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Global prices. I list the approximate global price of every collectible certificate I know of. My prices are definitely higher than eBay (US) and lower than German live auctions. Depending on the certificate, my prices will approximate dealer retail prices and U.S. live auctions. Be aware that prices vary widely from sale to sale and from country to country. You will find higher and lower prices, depending on your location.

In fact, you will rarely find prices equal to mine. You are dealing with collectibles, opinions and – most emphatically of all – emotions. It is not possible to estimate prices of certificates as closely as is possible with collectibles typified by huge numbers of collectors, vast numbers of collectibles and highly liquid markets (coins and stamps, for instance.)

I DO NOT, under any circumstances, offer appraisals. I NEVER estimate prices of certificates listed on eBay or any other auction site before sales close. I will not guess what someone will offer for your certificates at some point in the future.

PLAN ON PAYING FOR APPRAISALS. If you are interested in having someone estimate the value of a single certificate or an entire collection, please contact one or more of the many fine international dealers who specialize in collectible stocks and bonds. Some dealers offer appraisals; some don't. Regardless, you should always expect to pay for appraisors' time. Their time will not be free. Make sure you let them know whether you are willing to sell.

MY ESTIMATES ARE STRICTLY ESTIMATES. Do not construe price estimates on this site as appraisals. Values change constantly. I do not believe there is any possible way a catalog can predict what an unknown individual collector or dealer might be willing to pay for your certificates at some unknown time in the future.

AUTOGRAPHS. I list typical values that collectors have historically paid for celebrity autographs. I have records of thousands upon thousands of prices paid for railroad-related autographs and can tell you, as gently as possible, that prices are all over the place. Prices for autographs from famous, well-documented and enduring first-tier celebrities are the most stable and yet their prices are still widely variable. Prices for second-, third- and fourth-tier celebrities are extremely unpredictable.

AUTOGRAPHS FROM OBSCURE INDIVIDUALS. One final point. If you have a certificate signed by someone you think 'should be more well known', you are fighting an uphill battle. No matter how deserving of fame such a person may have been, there is a reality. If such person remains unknown after several decades, there is little real chance that sales chatter and huckster hype will change that status.

Having said that, it is most emphatically possible to find people who collect items from obscure individuals and are willing to pay premiums for their autographs. Practically every major auction successfully sells a few autographs from obscure personalities. I am not saying occasional high values cannot be found. I am merely warning not to over-value autographs from obscure individuals, whether buying, selling or merely seeking appraisals for insurance purposes.


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