Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads     by Terry Cox

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Third edition

Official title: Collectible Stocks and Bonds from North American Railroads: guide with prices, third edition

This edition is NOT YET AVAILABLE


ISBN: 0-9746485-?-?

Planned cover price: $40 to $45

I plan this edition to be available from major U.S. and European stock and bond dealers.

Bookseller and dealer discounts will be available.

To be published by:
TCox & Associates, Inc.
4891 Independence St, Suite 190
Wheat Ridge CO, 80033

Planned pages: 600-650 pages
Format: 8½ x 11 inches, 1.2 inches thick
Planned shipping weight: 3.4 pounds
Binding: undecided; possibly coil
Cover: paper
Barcode: coded with ISBN only (no embedded price)
Case quantities: approximately 5 copies per box


Publish date? I have NOT set a publishing date for the third edition. I will set a publishing date after three conditions are met.

First, I must see compelling evidence that the global economy has improved over its 2009 condition. Second, I must see compelling evidence that collectibles dealers are willing to spend money on advertising. Third, I must see evidence of sales improvement in collectible stocks and bonds.

I am not rich, so I must make sensible efforts to decrease my risk. Feel free to disagree, but I feel that if collectors aren't buying certificates, they aren't buying books.

How about a guess on a publish date? No.

I can tell you that I will publish only between the months of March and July. I will avoid shipping books between October and February. Media mail is much too unreliable during the Christmas season. Damage and losses are overly high during the snowiest months of the year.

Book size? European sales are very important, so book size - particularly thickness - is crucial. The third edition will have several thousand more certificate listings, so I have already streamlined certificate listings. In order to cram more listings and more pages into the same amount of space, paper weight will be lighter than previous editions. I suspect paper weight will be similar to that used by Scott Publishing in its Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers. I plan for photographs to occupy roughly the same percentage of the book as the second edition.

I will continue to list autograph prices. However, I currently anticipate abandoning the section on short biographies, mainly to save space. All biographies will continue to be available on this website.

At the current time, I hope to include a DVD with a few thousand high-resolution images.

Advertising? I can't tell you how much I dislike dealing with advertising. However, I must sell advertising in order to keep the catalog cover price acceptable. As with the second edition, I will accept advertising from full- and part-time dealers as well as collectors. Everyone who advertised in the second edition will have the right of first refusal for the same advertising positions they previously had in the second edition. I will tell everyone of my plans at one time. I will NOT reserve advertising space before my official announcement.

So, when will my advertising announcement will be? I don't know.

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(Last updated Sep 24, 2012)


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