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Yes, information is valuable...
but it is not uniformly valuable.

As a rule, I try to discourage contributors from sending links to information about stocks and bonds that appear on the web.

It is NOT because I don't want the information.

My central concern is TIME. People might argue that I am being maudlin, but I prefer to think of it as realistic: statistically, 75% (!) of my life is over. My time is greatly precious. Enough said.

I DO want information. I simply do not have the time to follow more than a handful of links, no matter how valuable the information.

I know that contributors genuinely mean well. Sending links is incredibly easy and seems like a great idea.

Unfortunately, there is simply too much information on the web. Sending a flood of web links is like sending a stack of sticky notes with page numbers to every encyclopedia in the world. It might seem helpful to have thousands of page numbers, but it would take a lifetime to follow up on them.

That is precisely what happened when I accepted web links.

Links got out of hand. At one point, contributors were routinely sending over 100 (!) links per week, mostly to eBay sales.

What contributors cannot possibly know is how much time it takes to retrieve and enter information from links to eBay auctions. I recorded my time expenditures and discovered it took an average of 4.5 minutes to retrieve and enter information (serial numbers, prices, shares, dates, printed dates, incorporation dates, states of issuance, etc) from every link to an online auction. At one time prior to mid-2006, following up on links ACTUALLY cost me seven to eight hours per week. That was one full unpaid workday per week. In addition to the time I was already spending on this project.

I still record certificates, serials and prices from eBay every day. Because of the efficiency, it takes me an average of about 1.5 minutes less to do it myself instead of responding to links.

Yes, I still receive links about certificates and rail-related issues. Even if I were independently wealthy -- which I most emphatically am not! -- I would not have the time to research all those links.

You may continue to send links, but I must confess, if the link is not focused directly on railroad stocks and bonds from North America, I will probably NOT deal with it at all. Even if focused on stocks and bonds, I may not spend more than a few seconds to determine whether it is spending any more of my time. I guard my time jealousl!.

If you really want to help, it is measureably more helpful if you capture images, prices, and serial numbers and send me those. Yes, it will still take time to enter that information in the database, but it will save save me a couple minutes

Thank you for your understanding.

Please remember...There are many of you and one of me.
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