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Cox's Corner

I write an article for Scripophily magazine, the offical magazine of the International Bond and Share Society. Here are the articles published to date.

Scripophily Jun 2007 Scripophily Dec 2007

June, 2007, Year 30, Issue 1

December, 2007, Year 30, Issue 2
(Finding new certificates)
Scripophily Jun 2008 Scripophily Dec 2008
June, 2008, Year 30, Issue 1
December, 2008 #78
(Rarity and prices)
Scripophily Apr 2009 Scripophily Jul 2009
April, 2009 #79
July, 2009 #80
Scripophily Dec 2009 Scripophily Apr 2010
December, 2009 #81
(Confessions of collectors)
April, 2010 #82
(Fun - good for the hobby)
Scripophily Scripophily Aug 2010 Scripophily Dec 2010
August, 2010 #83
(The meaning of catalog prices)
December, 2010 #84
(Valuing autographs)
Scripophily Apr 2011 Scripophily Aug 2011
April, 2011 #85
(Keep your hobby exciting)
August, 2011 #86
(Classifying certificates by the rules)
Scropophily Dec 2011 Scropophily Apr 2012
December, 2011 #87
(What drives our hobby?)
April, 2012 #88
(Solving problems with collectibles)
Scropophily Dec 2012 Scropophily  Apr 2013
December, 2012 #90
(Loving the hobby)
April, 2013 #91
Taking the pulse of (one part of) the hobby
Scropophily Aug 2013 Scropophily Dec 2013
August, 2013 #92
(Sharing information and knowledge)
December, 2013 #93
(Pondering the big hoard)
Scropophily Apr 2014 Scropophily Aug 2014
April, 2014 #94
(The funny thing about valuing collectibles)
August, 2014 #95
(Scanning certificates)
Scropophily Dec 2014 Scropophily Apr 2015
December, 2014 #96
(Assessable shares)
April, 2015 #97
(Upside-down is the new normal)
Scropophily Aug 2015 Scropophily Dec 2015
August, 2015 #98
(We're not getting any younger)
December, 2015 #99
(More catalogs...please)


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