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Real Estate companies

As with other specialties, I will catalog land companies and subsidiaries that included indications of railroading in their names are commonly included.

Direct participation in moving freight and passengers. Real estate companies like depots, stations and are listed in this project. "Terminals" are included when there is positive proof that they were involved with railroading as opposed to water-borne shipping. Such companies may have been separately incorporated subsidiaries of one or more railroads, but some were owned by public entities (e.q. cities and states).

Real estate companies that existed solely to own or manage real estate holdings are almost always excluded. These include companies that owned city lots, warehouses, microwave sites and numerous kinds of rights including water, natural resources, air, timber, grazing, environmental easements and others. Regardless of whether the purpose of those companies was tax management, divesture, acquisition, mineral leasing, timber sales or port services, real estate companies are excluded unless they provided clear and distinct services involving the confirmable direct movement of passengers or freight.

The discovery of questionable companies is inevitable. Such companies will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Contributors are asked to remember that the main purpose of this project is to catalog certificates from railroad companies. The prevailing philosophy is: "If in doubt, leave it out."


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