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I have always recommended American collectors shop with German, Swiss, and Belgian auction houses and dealers. Although their minimum bid prices tends to be high by American standards, their catalogs are always excellent and their selections often include hard-to-find certificates. Collectors should understand that there are some "must-have" certificates that only appear for sale in Europe. It therefore behooves advanced collectors to follow European sales.

Thankfully, language (and currency) translation is easier now than ever before

Most European dealers converse in English. Feel free to write them in English. Mario Boone's catalogs are published in English. Most other catalogs are written in German. Thankfully, translation software makes it much easier these days to read those catalogs without tremendous struggle.

The best and cheapest (free!) translation software I've seen is Google Translate. If the catalog is online (and most are!), all you need to do is cut the text from the catalog, paste it into Google Translate, and click on "Translate".

The German to English translation will, of course, never be perfect, but it is very acceptable and getting better all the time.

You will discover that the stock and bond hobby has its own specialized language . Tanslation software will never translate collector jargon 100% correctly. Below is a short dictionary of some of the most common certificate description terms.

One of the operating rules of German

English tends to use hyphens to combine words, whereas German speakers create new words by welding several words together. For instance, Güterwagendepot means freight depot. English speakers can make more sense of the word if they separate it into Güter wagen depot.

It is very common for German compound words to baffle translation software. If you encounter that problem, simply guess how to break the problem word into component parts and re-translate. For instance, if the software fails to translate Nachfolgegesellschaft, break the word into Nachfolge gesellschaft and try again. If one break does not work, try two breaks and then three. Just like English compound words, the more you break German compound words, the further the meaning migrates from its intended use.

German capitalization

Like English, German capitalizes the first words of sentences and all proper names. It also capitalizes nouns, just as English used to do.


German English
Abb. see Abbildung
Abbildung illustration, figure
abheftlochungen punch cancelled
Adler eagle
AG. see Aktiengesellschaft
Aktie share
Aktiengesellschaft share company (stock company)
Allegorie allegory
ältesten oldest
angeboten offered
anh. see anhängen
anhängen attached (esp. coupons)
Anleihe, Anleihen bond, bonds
Anschlußbahnen connecting (or branch) railroads
Ansicht view
Atlantik Atliantic
Ausgaben issues, expeditures
ausgestellte issued
außergewöhnlich dekorativ exceptionally decorative
Außerordentlich früh extremely early
Bahnhof train station
beiliegenden attached (as in coupons)
bekannt known
bekannten Stücke known pieces
Bienenstöcken beehives
blaugrauem blue gray
braun brown
Brücke bridge
Dampflok steam engine (locomotive)
Depot depot
Die Überfahrt The Crossing
drei three
Druck printing, impression
Eingetragen issued to
Einzelstück single piece, single item
Eisenbahn railroad, railway
Eisenbahnaktie rail share
Eisenbahngeschichtlich historic railroad
Eisenbahngesellschaft railway company
Eisenbahnkostruktionen railroad construction
Eisenwerk iron works
entwertet cancelled
erstmals first time
fier four
Fluß river
Flußufer riverside, along river
frühe Variante early variation
ganze Breite entire width
Gebirge mountains
gedruckt printed
gegründet founded
gelblichem yellowish
Gesellschaft company (literally society)
gestaltet designs
Getreidegarben sheaves of wheat
Gleisarbeitern track workers
Goldsuchern gold prospectors
groß large
großartiger great
große, large
Großformatiges large format
grün green
Gründung founded
Güterwagendepots freight depot
Güterzug freight train
Haltestelle stop (as in whistle stop)
Hauptvignette main vignette
Hellbraun light brown
Hermesstab caduceus
herrliche wonderful
Hintergrund background
Historische historic, historical
hochdekorativ highly decorative
Holz lumber
Holzschnitt woodcut
Holzstich wood engraving (woodcut)
hügeliger Landschaft hilly country
Hypothek, Hypotheken mortgage, mortgages
im Cox nicht gelistet not listed in Cox
Kai quay, wharf
karminrot carmine red
Karte map
katalogisiert cataloged
Kohle coal
Kohlenzug coal train
kreisrunden Siegel circular seal
Kupon coupon
Lagerhäuser warehouses
links left
Lithographie lithographed
Lokomotive locomotive
Löwen lions
Mädchen girls
Meilen miles
Mio. million (abbreviation)
Nachfolgegesellschaft successor company
Nebenvignetten secondary, additional vignettes
nicht gelistet not listed
nordamerikanischen North American
oben top
olivgrün olive green
orangerot orange red
Originalunterschrift original signature, autograph
Papier paper
Pazifik Pacific
Personenzug passenger train
Pferdefuhrwerken horse carts, horse wagons
prächtigen magnificent
purpurrot purple red
Pusteblume dandelion
Putti putti (cherub-like allegorical figures)
Querformat horizontal format
Raddampfern paddlewheelers (paddle wheel steamboats)
Rarität rarity
richtig right
Riesen-Seltenheit great rarity
Rinder cattle
Ringeisenbahn belt railway, belt railroad
rostrot rusty red
rot red
rotdruck red printing
Sammler collector
Sammlermarkt collector market
Sammlung collection
Schiffen ships
Schleusenwerk locks (on river or canal)
Schmalspurbahnen narrow gauge railroad
schöne beautiful, attractive
Schuldschein debenture
schwarze black
See lake
Segelschiff sailing ship
sehr detaillierte very detailed
selten rare
Staat, Staaten state, states
Stadt city
Stadtansicht city view
Stahlstich steel engraving
Straßenbahngesellschaft street railroad company
Stück pieces, items
Umrandung border
Unentwertet uncancelled
Unikat unique
unten bottom
unten links bottom left
Untergesellschaft subsidiary company
unterschrieb signed
Uralt-Lokomotive ancient (old style) locomotive
versteigern, versteigert to auction, auctioned
violett purple
Vorgängerbahnen predecessor (ancestral) railroad
Waggons cars (as in rail cars)
Wappen arms (state seals)
weiblichen Allegorien allegorical females
weiblicher Allegorie allegorical female
Wertpapiere documents, securities
Wissenschaft science (as allegory)
Wunderschöne wonderfully beautiful, very attractive
Zug train
zwei two


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