

Contact the research desk or a large metropolitan library. If you are not good at research, or do not have the time, contact a company that specializes in researching old securities. Go to this page, Value as Securities? and you will find links to several companies.

"I need to know the collectible value of my certificates so I can decide whether to sell or not."

Rest assured, if your certificates are intact and in good condition, they have value as collectibles. If you are checking values, visit the websites of the dealers listed on my dealers page. You will need to check many different sites to find examples of your certificates. If you cannot find your certificates listed anywhere, then contact dealers and ask their opinions.

"How can I sell my certificates?"

You have several choices:

  • sell in an online auction
  • sell to a dealer
  • sell through a major auction house.

Start by reading Hints for sellers.


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